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In Topic: OSX on DELL Vostro 3450 / Inspiron N4110 / XPS L702x UEFI Clover

02 October 2015 - 11:40 AM

I generally stay away from initial releases of anything. Usually least of all Apple, but even Apple's code has got unbelievably sloppy since Jobs passed. Initial iOS releases are a prime example. I doubt Steve would have let anything that buggy get to beta, let alone release. Then again, he wouldn't have let a the GUI design be outsourced to some Android fans either... Cupertino start your photocopiers :D

In Topic: OSX on DELL Vostro 3450 / Inspiron N4110 / XPS L702x UEFI Clover

07 January 2015 - 10:20 PM

Thanks for the info. That's the same adapter by the looks of it.

WWAN slot is on. That's where my current card is installed, I extended the wires to reach.

As you've suggested, it's most likely a faulty adapter, but just wanted to double check before I contact the seller. :-)

In Topic: OSX on DELL Vostro 3450 / Inspiron N4110 / XPS L702x UEFI Clover

07 January 2015 - 12:13 PM

@webcivilian, what adapter are you using with your BCM94360CD? The one I ordered appears to need additional power. In Mac OS it's not shown at all and under windows it's shown in device manager although still not working but there is also a PCI hub which is not working. The adapter came with a supplementary power cable 'if required' I guess it does... Or did you just find a 5v feed and hook it up?

In Topic: OSX on DELL Vostro 3450 / Inspiron N4110 / XPS L702x UEFI Clover

06 January 2015 - 01:26 AM

Ah, Linux for HDMI it is then. My mute key is the same.

In Topic: G73SW - 10.9 Install

03 January 2015 - 11:02 AM

I wouldn't get too disheartened about USB 3. Mine worked when it felt like it. Which was never when I needed it most.

From the sounds of it, you have most the main things working. For this model, I would be pretty pleased with that. We'll discount backlit keys and Ethernet as that looks like a hardware fault.

The problem that I found is that there are apparently a ton of sub revisions for these laptops and the little differences cause the same kexts to work for one person and not for others. Problem items are audio, backlit keys and USB 3 and battery - maybe more. I've even heard of people with apparently identical hardware and the same kexts just don't work. For no reason. The sub never works. Even in windows. Or at least, not at the same time as the stereo speakers. Instead of letting the bios handle the woofer and backlit keys, Asus let that be handled by drivers. This is where the problem comes in.

The modded bios Jeff posted is for using with a vanilla AICPM kext. If you are booting, you are already using the patched kext (as you mentioned), so flashing the modded bios will cause a kernel panic because you will need to restore the vanilla kext. Personally, if it works, stick with it. A note on this laptop's BIOS and flashing - stay away unless you really have to. There are bios bugs that can brick the board. If you really must flash, use the EZflash utility and MAKE SURE you have the rom on a fat32 key drive. There is a bug in the bios that Asus refuse to fix whereby flashing from NTFS will brick it. Others in this thread have experienced this bug first hand and it has cost them. Bad Asus!

A final thought... There was some work over at Olarila getting Yosemite to work with Clover on the G73SW. You may want to look at that also. It might help your USB 3, Bluetooth etc to work.

EDIT: additional info.
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