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In Topic: NVIDIA Web Driver performance vs. default graphics driver

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

I have some graphics related problem but only if dual monitor is turned on. If I plug only one monitor into graphic cards there is no problem,

With 2 monitors and 2 graphics cards I have slow and largish only one monitor. very strange?

also, I have Sierra 10.12.6 on second ssd with no such problems never before.


web driver 158 I think, I can't install only other it said non-compatible version of driver.

attached is some screenshots. for example youtube page on 2 different monitors - on one graphic is fine and other very strange like half of page is not loaded properly ... but it's just same window displayed on 2 different monitors


any ideas?

In Topic: install high sierra

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

how do you mean patch driver?

also, one of my friend edit my dsdt long ago for Sierra 10.12

can I use the same dsdt for 10.13 and overwrite this on second hdd?

In Topic: install high sierra

Yesterday, 03:59 PM


this could be other problem about GFX policy if you are using MacPro6.1 SMBios


You should try all monitor on only one GPU to understand where the problem is ;)

And if it is Nvidia driver you can also try different driver version


I'm using 14,1 smbios.

and I'm confused why on osxsierra 10.12.6 everything works fine.

other web driver versions is not solution as I hardly find one that want to install. I got not compatible version for the most of other webdirvers.

In Topic: install high sierra

Yesterday, 03:50 PM

I attach only one monitor per test and this is result.

one of the graphic cards has black screen on start even before bios (power lamp blinking, like it's sleep or something)


Luxmarks download links is broken

In Topic: install high sierra

Yesterday, 03:28 PM

If you have time I would do in this way

you have two GFX inserts and now you use 1 monitor on a DisplayPort for each (from your previous version)

I would connect via DP and HDMI your monitors on GPU 1 and test

Then I would do the same thing with monitor connected on GPU2


Then I would also do a test with Lexmark to see singular performance of your gpu


Lexmark? what do you many? some graphic card testing app...I can't find it.

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