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In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

23 September 2016 - 02:58 PM

which kind of board-id are you using ?

Mac-F2238BAE which should match imac11,3  which is what I'm using for my SMBIOS config.


UPDATE:  So I just deleted a kext from /System/Library/Extensions then rebooted and I was back to getting the dreaded black screen.  I'm assuming the values entered in to fakesmc were never being used and I was in fact using an old kext cache with the modified AGDP.  I can't remember if I regenerated the kext cache after restoring the original AGPD.  I edited AGPD directly and now I'm back to functioning graphics.

In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

23 September 2016 - 03:31 AM

If your motherboard support NVRAM.


Series 100 motherboards like mine do not support NVRAM. You need either to keep the boot argument, or have the EmuVariableUefi-64 driver in your Clover setup

I have just upgraded to Sierra and can confirm that it does not work anymore  :(


I still think this could be a part of a longer term solution.


I tried the fakesmc kext you posted earlier today and I added my my board-id to the info.plist and it's working on sierra. I use clover kext injection for fakesmc.

In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

21 September 2016 - 08:59 PM

What about in Sierra?

Doesn't appear to work for me on sierra.  I have to manually edit the AGDP info.plist.

In Topic: Black screen since upgrading to sierra

21 September 2016 - 06:31 PM

AGPDFix won't really help me.  It applies to imac 15, 17 and macpro6,1.  I did try to run it anyway and it told me SIP was enabled.  I then remembered I was only allowing unrestricted fs.  I then enabled allow unsigned kexts and now my graphics work (with my modified AGDP).


So, what I had to do to get os x sierra working on my system was:


1. Make sure to have NvidiaWeb set in the config.plist for clover

2. Use latest nvidia web drivers for os x sierra

3. Add my board ID Mac-F2238BAE to AGDP (I overwrote one of the other board-ids with my own).  Make sure the value is set to NONE

4. Make sure SIP is configured to allow unsigned kexts.

In Topic: Clover General discussion

15 September 2016 - 02:38 AM

I'm currently using clover 3726 legacy boot on the system in my signature.  For over a year now I have been unable to use any recent boot file.  When I use one of the boot files from within the past year or so I see 'init L' on my screen and the computer reboots.


Today I saw something about a new feature called PBRsata.  I thought maybe this would allow me to use a newer boot file.  Same thing happens with it.


Any ideas on why I can't use a recent boot file?  I'm talking about the file named 'boot'.  It's probably not a big deal; I'm just more curious than anything.

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