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In Topic: Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

07 June 2011 - 09:07 PM

guys, just got my macbook pro 2011 13 inch i5, anything i can do tell me.

ill keep coming here everyday to see how you guys are doing. good luck and let me know if i can help

I think it would be generally useful to get the full ioreg, that is the output files from this shell command, named ioreg-<name of plane>.txt

for n in IOACPIPlane IOPower IODeviceTree IOService IOUSB ; do ioreg -lw300 -p $n > ioreg-$n.txt ; done

And I'd particularly like to see just the IOService (so, run: ioreg -lw300 -p IOService > ioreg-filename.txt) under as many different external-monitor-attached-type situations as you can think of. Especially if you can get hold of lots of different cables and adapters for that and maybe try using the thunderbolt port like mini-dp for more than one connection. Thanks!

In Topic: Netbook hot key driver Asus Dell HP

02 June 2011 - 01:14 AM

Thanks for taking a look.

+-o EeePCWMIController  <class EeePCWMIController>
	  "IOProbeScore" = 35
	  "CFBundleIdentifier" = "com.darwin.driver.EeePCWMIController"
	  "IOProviderClass" = "IOACPIPlatformDevice"
	  "IOClass" = "EeePCWMIController"
	  "IOMatchCategory" = "IODefaultMatchCategory"
	  "DataBlocks" = ()
	  "IONameMatch" = ("PNP0C14","pnp0c14")
	  "IOPowerManagement" = {"MaxPowerState"=1,"CurrentPowerState"=1}
	  "IONameMatched" = "PNP0C14"
	  "WDG" = ({"object_id"="NB","flags"=2,"instance_count"=1,"UUID"="97845ED0-4E6D-11DE-8A39-0800200C9A66"},{"flags"=8,"notify_value"=255,"instance_count"=1,"UUID"="0B3CBB35-E3C2-45ED-91C2-4C5A6D195D1C"})

Does this mean that for the volume keys I'm going to need to go through VoodooPS2?

@fargerjaques, no luck with that one.

In Topic: Intel HD Graphics / i7 2600

29 May 2011 - 04:35 AM

I do not really have an option to select anything in the laptop's BIOS.

Yeah it seems like BIOSes on new laptops have gotten really bad! I think mine literally has like 6 or 7 settings total. Thankfully AHCI mode for SATA was one of them, at least.

Glad to see another success report!

In Topic: Netbook hot key driver Asus Dell HP

29 May 2011 - 02:24 AM

This is really cool! I was going through my DSDT when I saw this PNP0C14 device, and when I found out that it is was for Windows Management Interface I was just about to rip out the whole section. But I figured I should search this forum first, and I found your extension!

I think it can works with other asus product shipped with win7. Feel free to try and report.

Unfortunately it's not working with my ASUS K53E. The kext loads and I see an EeePCWMIController under the AppleACPIPlatformExpert IOService. My WMI device in the DSDT doesn't even have an _STA method. Should I add one?

If I press Fn+F2 I get a KP out of EeePCWMIController. None of the other fn keys do anything. I also tried using "NVIF" with the same results minus the KP (is this one just for laptops with Nvidia Optimus?).

In IOService, I only see two entries under the "WDG" key. Are these the available key combos/actions?

Would you mind posting the source code? I'd love to check it out. Also, it would be cool to see your complete AMW0 section so I can compare it with mine (although for me it's called ATKD). There are some horrendously complicated looking methods in this part of my DSDT. Who writes these things?!

In Topic: Intel HD Graphics / i7 2600

27 May 2011 - 07:39 PM

May I ask you about the Lion version, is it the latest DP3? I suspect the performance issue was caused by 2GiB RAM amount. After adding another DDR3 module temporary (4 GiB in total) it runs smoothly. And I was stunned by heavy amount of artifacts under SL + 10.7 kexts after upgrade (amount allocated for video also grew from 288MiB to 384MiB). And who knows what will happen after replacing the original module with 2 x 4 GiB pair.

Yeah, it's DP3. That's really interesting about the RAM. By the way, have you noticed artifacts getting worse with a warm restart? I may just be imagining it. And now I've gotten into the habit of always powering off for 10 seconds or so before booting again!

Concerning VGA, I bet you see same ports #0, #5-7 (connector type 0x2, 0x4000 respectively) as I do, while our DSTSs definitely provide different connector layouts.

Yeah that makes sense. Do real 2011 MBPs actually have 4 ports? LCD + two thunderbolt channels + ??
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