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help with intel 3495abg wireless Please

24 December 2012 - 03:22 AM

i posted my topic previously in the n00b section thinking that i would recieve a reply but that probly wasnt the smartest idea. just so im not making a re- post id like to post the link to this section of the forum to my original post.


the problems identified that were not sorted and still are not sorted are the wireless functionality of the intel 3495abg pro wireless card of which i applied the appropiate kexts for in iPC 10.5.6.final. pressure sensitive track pad function is also not functioning but thats just an annoyance and not nessissary to making me saatisfied with this as a fully working machine. the ethernet is sluggish and constantly loads web pages over and over resulting in a force close of sed safari. i have no mini fire wire devices so i can not check functionality of that device. finally the SD multi card reader is not functioning but that is not important to me.

as for an update on what worked OOTB i have USB functionality and (sort of sluggish intermittent) LAN capability

my main gripe is the intel 3495abg wireless not working after selecting the appropiate kext for the device, as i stated in the previous post, if i swap the intel card with a Broadcom card from my old busted dv6605us to this pc would i re-gain functionality? and if that card cant be found is there a work arround or kext for the 3495 ABG pro that anyone is aware of? could this be a PCI issue with the OS because i have not installed appropiate drivers?

thanks in advance!

HP Pavilion dv9335nr ipc 10.5.6 intel 3495abg wireless not functioning

23 December 2012 - 08:09 AM

Hi there,
i havent been on this site since arround late 2010 i believe when i had an HP dv6605us and i got it functioning with leoforall v1.4 thanks to a lot of help from users of this forum.

Sadly I am in need of assistance again. I recently resurrected a HP pavilion dv9335nr from the dead, it had (allong with almost all the DV series) an over heating problem due to the bad boards and dezign hp used for the heat sink. I re-set the solder on the video chip and got it up and running again.

NOW... My install media was a DVD containing the distro iPC 10.5.6 Final. I chose this distro because I had previously tried to install 10.5.6 on my asus eee pc 900 (i know 900mhz is a joke) with no luck (install would go flawlessly then the screen after boot would look like a bar code, still trying to find a distro that will work.) and it was the only distro I had from arround 2010 still accessable on my old intel P4 machine.

The following is what I selected for my install with some success the seccond go: >>>>

(as the drop down menu progresses the > will match)

>iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base system Selected

>Language translations Selected

>>Kernels-9.4.0. StageXNU Universal Kernel

>>>Video Drivers-
>>>>Nvidia-NVinjectGo 0.2.0 Default Selected

>>>Audio Drivers
>>>>Conexant HiDef Audio Selected

>>>Wireless Drivers
>>>>Intel Proset 3945 Selected

>>>Power Management
>>>>AppleACPIBatteryManager, GenericCPUPowerManagement, Clamshell Display Support, All 3 selected

>>>Fixes and Patches
>>>>PS/2 Device support
>>>>>PS/2 Keyboard fix Selected

>>>>Alternative Bootloaders
>>>>>Chameleon with DSDT/Custom Boot Picture Selected

>>>>Applications (all of them) Selected

The system boots, there is sound, the picture is great, no lag, the programs open and function and the DVD/CD drive works. I have noticed the laptop runs hotter and the cores of the centrino duo seem to be a little over worked, which is a cncern on a pc that has heat issues. mouse works, except for the pressure sensitive function of the touch pad which is disapointing.

What doesnt work which is frustrating is the wifi which I am 100% positive is an intel 3495abg pro card and I am just as positive that I picked that kext to install and no pressure sensitivity on the touchpad. The previous HP I worked on, as I stated before was a dv6605us and it had a Broadcom card in it. Could it be possible that the bus (mini PCI ) is intel architecture and the card is the same broadcom card as in the other pc?

As for functionality I have not checked yet, I have not checked the USB, functionality nor the HDMI, VGA, SD card reader LAN or mini 1394 (mini fire wire)

If you have a solution to my problem or know someone who might I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance!
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