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In Topic: Mac Pro 2008 w El capitan

10 November 2015 - 04:55 AM

Try Terminal, use the "halt" command

Ok.....so in Terminal, i typed sudo halt..........SAME result, my MacPro 2008 restarts.  not shutting down





In Topic: Mac Pro 2008 w El capitan

09 November 2015 - 05:15 PM

Try Terminal, use the "halt" command

Thank you for replying and hopefully this will be the solution.


I will not be able to try til tonight after i get home from work.


one problem, what do i need to type exactly in Terminal just halt or there's more to the command?


thank you.



In Topic: Seeking professional/expert/experience advices on Mac Pro 2008 3.1

26 March 2015 - 05:14 AM

I am purchasing a Mac Pro 3,1 for $100.00, and have been doing some research, from what  I read, using the less expensive 667Mhz Ram won't be a noticeable difference over the 800 Mhz.  The SSD upgrade will have the greatest performance impact.  I am going to get the Apricorn Solo, ( Unless I find something better), i have 5 SSD's 2 SATA III, and 3 SATA II's. I also have a Nvidia GTX 650 Video Card that should work OOB.  I plan on using its as an audio workstation using my Personus Audiobox iTwo audio interface.


Good luck on your upgrades, I look forward to your future posts, with the upgrade progress.


I get my Mac Pro 3,1 on 3/31/2015 :)

WOW, you got an even more of a deal for your Rig!!  LOL.


I will mainly use mine for video and photo editings.


so far, I have a 512GB SSD running through a SATA PCIe controller card (Not the Apricorn Solo YET).  Not sure why I don't see much diffference in speed as compared to my old hackintosh rig....Quad Core Q6700, 8GB RAM with the he controller card plugged into PCIe x1 slot since I only have 1 x16.  Wheres on this MP, I am using x16 slot but don't see any in speed.  Two things different, I had TRIM enabled on the old system running Mavericks.  This MP is running Yosemite 10.10.1 WITHOUT TRIM since I've been reading TRIM causes Yosemite to crash....become unstable.  Not sure if it's true so I didn't even bother to try enabling TRIM........could this be the difference........*bluh*, don't know.


as with most nvidia graphics card, they should work with mac os x OOB.  No boot up screen but don't bother me.  I can put back the original MAC graphic card as per needed.


Other idea to why there is no improvement in speed is maybe of my ram.  The old system has 8GB of 800Mhz vs this one 14GB of 667Mhz.  That's why I'm considering of getting 32GB @ 800Mz.  The ram came with the system when I bought it.  Not even sure if the RAMS are approved by Apple with proper heatsink or not........overheating?

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