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AMD Development Donations

05 December 2013 - 12:21 AM

Hi everybody, if you like the work I do here, if you believe AMD Hackintoshing is a worthy cause to support, i will gladly accept donations of any amount in Bitcoins! It is free to send, secure, fast, somewhat anonymous, and (I hope) only fair!


BTC:   19nVc6b3CJerfxJ7GKBYorxW3tFJXTh7iD




In case it was not clear, I am deeply thankful for the contributions of the community.


I am thinking in particular, they all deserve a coin and a big round of applause


gils83, spakk, theconnactic, andy, bronya, duran, shane, (am I missing some here?)


You can rest assured I won't ever charge anything for hackintosh stuff, this is all only on a voluntary basis. I think so it goes for open source projects in general.





paypal is  pitwuu@gmail.com


I just thought I would take a second and help spreading the word about bitcoin, a new digital form of currency. What is great is its lack of fees every time you make a transaction. so that makes it great for donating, because you could literally send me 5 cents, and i'd be very happy. with paypal, you need to send them $1 as well, and that makes people more reluctant, and so on. Bitcoin is also great because you can send _any_ amount, there are no minimums, no maximums, and it doesn't matter where you're from.

for more information about the whole thing, I would heartily recommend watching this great overview by Stefan Molyneux, the Truth about Bitcoin,

thanks and have a lot of fun tonight!

Better Filesystems selection in OS X

19 November 2013 - 05:01 AM

Hm. For fun I am dorking with porting FreeBSD filesystems to XNU. While it's certainly not a walk in the park so far, it looks very doable.



So if there is interest in the subject, I will update results of this R&D..

Quite tired now, laters all :)


17 June 2013 - 06:06 AM

Hello fellow insaners,



I'm calling a task force to gather as much information as we can about Mavericks so we can hit the ground running.


On the XNU Front:  I am not holding my breadth anytime soon for a source release, but I would be surprised to see none at all get released eventually. People still need to build kexts for this shiny "new" OS, so there's actually a legitimate reason for needing XNU sources. Once we get that, it's on!


Failing this, binary patching will be the way to go. Nawcom already provided us with proof that this is viable. I'm sort of expecting us to need a lot more binary patching in the 10.9 days to come.


There's been a trend i've been noticing, and the kernel itself is going the way of the Dodo. Everything nowadays is done in proprietary kexts, with no source code given whatsoever. This can only get worse now :-(



Pressing issues:


--- Investigate KEXT signature enforcement, protections. Find a way to caveman beat this down in sources. Binary patch if needed for now, our Intel friends here on the forum will need that, as well as a lot of other folks on the net.


--- Bootloader work needed?  


-- Check the following:   dyld,  libsystem dylibs.  Do they have SSE3 routines for memcpy, bcopy and friends?  IF NOT, dust off the opemu!!!


-- check this  thread, update etc



Sinetek, who wishes you a good summer from Hot Sunny Budapest!!

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