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In Topic: Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

Yesterday, 02:08 PM

Can you figure out how to patch for Adata SX8000NP with SM2260 controller after your trial and research of these codes ?

Well, I think some folks have tried to get it working, it's a matter of finding the right parameters etc.
If someone wants to send an unit I'll get it working

In Topic: Sinetek's Driver for Realtek "RTSX" SDHC Card Readers

Yesterday, 01:07 PM

This worked for me.  Thank you!!!




Installed to S/L/E.  No KP when ejected in the OS.  It does stop working after my laptop wakes from sleep.

Can you actually put the machine to sleep?

The sleep issues can be worked out, it's not a lot of work but I have to read more on the sleep/resume path and then call the rtsx_suspend and such, then it should work.

I still need to make the driver use the proper work queue for block I/O so it will stop crashing so damn much. But other than that, I added all y'all's PCI ID's to the driver already.

Thanks for patience and testing, we'll get there

One more bug to report...


The driver appears to break after sleep/wake. If the machine wakes from sleep with the card still inserted, it'll initially seem as if you can access it, but it just hangs when you try to do anything with it. If the machines wakes from sleep without the card inserted, the card isn't recognised when it's put back in and you have to reboot to use it again.


On a lighter note, I've put together a small app - Eject RTSX - which unmounts all volumes on the loaded SD card and makes it safe to physically eject without kernel panic. This is to use instead of the broken Finder eject button until Sinetek gives us another beta. Obviously you can do this from Disk Utility or the command line too but this is just a one-click timesaver that I made cos I was bored  :rofl: I hope one or two of you find it useful!

Haha well, you can use the system just fine if you eject the card physically, that should work just fine.

Make sure to

1)  Terminal: type 'sync' and enter. This will sync all disk I/O and store the latest changes to all your disks.
2)  Make sure you're not doing heavy I/O on the card. Then physically eject it, the OS will destroy the IOBlockStorage device by itself and all should be well.
3) Then insert again, and you can use the card again.

macOS uses a lot of RAM for disk I/O buffering, so sometimes if you don't 'sync' the changes will only exist in system RAM.

As a temporary workaround for the sleep issues, you can do kextunload / kextload cycles and it will reset the controller chip.
At least it should, the problem is that the chip doesn't keep it's register values when you kill power to it.

In Topic: Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

Yesterday, 12:50 PM

Awesome awesome.
I can't test for the upcoming week but here's the bit that stands out. I might have overlooked the rest of the function.
Block size -> 0x10 to 0x01 seems to make sense, but then I'm not sure what the other offsets in the structure mean.


-0000000000009188    testb    $0x10, %cl
+0000000000009188    testb    $0x1, %cl
 000000000000918b    jne    0x91f8
 000000000000918d    andb    $0xf, %cl
 0000000000009190    movzbl    %cl, %ecx
 0000000000009193    movzbl    0x82(%rax,%rcx,4), %ecx
-000000000000919b    cmpl    $0xc, %ecx
+000000000000919b    cmpl    $0x9, %ecx
 000000000000919e    jne    0x91f8
-00000000000091a0    movl    $0x1000, 0xa4(%r14)
+00000000000091a0    movl    $0x200, 0xa4(%r14)

In Topic: Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

Yesterday, 12:11 PM

Alright. I think we may need some additional hacks. Try to enable debugging mode? But I shall have no ability to help on this. Feel really sorry.  :(

We need a debug kext from a beta version of macOS (I believe the 10.12.4 one would do as well).
With some additional kexts you can get the 10.12 one *loading* but for reasons unknown it does not fully work on 10.11.

Anyway. I began work on an open source NVMe driver that would be a lot easier to use for everybody, (NVMe is supposed to be universal after all, it's a standardized protocol), but right now I'm not sure that I can work on it very much in the short term, although I wish to.

@jsl  I'm curious now, you say you have the Plextor M8Pe working under 10.11? Can you confirm this?

In Topic: Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

16 February 2017 - 07:54 PM

new info: i got the 10.12 kext to load under 10.11, but still no go on the Plextor M8Pe 256GB. I am not sure what's going on.

Could somebody please upload that debug build of NVMEFamily kext?

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