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Laptop Wireless Card

30 September 2011 - 10:46 PM

I have a Dell Latitude E6510 and I'm looking to buy a wireless card to get the wireless working on my hackintosh. I have no idea which one I should buy, how to check for compatibility, or which kext I would install after getting everything running.

Master Boot Record issues

29 September 2011 - 09:42 PM

I finally got a triboot set up on my laptop. Windows 7, Snow Leopard, and Ubuntu. It is set up as follows:

Disk 1 MBR:
System Reserved, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Linux-Swap

Disk 2 GUID:
Snow Leopard, Time Machine.

My computer is set to boot from Disk 2 because I think Chameleon is pretty. When I load chameleon, it detects Snow Leopard, System Reserved, and Windows NTFS. Naturally, I can boot in to both Snow Leopard and Windows successfully. But Ubuntu is not listed here... hm..

When my computer boots from Disk 1, I get the Windows Bootloader. I added Grub2, Mac OSx EFI and Mac OSX MBr with Easybcd. Windows bootloader detects all three, but can only boot from Windows 7. When I attempt to boot from any of the others, I get this error:


Now, when I remove Disk 2, and just have Disk 1 inserted things change a little bit. I can in to my GRUB bootloader form which point i can load Ubuntu. But when I try and load Windows, I get this error:


Ideally, I would like to be able to use Chameleon first, and with it boot in to each Operating System's respective Bootloader. From therein I could boot in to the other two bootloaders as well. Basically, you could cycle through the bootloaders in case you accidentally pressed enter or something.

Where do I go from here?

Non Advanced Format Laptop Hard Drive

26 September 2011 - 07:23 PM

I need a 240GB+ hard drive for around 40 dollars for my laptop. It can't be advanced format because I'm going to be using it from my Snow Leopard install and will need Chameleon. The last one I bought was Advanced Format, and I'm not really sure how to find one that isn't. Can you guys help out?

Looking to buy a new hard drive...

22 September 2011 - 05:07 AM

I have a laptop that I'm building a hackintosh for, and I need a sata hard drive for it. I bought one a little while ago, and it turned out to be advanced format, and thus incompatible with chameleon. -_-
I can't simply use a different bootloader because as soon as I install another operating system (Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 that is) chameleon disappears from existence. This meaning it no longer appears when i boot from ##### or anything. So I simply can't just add it to the Windows bootloader with easybcd because it gives me a can't find mach_kernel error.

So I ordered a second hard drive caddy for my laptop on ebay. It will replace my cd drive and thus allow my laptop to have two hard drives. I plan on installing Windows 7 and Ubuntu on this Advanced Format drive and leaving it inside my computer, and then getting a new hardrive to install Snow Leopard on and leave it in the caddy. I'm looking at something around the 120GB range. More space is always better, but I don't want to spend much more than 40 dollars.

So basically, what laptop hard drives do you guys suggest? I don't want to buy another advanced format one on accident.

After getting all of this set up, I plan on setting up a this tri-booting machine with this method, does it sound plausible?


Does this install process sound correct?

22 September 2011 - 05:07 AM

I will have two hard drives in my computer. One is a 500gb which will have Windows and Ubuntu on it. And one is a 120gb with Snow Leopard on it. We'll call the 500GB drive A and the 120GB drive B.

1 Pre-Install
  • Boot Gparted and format 500GB drive to MBR + Make partitions
  • Set bios to AHCI.
  • Plug In Drive A
2 Windows
  • Set Windows partition to active
  • Install Windows
  • Registry Hack for AHCI so that I won't get bluescreens on boot.
  • Install drivers
  • Update Windows
  • Install Programs
  • Customize
3 Snow Leopard
  • Remove Drive A
  • Install Drive B
  • Boot Gparted and format Drive B to GUID
  • Set Snow Leopard partition as active.
  • Install Snow Leopard
  • Install kexts and stuff
  • Make a time machine backup
  • Install combo update + ##### hacks
  • reboot
  • Backup with time machine
  • Install Programs
  • Plug Drive A back and tell BIOS to boot from Drive B first
  • Try and get chameleon to pick it up.
    • If it doesn't pick it up, try and fix this.
  • Boot in to Windows and add Snow Leopard to easyBCD
4 Ubuntu
  • Boot Gparted and Set Ubuntu as active
  • Install Ubuntu with GRUB on the same partition
  • Update Ubuntu and install drivers
  • Install Programs
  • If Grub2 didn't auto-detect Windows+Chameleon, try and add them.
  • If this doesn't work, try and fix it
5 Bootloaders - I'm sure there will be many bootloader issues, at this point I will try and fix them. This Is the desired bootloader setup:
  • POST
    • Chameleon Bootloader
    • Windows
    • Boots to OS
  • Snow Leopard
    • Boots to OS
  • Ubuntu
    • Boots to OS
[/list] Most likely, this won't work/ can't be done. So if that is the case, then this is how I would like it to be set up:

    • POST
    • Chameleon Bootloader
    • Windows Bootloader
    • Return to Chameleon
    • Boot Windows
    • Go To GRUB
  • Snow Leopard
    • Boots to OS
  • Ubuntu
    • Return to Chameleon
    • Go to Windows Bootloader
    • Boot Ubuntu
[/list][/list]Is this a proper Tri-Booting install and will my bootloader set up work?
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