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In Topic: HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

18 March 2011 - 09:31 PM

Please, can you tell me how behaves the DSDT v0.20 (USB, AirPort, etc) on Lion?

I uninstalled it after three days (no sleep was the 'dealbreaker' for me, pls see below).
Oh, and I couldn't get custom DSDT working...I think. :-) As I had 4 P-States show up in Lion but 10 P-States in my DSDT v.24 thanks to BlackCH.

As far as I remember:

Sound (with voodoohda)
Airport (sometimes had problems remembering the last successful connection, but worked OK, I have Bcom 4312)
Keyboard and trackpad (Only got these working if I booted into 32-bit kernel)
USB - no problems
Sleep - not working, actually sleeping was working, waking up from sleep was not :-)

I have a Merom-turned-Penryn 6720s, About this Mac showed "Unknown Processor", but ioreg showed PenrynProfile was loaded.

I delayed "beta testing" Lion for a couple of months. At that point, we'll have the GM and someone will find a way to make it work with Chameleon ;-)

In Topic: HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

14 March 2011 - 10:16 AM

Hello guys.
I got T8300 CPU to change from T5870 and as soon as I plugged T8300 I got

Power Management received emergency overtemp signal. Going to sleep

This really suppressed me, seller says T8300 is an engineer CPU item.
Can this be buggy CPU?
It works fine in WINXP.
It shows frequency but does not show model in bios, but everest check is just fine.

P.S. Tried reapplying thermal paste but error persists

Please clarify "as soon as I plugged..." Can you at least boot into OS X for a while? See the desktop picture?

I'd try several things if I were you:
1. Boot into BIOS, disable one of the cores. See if it helps to at least boot into OS X to do some troubleshooting.
2. Boot in Single User Mode, Repair disk permissions.
3. Boot in Single User mode, repair kext caches. Make sure the Extra/Extensions are loaded, most especially AppleACPIThermal.kext.

TJmax value for T8300 is 105 C. For an over-temp signal the CPU must be lower than that, around 85-90 C? The masters here might know it better than I do.

What happens when you stress-test it under Windows XP? How high can you reach in temperature?

Good luck.

In Topic: HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

09 March 2011 - 08:25 PM

I think that this thread in inasanelymac is the best laptop thread ever but a bit quiet last days because we all have perfect hackintosh so I'm trying to put fresh wind in this post.

Sorry this post will be more "noise" than it is "signal", but I just smiled when I read your comment, my Macedonian friend. I could't agree more. The knowledge I gained through this thread and the courage even lead me to install Lion on my 6720s. I thought if something went bad, I always have the wonderful Snow Leo installation files and the help from our 6720s thread :-) So once again, thank you all helpful friends and greetz from Istanbul.

In Topic: Mac OS X Lion (Developer Preview) Released

08 March 2011 - 09:52 PM

you really can't wait for some more stable release :surprised:

The same reason you are reading these forums: Being a geek.

In Topic: 10.7 "Slow Lion"

08 March 2011 - 06:38 AM

I had the same issue with my broadcom.

I found a solution. In my case problem was the file: /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Apple80211Monitor.bundle
I renamed it to Apple80211Monitor.bundle_ Just make sure, it won't load.

No need to remove kext caches.

System works much faster, and WiFi started working.
I have no idea what this file does...

Worked for me as well! Thanks! How did you learn this?
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