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In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

27 March 2013 - 07:47 PM

Excellent - Ill take a look at this. In answer to your question I used the last option in Hackinstaller - the Chimera boot loader (as it states better support of the Nvidia 5xxx cards).

The weird thing is I can install with the 580 no probs but was going to black on boot up. I actually got round the '1st boot up after install' by dropping in an old radeon gfx, booting with -v GraphicsEnabler=No. Ran Hackinstaller going thru steps 3 to 5 inc the dsdt. Plist edited the boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Shutdown. Swapped out the Radeon with the GTX 580 and rebooted on the drive. Everything's fine apart from when I shutdown the computer never actually switches off after killing the drives. I have to press down the power button for a few seconds.Which kext will fix this? (Ive installed the kexts EXACTLY as Digital Dreamer's Mountain Lion kext pack hack installer into /Extra - with the only kext going into S/L/E is AppleHDA.kext)

Thanks for the help.

Digital Dreamer's vanilla dsdt patch - what exactly does it patch? Also whats the benefits of Firmware F13?

I haven't had much luck with kexts going in /Extra. I have everything going in to S/L/E.

Haven't seen much of a difference in F13, and haven't had any problems with F12 or F13.

Again, might want to download d00d's dsdt and give that run, fixed many of my demons for this board.

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

26 March 2013 - 06:57 PM

I have been scratching my head of late. Im trying to setup a friends old GA EX58-UD5 mobo with 6gb RAM and i7 920 with Mountain Lion 10.8.3 App store d/l. He has a GTX580. Ive used the scripted boot disk install described by DD to the latter.

I can get to an install but sadly NOT to a [SUCCESS] reboot without the GFX card / monitor going to black screen. Ive attempted all the combinations of -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 and 0x3000, PCIRootUID=0 (and 1) and many times Ive got to the stage where it seems to flick to a bootup screen (from verbose) but the monitor just switches off/hangs?

Now the only odd thing about this mobo is the firmware is that its F12 and everyone here talks about F9. Should I downgrade?

WD SATA 2 TB drive (split partitioned) is on the blue 0/1 ports - bios has been set as everyone seems to recommend.

Firmware v12 talks about either using the GFX card on PCI, PCIE x16, x8, x4. I left it on PCIE x16.


Has anyone got a walkthru?

Is the GTX580 an impossible GFX card to install on? (I got it to work on a z77 mobo as test after doing an internl GFX install and swap out to the GTX580, but the GA x58 UD5 as you know doesnt have an Internal GFX.

Issit the Hard drive?

Change the firmware?

What is normally wrong when the monitor when it just switches off? (It does get past PCI Configuration /AppleCPUPowerManagement, etc.. and then switches off.)

Im ready to crush his motherboard with my boot.

I'm running F13 on my ud5 with GTX 580. Have not upgraded to 10.8.3 yet. What boot loader are you using? If you're using Chameleon, make sure it's a newer version if you're using graphics enabler=yes. I inject via DSDT. I had a similar problem with the 580 going to black when I first installed it. My solution was to update graphics section of dsdt to include "NVDA,Parent". There is a good guide for dsdt injection and this video card here.


I use d00d's dsdt for native power management here.

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