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Swapping Alt-Key and Command-Key (Apple-Key) on Apple Keyboard

22 June 2006 - 01:51 PM

Hey folks,

Finally I got my Apple Keyboard running. Now there's a Problem. I'm coming from the "original" Mac Platform and so I'm used to use the Apple-Key (Command-Key) as the Apple Key, e. g. "Apple-Key + Shift + A" opens the Applications. On my OSx86 PC, the Command-Key is represented by the alt-key, and the alt-key is represented by the key with the Apple Logo on it (erm... the command key). Means if I want to open Applications I have to press "alt + shift + a". Sound confusing, but to say it it some words: I just want that the key with the Apple logo on it functions like the Apple key.

Can someone help me?


BIOS locks up after OSx86 installation [solved]

19 June 2006 - 11:56 AM

Hello everyone,

I've got the following problem:

I can install Mac OS x86 10.4.4 (I think it was a maxxus patched DVD) without problems. After successful installation I can reboot and on the first BIOS screen my PC hangs. The BIOS detects the OS X harddrive and the CDROM, but then it stops continuing. The BIOS tells me that I can press several keys, e. g. to get into the BIOS. When I press a key, the BIOS tells me "Entering Setup...", but then I doesn't do anything. This problem is prompted by the harddrive. If I format the harddrive or take it out of the computer (I've got removable drives), the BIOS just behaves normal.

Now I have to admit that I have installed OS X solely on the harddrive. No Windows partition, no Linux partition. And in the OS X installation I formated the harddrive with "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)".

I have booted the PC with Slackware Linux (from CD) and mounted the OS X HD after POST. I can access the OS X HD with fdisk. It tells me the "System" is "EFI GPT". Uhm yes... Now I have a BIOS, not EFI :-/
And it tells me: "The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 1750. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is larger than 1024 [...]"

I've read the tutorials and all of them say I have to use Windows or Linux and several other applications (like Partition Magic...). Now you surely ask youself why I'm not using Windows. The reason is, that I want to use the PC with Mac OS X, only. Okay, If there's no other way, I'll create a small Windows or Linux partition and do what the tutorials say, but isn't it possible to install OS X solely on my HD?
For understanding: I've got a aluminium PowerBook G4 1,5 Ghz, it runs just fine and I like it, but I think that a well configured OS X on my PC will run faster.
Another reason is, that I was a Mac user all my life. I don't like Windows. Linux is okay, but you always sit hours in front of it till something runs well (compiling, dependecies, troubleshooting etc...).

For further analysis, here are my tech specs:

- Athlon 64 3200+ (Clawhammer); Socket 754
- Biostar Mainboard with VIA K8T890 Chipset; latest BIOS (some Phoenix BIOS I think)
- ATI Radeon x800GT PCI-E
- 2x 512 MB TwinMos RAM
- Onboard AC97 sound
- Onboard 10/100 MBit Realtek network

And I have this equipment installed on/attached to my Mac, if that helps solving the problem:

- an external 5 1/4" Firewire case which I can use with removable drives (means I can put the OSx86 HD in it and mount it)
- Virtual PC 7 with Partition Magic

Okay, I hope you can help me :withstupid:

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