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In Topic: Asus P5W DH Deluxe thread for 10.5.x Leo - 10.9.x Mavericks

19 April 2010 - 10:03 PM

got my hackintosh p5w dh running this weekend. thanks for all the posts, esp. 314Ter. i used the two files from his polish language site (i think it's polish), and it was like magic. easiest hackintosh install ever. used the boot cd, hit F5 and inserted retail SL dvd, and installed. then rebooted using the boot cd, booted to SL, and completed installation using the install pack in the second file (from a usb stick).

the only tweaks i had to do were downloading the wifi driver from the realtek site (only works with 32 bit kernel ;-(), and reinstalling the applehda kext from 10.6.2 after updating to 10.6.3.

nvidia 9500GT video card works out of the box. running an core2duo e6660 chip with 4 gigs of ram. everything works fine so far, usb, firewire, audio, ethernet, and wifi (i'm not using it because i'm booting in 64 bit kernel). i hosed the ez raid onboard raid by removing the jumperpins and telling the bios i did that, and just run it a single port. have 5x1TB SATA drives running in AHCI, and an IDE optical drive (i didn't those would work in SL!)i did have to delete the 32 bit kernel flag from 314Ter's applebootplist (or whatever it's called) and it boots to 64 bit kernel by default.

has anyone gotten wifi to work in 64 bit?

a question for 314Ter if he's still reading this posts: i see in your install pack a file with dsdt for my cpu, with 4 gigs of ram. should i just replace the current dsdt in the extra folder with that, fix permissions, and go? everything seems to be working fine for now.

thanks to all.

In Topic: Win7, SL x64 Dual Boot

22 February 2010 - 11:19 PM

Finally got SL 10.6.2 running with my HD4670 video card (looks great) and dual booting with win7. both running in 64 bits. but there must be a better way.

i used to use EasyBCD to dual boot vista x86 and leopard 10.5.8. worked great.

can't get EasyBCD to work with my new x64 set up. reinstalled everything (SL x64 and win7 x64 on separate drives, each installed with no other drives hooked up.) installed easy BCD to windows and added a mac entry but it won't work. get a funny error message every time i select "snowleopard" in the windows boot manager.

only way to dual boot is to set bios to boot to the SL HD, and then use Chameleon as my boot loader. but chameleon is kind of goofy. for one it shows all my HD's, 7 or 8 of them, of which only 2 are bootable and have OS-es. can you configure a default OS to boot to (default for me would probably be Win7), and a configurable time out? can i eliminate all the other entries that do not include OS-es?

is there some other boot loader that works better?

the other thing that seems a bit wierd is that in order to boot from Chameleon to Win7 i have to choose a volume called windows ntfs which i assume is an invisible system volume that win7 created when i installed it. it must contain system files and the boot manager. if i select my win7 volume in chameleon i get a "no boot manager" error. i'd like to rename the "windows ntfs" volume in chameleon "windows7" and delete all the others (except SL). i noticed in paragon partition manager that SL seems to have also created an invisible system volume at the start of its HD. i wonder if this is what is causing all the grief for easyBCD?

thanks for any replies!

sorry for the noobie question. just plunged into the faq and fora at chameleon website. all the answers are there(except for why easyBCD doesn't work).

In Topic: Guide: Intel DG33TL | Retail Snow Leopard | USB Method

22 February 2010 - 10:14 PM

well i guess i broke out the champagne a little early. but it sure was sweet to see SL in high res on my screen after living for months with safe boots. (.e. getting the ATI 4670 graphics card working)

still a couple of major issues for which i could use some help:

1. multiple partitions/external drive/boot problems: i did all my trial and error SL installs, including the last couple where i finally had it right, and celebrated a bit prematurely, on an external HD connected via USB. multiple partitions (3 in all) worked fine when the HD was connected by USB, and no problems booting to SL on the external drive. in fact i cloned the old Leopard HD to one of the partitions on my new SL HD (using Super Duper! freeware, worked great) and could boot to either SL or Leopard. that was cool. I then put the HD inside my case, replacing the old Leopard HD. Once the HD was inside my case it quit booting. no dual boot from windows using EasyBCD (kept getting chain boot error), could not even boot from the HD when i set it as the first boot drive in bios. the only way to boot SL or Leopard was via an external USB stick with chameleon on it. I reinstalled SL to the SL (first) partition, to no avail. i finally had to wipe the SL drive clean, delete all partitions, and repartition as only one partition. after that it works fine i.e. it boots to its own chameleon boot loader, without an external usb stick. wierd.

2. dual boot problems: i cannot dual boot from windows boot manager using EasyBCD, like i used to with vista. i get a variety of error messages, and finally just deleted the Mac entry in easybcd and uninstalled the program (after a couple boots to windows from chameleon easybcd started going haywire anyway). the only way to dual boot is to use not4you2's method, and boot to the SL HD, and then use chameleon to boot SL or Win7. What i don't like is chameleon presents every single HD partition as a boot option (and i have alot of them), even though most are not bootable drives. Interestingly, chameleon spots a partition that is invisible to me called "windows ntfs" which looks like a hidden system file partition created by windows when i (re) installed windows 7. i have to boot to that partition to boot windows. if i boot from chameleon to the windows7 partition i get a no boot manager error msg.

other than that both OS's are working fine. OSX may be a tad slicker than win7 but not much. would like to get this dual boot issue resolved, i don't like booting into chameleon every time. there is no way to configure it: chameleon shows all of my hd and there is no timeout for booting a default boot partition (nor as far as i can tell any way to set the default boot partition, it seems to be SL by default).


ps am wondering what would happen if i reinstalled everything and then installed windows via boot camp? that is a pretty slick dual boot manager and i recall you can set whatever OS you want as default.

