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In Topic: Pluses when booting to sierra installer.

14 May 2017 - 04:34 AM

Can you post a screenshot?  If there are plus signs, it's likely not caused by an OS X, but an issue with Clover preventing from booting properly, but I want to be sure!

In Topic: (HELP) How to install El Capitan on Asus K750LN Laptop (i7 4510U Haswell ULT...

09 June 2016 - 12:21 AM

Hi InsanelyMac, someone of you had successfully installed El Capitan on an Asus K750LN? I've tried many times to Install it, with distros like EL PWN and with pure Vanilla Installation, unfortunatelly for me with no good results.


I may not have this exact computer, but if me or anyone else is able to help you, we need to know more than "no good results".  I believe you're new here and to the Hackintosh scene in general, but without specifics of what happens, no one will know how to help you.  What exactly is not good?  What have you tried to search for?  Judging by your CPU, there should be no issues with booting OS X's vanilla (stock) kernel.  For each install method you use, I would recommend answering these questions as far as you're able:


  1. Are you able to boot to the Clover/Chameleon boot screen?
  2. What boot flags are you using/tried to use?
  3. Are you able to begin the OS X boot process?
  4. Are you able to reach the installation/language selection screen?
  5. Did you use disk utility to format the partition you want to install OS X on as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)?
  6. After formatting, are you able to select that partition?
  7. If it's a distro, what install options are you using?  (Did you click customize before install?)
  8. How does the installer finish?  Does it succeed?  If it fails, what is the reason it gives you?  (Believe it or not, some reasons the install may fail may be because of using PC hardware and would not fail on a Mac.  If this is true, the install may have succeeded, and you should try to boot the install anyway)
  9. When you reboot, are you attempting to boot off of your hard drive or the bootable Install USB?  Depending on your vanilla install method, you may need to boot off of the USB to boot into OS X?
  10. Are you able to select the partition you installed OS X on?
  11. Are you able to boot and complete setup?

If the issue arises after this stage, you best post in the Post-Installation forum instead.


As a side note, you don't need to post all the specs you posted... it looks like there's some Windows-related DLL's in there as well.  Generally, what is most affected by OS X installs are motherboard/computer model if not custom-built with its chipset info, CPU, and Graphics Card.  However, graphics is NOT as important when installing OS X and may need additional fixing in post-install.  Additional helpful info (most not important when installing, but network adapters may need additional fixing in post as well) includes the amount of RAM, HDD/SSD, and any network adapters, but we don't need to know as much as what you posted.

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