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In Topic: PowerManagement (with ACPI Support) Software Release

16 March 2007 - 03:50 PM

after updateting to 10.4.9 the my battery is not recognized any longer and the battery indicator disapeared.
Can s.o. validate this, or did i miss sth to restore after the update.

Yeah, It's broken for me also.

In Topic: Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

19 November 2006 - 07:01 AM

I have the worst luck ever... So i bought a 7800 GT to replace the craptastic x1600xt and it's giving me artifacts right at startup. :censored:

In Topic: Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

16 November 2006 - 03:23 AM

I just got a GeForce 7900GS from Best Buy and stumbled into getting dual display to work. I thought it was already working for this card so I purchased it.

Guess it's time i take a trip down to best buy.

In Topic: Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

16 November 2006 - 12:21 AM

While dm continues his work on Natit, I would like to share the plist I am using to get dual display support from Natit. It will work with the ATI Autodetect version, ATINDRV 4.5-4.7 (If I use 4.8, I get cloned image), IONDRVSupport 4.5 (couldnt get 4.8 to work with my x1600, blue screen), and all ATIRadeonX1000* from 4.8, with only the deviceid change in ATIRadeonX1000.kext

You should install it in Natit (could use my script, just rename this plist to natit_info.plist and place it in /backup/natit, considering you have run nu with write or edit once so it initializes). The problem I have with this dual display is that since the LVDS, EDID entry points to my VGA port (port0), I get blurry screen. My theory is that LVDS imposes a digital signal, that the VGA connection can't handle and thus I get the problem. Now, I also cannot put my CRTs (the one that is connected to the VGA port) EDID because I loose dual display. Like it checks and if the EDID belongs to an analog monitor, it won't work. Thus I use my LCDs EDID for the time being. That is easy to solve, by just getting me (or editing one, Im looking into that) an EDID from an LCD (digital) that does the rez/refresh I want from my CRT which would ideally be 1024x768@80hz.

If anyone wants to experiment with this plist, you are welcome to. Please report your findings. My theory would be that people with dual DVI shouldn't have problems since both ports are digital ... but I could be wrong.

Tried it... Made no difference, my second dvi port still dies the second the loginwindow starts.

In Topic: Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

15 November 2006 - 06:04 AM

Is the only ATI card that is operating correctly with DUAL DVI the x1900xt that another topic talks about?

If so I need to return my x1650 that I just ordered...

Seems to be the case. X16XX's are a lost cause so far... I'm debating a 7600GT or 7900GS right now.

If some people running nvidia/ati cards could post whether they have dual screen working, it'd be appreciated by those of us that are in need of a new card.

Maybe start a new thread for that? Maybe someone could compile some sort of list...
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