Thank you for the reply!!..

I have it boot fine with no issues...
when i use the 64bit Nvidiaenabler from the above post.. at the boot it says it recognized the graphic card , attached is the screenshot.. will not pass this screen.. will stay here for ever...
Posted Image
If i remove the Nvidienabler 64bit kext..
am able to by pass the screen and boot successful into snow leopard...

Could some one help me.. am almost there...

Should i Edit the Device ID in the info.plist ??
For both the files NVDAResman.kext and NVDANVX0hal.kext ??
Or do you think its already there ??

My Device ID is as below

Type:	GPU  Bus:	PCIe  PCIe Lane Width:	x16  VRAM (Total):	256 MB  Vendor:	NVIDIA (0x10de)  Device ID:	0x016a  Revision ID:	0x00a1  Displays:Display:  Resolution:	1024 x 768  Pixel Depth:	32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)  Main Display:	Yes  Mirror:	Off  Online:	Yes

IF i need to edit, the info.plist.. please guide me :(

Thanks a million to all the posters...

if you can boot fine into SL without the nvenabler then just remove it. be sure to fix permissions after you move it to trash. i think the idea of these funny kexts is to let you use hardware that is not otherwise supported. the thread i cited in my previous reply seems to say your card is supported in SL. bottom line is stay as vanilla as you can. íf you don't need non vanilla kexts don't install them.


In Topic: Guide: Intel DG33TL | Retail Snow Leopard | USB Method

22 February 2010 - 09:43 PM

shyampac, your problems sound familiar. having a non standard video card is a gear, but with a little patience and trial and error i'm sure you'll get it right. check this thread.
they seem to say your card will work in leopard. i bet you need to modify the video kexts and or your boot.plist, as described in my post.
good luck

In Topic: Ati

21 February 2010 - 03:59 PM

ok, it took a couple weekends but finally. SUCCESS!! clean install of SL with ATI HD4670.

my specs:

DG33TL Mobo
Intel Core2Quad Q9550; 4Gigs RAM
Sapphire Radeon HD4670 512MB DDR4 PCI-e
lots of SATA HDs (using all 5 slots on board plus add in Syba Sil3132 PCIe-1 card with 2 more SATA slots)
Dual boot Windows 7 & SL 10.6.2, both 64bit

A couple things I had to do:

1. Disconnect all HD's except Mac HD prior to install; connect monitor via a DVI to VGA adapter (a requirement for ATI HD4670 to work in SL 10.6.2).
2. in order to install SL had to boot with -x (safe mode) at every reboot until the last (i.e. 10.6.2 combo update installed). 10.6.2 supports ATI HD4670, previous versions of Snow do not. video card was my biggest hassle.
3. AHCI in bios, GUID when formatting HD for SL install, per your spec. (However, I installed multiple partitions on the HD to which I installed SL with no issues.)
4. SL installed from retail DVD image no problems. Ethernet was working with vanilla kexts in 10.6 (but failed once updated to 10.6.2). use USB stick to boot until you install Chameleon to the Snow Leopard partition; per above, keep safe booting until 10.6.2 is fully installed (due to ATI 4670 video card)
5. Before updating to 10.6.2, install some, not all kexts. i kept getting kernel panics and hangs with Voodoo HDA (although it worked fine in the end), and since ethernet was working in 10.6, i left those two kexts out until the end, after 10.6.2 was up and running (i had downloaded the 10.6.2 combo update in advance.) install all the rest of the kexts in not4you2's extra file for DG33TL Mobo. i installed using kext utility instead of kext helper (google it you'll find it, SL 64 bit version available). Kext helper kept hanging. kext utility does more anyway. i installed each kext one by one to be safe. Reboot from USB stick, select Snow Leopard partition, type -x and hit enter (for video card)
7. STILL IN 10.6.0 (IE BEFORE UPDATING TO 10.6.2) Install Chameleon. for ATI 4670 video card, i had to replace Chameleon boot file with Netkas' PC_EFI 10.5 boot file. google it you'll find it. to replace boot file i used a little freeware tool called "show hidden files": launch the app and click "show, " replace boot file, then click "hide" again. cool little app.
8. STILL IN 10.6.0 (IE BEFORE UPDATING TO 10.6.2) And also for the video card, edit boot.plst to include graphic enabler=yes. (path to file is: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist); drag the file to desktop, edit using text editor, then drag pack to where it came from and replace (or rename the old file to end in .old and then just drag and drop the new file). add the following lines to boot.plst:


In theory Chameleon is supposed to take care of this but my card wouldn't work without this. seems to be a common problem. Fix permissions (e.g. click on kext utility).
9. Install 10.6.2 (i had downloaded it to a usb stick and placed it on the desktop). reboot with -v to check if everything is ok
10. If necessary, edit video kexts (ATI4600.kext and ATIx2000.kext) to include device id (actually a combination of device id and vendor id. my device id was 0x9490 and vendor id was 0x1002. id in video kexts was 0x94901002. it was already present in 4600.kext and in x2000.kext, although in the latter i moved it to the front of the string.) get device and vendor id's from "about this mac" graphics tab or from windows device manager. to edit video kexts: navigate to /System/Library/Extensions, right click on kext, select "show contents," double click on info.plist file inside kext (edit with texteditor) and scroll around until use see the device id's, if your device id is not there, type it in and save.
11. install ethernet kext and audio kext using kext utility
12. Reboot and admire your beautiful screen, audio, and ethernet connection!

worked fine for me but took LOTS of trial and error. all the posts in this thread really helped, so THANKS!
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