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In Topic: VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

23 February 2014 - 04:30 PM

Me? I give feedback to the community: Read my post and you see a path to the solution. Isn't providing this better than a "google it, stupid!" hint - in a forum that is made _from_ users _for_ users?


Apart from that, I DID my own search and found the solution in the meantime. I did NOT waited for someone to help, but did it by myself.


Of course, just being a Noob is not an excuse. But how could I know how specific this problem is?


I have no idea about Mac or developer stuff. Hence, asking a question for something I do not know of is not having done something wrong.

If so, you should ban all questions here, make this forum read-only and forbit any questions about :help:


BTW: Your argument googling would get you the answer much faster than posting also applies to the post of besweeet, so he is to blame as well :poster_oops:


Nuff said about his, back to topic - period.

In Topic: VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

21 February 2014 - 11:01 PM

Thank you for your fast reply :thanks_speechbubble: . That _really_ helps :no: .

I never ever would have thought of this by myself. How could I be so stupid ?  :wallbash:


Genius' like you are the one that keeps communities like this alive. :thumbsdown_anim:


* Edit *


Other NOOBs like me who do not like to ask a Genius like besweeet for assistance, can find the solution there: http://www.mcvsd.org...developers.html.


Hint: The Ignore List in your forum account settings is your friend to get rid of _helpful_ posts from certain forum members like posts from besweeet :yes:



@Zenith432: Awesome work, thanks a lot :thumbsup_anim: .

In Topic: VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

21 February 2014 - 10:28 PM

Question: When I try to execute guestd_patches.pkg or VMsvga2_v1.2.5_OS_10.9.pkg in my 10.9.1 guest, it is refused with the hint that the file is not from a certified developer :(


How to get rid of this?

In Topic: Workstation 8/9/10, Player 4/5/6 and Fusion 4/5/6 Mac OS X Unlocker

21 February 2014 - 10:29 AM



after installation VMware Workstation 10.0.1 on my Windows 8.1 PC (Intel VT-X is supported, according to the Intel Processor Identification Utility) and installing Donks Unlocker 1.20, I tried to install MAC OS X Mavericks on a freshly created VM, selecting "Mac OS X 10.9" as Guest OS.

But I stopped already when trying to start that VM - with the error "OSX is not supported with binary translation error" :(


How can I solve this error to successfully perform a fresh install of Mavericks?

Setting the Guest OS to anything else should help, I read - but to what?


Please help.





I found the solution: In BIOS, VT-X was already enabled, as was Trusted Execution Protection (or a similar setting in BIOS). After I disabled that protection setting, the binary translation eroor when booting up the OS X guest was gone and I had no problem of installing Mac OS X successfully.


Maybe this solution can help other users that are alsso facing the binary translation error although VT-X is enabled in the BIOS of the host machine.

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