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Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

01 May 2011 - 05:56 PM

Thought I'd start a thread for people trialling Lion, with already working hardware, in an effort to find out what series/models of cards are compatible, have full resolution, full QE/QI acceleration, and what's needed to get them to work as such.

resources list
NVEnabler64; http://www.kexts.com/view/984-nvenabler.kext.html

RoaringApps; http://roaringapps.com/apps:table Compatibility List of OSX 10.7 Lion Apps

HD 4000 Series
ATI HD 4870 512 ram; With Graphics Enabler works grate on Lion 11A459e. The strange thing is that it thinks that I have an additional VGA display connected on my second port. This did not happen in previews builds.

HD5000 Series
HD5670 ASUS works without any injector
HD5770 1GB sapphire works without any injector
HD5770 fully working without injector (in DP1... not tested since)
HD5850 1GB Sapphire Vapor-X works without any injector

HD6000 Series
XFX 6870 100% working including the mini Display Port use GraphicsEnabler=Yes

nVidia Cards
7000 Series
Albatron 7600 GT fully working in 32 bit , with any above method

8000 series
8400GS 512MB works 100% with NVEnabler64
8600GT 512MB works 100% with NVEnabler
8600GS 256MB works 100% with NVEnabler64
8800GT 512MB works 100% GraphicsEnabler=Yes
8800GT 1024MB (Gainward bliss GS) works OK with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, better with NVEnabler64
8800GTX Club3D (thanks to npwski (http://www.applelife.ru/topic/29175 post 244) ___ deleting GeForce7xxx & NVDAResmanG7xxx from S/L/E fully working, with GE=Y)

9000 Series
9400GT 512MB XFX works without any injector
9400GT 512MB EVGA works fine with NVEnabler64
9600GT 100% with enabler :)
9800GT 1 Gig works 100% with NVEnabler64 OR DSDT INjection.
9800GT 512 MB (Club3D Geforce ) working 100% with Efi string ... currently using with Chameleon Graphics enabler and loaded .rom.

GTS/GTX Series
GT240 512MB nVidia works 100% with NVEnabler64 or without Enabler with DSDT
GTS 250 1GB XFX Nvidia DualDVI fully working with NVEnabler.
GTX 260 Core 216 896MB (EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce) works 100% with either Graphics Enabler (pciroot set) or DSDT

GT275 896MB nVidia works 100% with NVEnabler64

335M GT works 100% (no HDMI sound though) with GraphicsEnabler=yes

Nvidia Fermi architecture cards
GTX 460 device ID 0E22 works with GraphicsEnabler=y (HDMI not tested)


GeForce GTX 560 Ti not working, no QE/CI :/

Please feel free to add your hardware here, and I shall add them to the list :)

Sleep Nightmares! DSDT Help please?

29 July 2010 - 01:37 PM

Thanks for checking out this thread, i'm hoping it'll attract some people that are familiar with messing with DSDT, as i've tried (for MONTHS) to nail this laptop in every aspect!. I've currently got

CPU both cores (worked OOB)
GeForce 8600M (GraphicsEnabler=yes, but also injection and EFI strings works but disallows sleep)
USB (Full speed)
Wifi (Dell 1390 card I've replaced the original with, detected as a native card)
Audio (Sigmatel STAC chipset with a recent VoodooHDA version)
Firewire (Pretty sure this is still working, it did when i tested it last using a Focusrite Sapphire audio interface)

everything working fine, apart from the dreaded sleep!.

Here is what I have in my /E/E/

AppleACPIPS2Nub (1.0.0d1 (show package contents info.plist)
ApplePS2Controller (version 2.0.0 Snow Leopard Pre-release)
OSXRestart (OSX Restart Solution 1.3)

I've tried various kexts, and kernel independant kexts (pmVersion=20), including installing in /S/L/E/ and also /E/E/

USB detected as USB Built-in (important so i've read ( http://apocolipse.com/?p=14 ) )

Also tried turning off any wifi etc from BIOS level, and still no joy. Only thing i can see, that stands out, that may be the problem, is the Serial-ATA (in system profiler) says Intel ICH8-M ACHI ?

Pretty much decided I may have to delve into the world of DSDT editing!
If anyone has any other suggestions, i'd be intrigued to try, I'm pretty much spent in ideas as to resolve this sleep issue (damned perfectionists!)

Footnotes: Made sure that NullCPUManagement is NOT running when trying to utilize SleepEnabler, and pmVersion=20 set, also tried removing AppleHPET too without success in sleeping

If needed later I can provide DSDT.aml and DSDT.dsl if needed

Post Installation tools?

09 July 2010 - 04:05 PM

I remember downloading, a while ago, can't remember what it was called, or where from, i swear there was a tinyurl (which is now redirecting elsewhere), something along the lines of tinyurl.com/snow1 or /snow2.

I'm currently using ##### ( http://tonymacx86.bl...stallation.html )

Which is ok for most things, but I remember the tool in question, that was completely terminal driven, that allowed you to easily edit information such as bus speeds, FSB speeds, As well as processor etc etc.

My Vostro 1700 is coming up with some false information, which, being a perfectionist, I want to have read correctly.

Strangely the Dell Pre-boot CD ( http://www.superhai.com/boot-test.html ) reads the RAM timings and processor speed correctly.

Jog anyone's memory?

Know of another Post installation tool that allows this?

Cheers <3

Dell Vostro 1700 DSDT BREAKING.

08 July 2010 - 05:30 PM

I'm not new to the whole osx86 thing, but for some quite strange reason i'm unsure of, using a DSDT I generated (perhaps wrongly?) for the laptop, it actually breaks trackpad & keyboard (before DSDT patching they're fine).

So far my installtion etc goes like this
Dell Pre-boot CD v0.55 ( http://http://www.su.../boot-test.html )
Install Snow Leopard from Retail 10.6.0
re-insert Dell Pre-boot CD
Install OSX combo update 10.6.4, as well as Java Update 2 and iTunes 9.2 from USB Stick

^ ALL of the above works fine but when i generate a DSDT (using Snow OSX Universal to generate a 20KB DSDT.aml) and bodge a quick `UserDSDT` install using ##### ( http://tonymacx86.bl...stallation.html ) Everything still works fine, but keyboard and trackpad are broken! - All kexts i've installed to try Kludge the install either fail, or the mouse sensitivity is too strong, and completely uncontrollable!

Notes: Graphics work absolutely fine at (1920x1200 resolution without kexts suchas NVEnabler / Natit)
Wireless is detected completely natively as Airport (Dell 1390 wireless card with Broadcom Chipset)
USB seems obscenely quicker compared to my main machine
SATA speed again is far quicker than my main machine

Any advice on more 'correct' DSDT patching would be appreciated, as the DSDT patch, at the very LEAST does allow correct restart/shutdown (Sleep untested)

Thanks for reading <3

EDIT: I have noticed that not only does the DSDT break the trackpad and keyboard, but also kext installs
(fakesmc, ev0reboot, null cpu management), although i'm not sure which breaks it, I'm narrowing down possibilities
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