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#2040032 10.9 on the Surface Pro 3

Posted by LonelyTV on 13 July 2014 - 02:55 AM

I've had to stop work on trying to get OS X to run on my device recently. I've been having some issues with LCDs and I will be on my third Surface Pro 3 next week. However, I did figure a few things out: Sound does work when you use VoodooHDA and remove the AppleHDA kext. This is no surprise since it worked on the Surface Pro 2, I just never got around to working with it. The graphic artifacts go away when you boot into OS X with a resolution lower than native. I found the "1600x1066" resolution to be close enough to native.. I don't know what causes the artifacts just yet, but the fix currently is to set the resolution to lower than native, and reboot. Changing it back to native WILL cause the artifacts to show up again. Also, the brightness is fixed and can not be changed, yet. I still have had NO success with the type cover or touch screen. No amount of KEXT I throw at it I can not make the type cover work. The touch screen, on the other hand, uses the N-Trig DuoSe...

#2034351 10.9 on the Surface Pro 3

Posted by LonelyTV on 26 June 2014 - 04:05 AM

Hey, do you have a short guide of what you've done so far? So far all I have done is trying to get the OS to install. In doing so I followed the first set of tutorials on the Surface Pro 2 thread (under the header: "Surface Pro 2 Gen Steps"). The only modifications I needed to do was to utilize the config.plist that I have posted above in place of the one the tutorial tells us to use. This got me into the installer and into the OS.  I haven't had time to toy with anything else but as I said there isn't much left to try and fix. We need to get the Type Cover to work and iron out the graphical artifacts the screen has when in the OS. I'm thinking that the artifacts can be taken care of if we can get the right DSDT, any DSDT Modifications, as well as an adjusted conflg.plist. The type cover currently isn't working in Linux either so I'm suspecting it's due to a unsupported USB chipset. Something I'm sure that can be fixed with the right KEXT. 

#2033200 10.9 on the Surface Pro 3

Posted by LonelyTV on 22 June 2014 - 07:59 PM

Before I get into the post here is what I have found not working: Type coverTouch screenWi-FiSoundSome graphics ---------------------------------------------- Seeing as the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2 share similar hardware I made an attempt to install 10.9.2 on to it. Following JahStories' tutorial I was able to get the machine to boot into the installer.However, because of the new screen it seemed to hang at a black screen. To fix this I had to adjust some of the flags given to Clover.  Here is a fixed "config.plist" that will let the installer and OS boot past the black screen:   Surface Pro 3 Clover Config.zip 1.55KB 71 downloads I added to DSDT fixes: INTELGFX as well as GRAPHICS to the plist, changed the "Intel Injection" to true, changed the SMBIOS to a full Macbook Air SMBIOS, and removed the custom EDID since we have a new panel.  Once in the OS the UI has some serious artifacts on the menu bar as well as the doc...

#1870891 Mountain Lion - nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M - Window/Icon Animation Hangs

Posted by LonelyTV on 03 December 2012 - 09:37 PM

Yes, to both. I've been running 10.8 on my Thinkpad T61 for a couple of months. Everything but a proper shut down, restart, and sleep work you have to remove the battery and power to get it to turn off completely.

#1861036 Not certain what's causing this issue - Mountain Lion, Thinkpad T61

Posted by LonelyTV on 16 October 2012 - 11:52 PM

First things first, if CPUS=1 works then you can try out the T61 kext Protocol X posted above. It has a TSCSync kext that fixes the need for the CPUS=1 flag. And, for me to get the KEXT to work I had to rollback AppleACPIplatform. Your milage may vary though.
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