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In Topic: [DSDT] Gigabyte's Motherboard's - MacPro style

06 December 2009 - 12:01 AM

Quality work here stickpin - thanks.

I removed the GFX section, as I like to use PC_EFI for dynamic injection of the GFX strings - and altered the processor stepping specification to match my E8400 Core2 Duo and it works almost perfectly. I have sleep shutdown, and restart (with OSXRestart.kext)... so I'm wondering why restart was removed from your list of working features?

Once again - thanks for the research!

I've now done almost the same: Replacing the CPU and GFX part of stickpin's DSDT. Everything works except proper shut down, which I can live with for now. My old DSDT didn't need the SATA fix, since I implemented it directly into the DSDT. I like to have as few kexts in my Extras folder as possible. Anyways - my PCI cards are happy now! :D

In Topic: [DSDT] Gigabyte's Motherboard's - MacPro style

02 December 2009 - 08:10 PM

Stickpin, I have almost the same config as you: EP45-UD3LR, Q9550 (overclocked to 4,03 GHz), 8GB RAM, etc.
With your DSDT, both my PCI slots are working!
How the heck did you make that happen? With my own custom DSDT (made with ACPI Patcher and TextEdit) first PCI slot is not usable - only the second one works...

Is there any way I could implement your PCI routines into my DSDT?

In Topic: MIDI Conducting

19 October 2009 - 04:31 PM

Hi everyone. This year I'm the music director of our school's show, A Christmas Carol the musical. Its a rather large band and we don't have the time to get one together so were thinking were gonna do a MIDI system. We are looking for something that we can play along with as the actors sing. So, we'd play what the actors were singing and the rest of the "band" would follow. It is the same train of thought as Orchextra. Here is a link: <a href="http://www.mtishows.com/resources.asp?id=6_1_0_5&theatricalresourceid=31" target="_blank">http://www.mtishows.com/resources.asp?id=6...alresourceid=31</a> It can be for windows if anyone knows a type of software like this for windows but it is preferably for mac. Thanks everyone!

Notion. Virtuosoworks Notion. It´s brilliant!

In Topic: 7600 GS 256M (DVI+VGA) + dual monitor !

24 September 2009 - 11:03 PM

Remove the EFI string and install this. Should work. Just choose the right memory size

Hi there! I would also like to download this driver. The link doesn't work any more. Thanks in advance!
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