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Yesterday, 04:52 PM

@Zenith Did you get any other error like: 'error 3000: Global macro ARCH is not permitted' since that commit

Yes. There were 2 problems with edk2 commit dc4c77

  • Get error "global macro arch is not permitted' in refit.inf.  This is result of change in MetaFileParser.py.  Can fix this by either using reversion checked in by Slice, or as Fritz suggested - edit refit.inf and change CLOVER$(ARCH) to just CLOVER.
  • The change in WorkspaceDatabase.py caused unfixable breakdown - a regression in edk2 build process.  It was fixed by edk2 commit 1d8ceb.  So after 1d8ceb, it is possible to use WorkspaceDatabase.py from edk2 tree or the reversion checked in by Slice.

Hope this clarifies.

In Topic: Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

About USB 2.0 only check if there is port number restriction.

Tried the port count patch, but it doesn't make any difference.
There are some messages in kernel boot log

000001.092123 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: unsupported speed mantissa 1248 exponent 2
000001.092133 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: unsupported speed mantissa 2496 exponent 2
000001.092141 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: unsupported speed mantissa 4992 exponent 2
000001.491574 IOUSBHostDevice@15100000: IOUSBHostDevice::getDescriptorGated: compliance violation: USB 2.0 9.3.5: device returned more than wLength data
000001.492058 IOUSBHostDevice@15100000: IOUSBHostDevice::start: failed to get device descriptor
000001.492180 SS03@15100000: AppleUSBXHCIPort::resetAndCreateDevice: failed to start device
000001.492222 SS03@15100000: AppleUSBXHCIPort::resetAndCreateDevice: failed to create device (0xe00002e9)

In Topic: Clover General discussion

Yesterday, 12:52 PM

The part that couldn't be adapted to in WorkspaceDatabase.py was a regression.  It's now been fixed in this commit.

Good luck figuring out how...  I tried and gave up - reverted the EDK2 change instead.

In Topic: Clover General discussion

22 February 2017 - 08:14 PM

Good luck figuring out how...  I tried and gave up - reverted the EDK2 change instead.

You could also fix your code base...

In Topic: Clover General discussion

22 February 2017 - 06:48 PM

FYI this EDK2 commit breaks the Clover build
Below is a patch to edk2 tree to revert it
diff --git a/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/MetaFileParser.py b/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/MetaFileParser.py
index 37a7f5d..da525bb 100644
--- a/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/MetaFileParser.py
+++ b/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/MetaFileParser.py
@@ -351,13 +351,6 @@ class MetaFileParser(object):
         self._ValueList = [ReplaceMacro(Value, self._Macros) for Value in self._ValueList]
         Name, Value = self._ValueList[1], self._ValueList[2]
-        MacroUsed = GlobalData.gMacroRefPattern.findall(Value)
-        if len(MacroUsed) != 0:
-            for Macro in MacroUsed:
-                if Macro in GlobalData.gGlobalDefines:
-                    EdkLogger.error("Parser", FORMAT_INVALID, "Global macro %s is not permitted." % (Macro), ExtraData=self._CurrentLine, File=self.MetaFile, Line=self._LineIndex + 1)
-            else:
-                EdkLogger.error("Parser", FORMAT_INVALID, "%s not defined" % (Macro), ExtraData=self._CurrentLine, File=self.MetaFile, Line=self._LineIndex + 1)
         # Sometimes, we need to make differences between EDK and EDK2 modules 
         if Name == 'INF_VERSION':
             if re.match(r'0[xX][\da-f-A-F]{5,8}', Value):
diff --git a/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/WorkspaceDatabase.py b/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/WorkspaceDatabase.py
index 0686721..dbe2986 100644
--- a/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/WorkspaceDatabase.py
+++ b/BaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/WorkspaceDatabase.py
@@ -1830,8 +1830,6 @@ class InfBuildData(ModuleBuildClassObject):
             if self.AutoGenVersion < 0x00010005:
-            else:
-                self.__Macros.update(self.Defines)
         return self.__Macros
     ## Get architecture
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