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[Sell] ASUS K53E 15" i3-2310 laptop OS X Lion DP3

03 June 2011 - 01:53 AM

Hey everyone,

So I bought this laptop, an ASUS K53E (A1 model), in order to learn about how to do a hackintosh that is like the new 13" Macbook Pro, the first Mac with only integrated Intel graphics. Since this is very common now and these are also the cheapest PC laptops. If you look at my posts you'll see a lot of stuff on the HD Graphics 3000 support and figuring out all the details on that, and I have been helping out people with similar hardware. Anyway, my point is I'm a good guy, I didn't get this thing just to put OS X on and make some money.

I'm selling this for slightly less than what I paid for it when it came out about a month ago. And it comes with a new, more compatible wireless card that I'm not figuring into the price. A friend was going to buy this but he changed his mind so I'm posting it here and his loss, your gain! $600 will exactly cover the next new Sandy Bridge laptop I want to get and do the same thing with! The hackintoshing addiction continues.

This is a great deal, because this laptop is fast! Xbench score is 64, Geekbench 4790 or roughly same as a year old 15" macbook pro. (Also Cinebench roughly 9 fps/2.0 pts).

So, I'll first give you the specs on the laptop in detail, then I will cover how well the hardware is supported by the installation of Lion that I have done.

i3-2310m processor, Sandy Bridge w/ Intel HD Graphics 3000
15.6" LCD, glossy, LED backlit, 1366x768
4 GB 1333mhz DDR3, one sodimm slot open
2.5" 500 GB WDC Scorpio Blue hard drive
dvd drive
Intel HD Audio with ALC269 chip
internal VGA camera on USB
ports: 3x usb 2.0, lan, vga, hdmi, mic/spk, sd card
half size mini-pcie slot with BCM94322-based Dell DW1510 (the wifi was originally some crummy Atheros card)
5200 mAh battery

I have the following software installed (partition is MBR in case you want to add XP or something). Not everything is perfect, but this system is very new so expect these issues to get ironed out as time goes by (if you work at it!)

Windows 7 (30 GB partition): no issues, all hardware works
OS X Lion Developer Preview 3 (remaining space):

integrated graphics: correct resolution, QE/CI and video/DVD acceleration supported, Itunes video plays
VGA port does not work, HDMI port works (separate or mirrored) and is able to pull EDID data. There is very occasionally a little bit of corruption or artifacts on the screen.

sleep and hibernation do not work. i'm not sure how much work it would be to fix this.

screen: brightness: it boots up at about 50% then you can force it to full brightness, but beyond that no adjustment is currently possible. I haven't done much work on this, it probably can be fixed. Sleep on lid close has been disabled, but the backlight still goes off.

hard drive power management is not supported with the WDC Scorpio Blue drive. hdapm has been used to prevent constant drive head parking.

camera was installed upside down by ASUS, so image in iChat etc. is upside down

the audio works fine, but when playing things on decent speakers some popping in the audio can be heard. using VoodooHDA.

VoodooBattery is currently not working right with Lion. I expect this will be fixed soon. (http://www.projectos...?showtopic=2145)

touchpad prefpane doesn't work. Support for this type of touchpad still hasn't been added to VoodooPS2 as far as I know.

wifi card has been solid, but 802.11n is untested.

other issues: boot up is not as fast as it could be, and sometimes there is a KP on boot. you just have to try again.

working without issue: DVD read/write, SD card reader, USB

*Programs installed on OS X and Windows*: PM me for a full list.

It is about 1 month old and the cosmetic condition is perfect.

$600 firm. it's in Illinois, I'll ship it anywhere in the world, but you pay shipping. It won't be that much if you're in the US.

Posted Image

corrupted graphics with i965 / x3100 on 10.6.4

01 October 2010 - 02:01 PM

Hi everyone,

I've installed 10.6.4 using the #####/##### method over at tonymacx86 onto an AOpen mp965-d, specs here:


I'm currently using GRUB as my boot loader but I had the same issue when it was Chameleon 2.0-rc4. Once I try to use the AppleIntelGMAX3100 kexts I get garbled display to the screen (with DVI out or using DVI->VGA it's the same). This shows up right after the bootup splash screen goes away.

The problem looks just like the photos posted by this user (in the German section of the forum) who was installing onto the same hardware:


Things I've tried so far:

  • Running DSDT Patcher (I used the ##### installation since I don't have a DSDT for this motherboard)
  • Reverting to X3100 kexts from 10.5.6 (with and without Natit): it doesn't seem to load, and the only thing in the log that seems like an error message just says "display: not usable"
  • Messing a bit with "Graphics Mode" kernel parameter
  • VBios=Yes/No
Anyone have any ideas for me? I'll attach the decompiled DSDT I extracted from Linux as well as the one created by DSDT Patcher.

Is it possible I need to use an EFI string? I've been trying to do a lot of research but I haven't found out how to make one, or found much info about how to interpret the contents of the DSDT.


can't attach those files for some reason. here are some links:

original: http://pastebin.com/qrSkfUfB
patched: http://pastebin.com/zwQdxVL6
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