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#1241208 [solved] Internal SATA drive not visable

Posted by BladeRunner on 29 August 2009 - 09:12 PM

well guys, i HAD the same problem... and the solution i quite simple click somewhere on your desktop so that finder is selected then in the menu click finder preferences there you should see some check-boxes and one of the is saying show hard drives on desktop.... select it and voila ( i could go to my drives through 'go' and then select computer (from the finder menu) I appreciate that you are attempting to help, but you have misread the problem statement. It is not that the drive does not show on the desktop. It is that the drive is not accessible period. If I use the terminal and enter the command "diskutil list" the drive is not listed. I can't use the internal hard drive or the dvd burner. The system does not see them.

#1231721 No need for dsmos or AppleDecrypt!

Posted by BladeRunner on 22 August 2009 - 12:26 AM

I tried to use this kext but ran into a problem. I am using the Voodoo2 alpha3 kernel which blacklists the "don't steel mac" kext. I have checked the doc for the kernel and don't see a way to turn off this feature. Does anyone know of a kernel flag that will bypass this blacklist feature?

#329136 Fix for Kernel Panic (Unresolved Kernel Trap) on 10.4.9 Boot

Posted by BladeRunner on 21 March 2007 - 07:54 PM

Do you get this kernel panic when trying to boot your new 10.4.9 system: Panic (CPU 0 Caller 0X001A429B): Unresolved Kernel Trap (CPU 0, Type 0=Divide Error) If so, you need to enter your BIOS and pick "disable" for the setting titled: Limit CPUID (or some sort of variation on this title) For more information on what the CPUID is visit this site: http://www.techarp.c...ang=0&bogno=307 I hope this helps anyone with this issue get their 10.4.9 update working! :D YES! FANTASTIC! I have worked on this problem for the past three days. I saw your post, tried it, and it fixed my problem. A blessing on you and your house for several generations. :D My test system is now up on 10.4.9 WITH the 8.9.1 kernel - used the JaS updater from the Deamon. I am working on the update for my main system now. Many thanks!
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