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11 January 2013 - 09:51 AM

Hi guys... I'm looking for some ideas and advice here. I successfully moved 4 Mountain Lion installs (for friends) from Chimera to Clover the other day to resolve the iMessage problem (and to get with the future :) ). But then I ran into trouble when trying to do my own machine last night. Here are some specs:

GUID partitioning
Currently Chimera 1.9.2 w/ minimal edits (smbios, boot args) working fine

I've tried installing Clover (via same v2-rL980 package I used on other machines) on both a fresh USB key for testing and a cloned drive. In both cases I get the same result after setting them as the boot drive. Basically the system BIOS posts, then it accesses the boot drive and I just see a number "7" appear on the screen followed by a blinking underscore. -> 7_ There it will sit forever. It never makes it to the Clover menu.

I don't mind working through mac boot problems, but this seems to be some initial problem getting Clover to load up so I'm not sure what is involved, or what I should try next.

Perhaps some key BIOS settings?

Are there any settings from config.plist to even consider this early in the bootloader process?

Is there more helpful info I could provide? Anyway to make Clover more verbose at that early stage?

Any help would be truly appreciated. I have plenty of usb keys and clone drives to play with....


P.S. The only odd thing that sticks in my head is that I know when I tried to update Chimera to 1.10 it froze before its menus would appear also. (which is why I went back to 1.9.2 which works fine). I think(?) both Chimera and Clover share code from Chameleon right? So perhaps some later Chameleon update isn't playing nice with my motherboard/config. Probably wrong, but just thinking out loud. ;)


EDIT: SOLVED :) Had to update BIOS to get to Clover menus.

This is of interest to me as well as I have a similar board, GA-P55A-UD3, rev1.0, but I am already at the latest BIOS rev :( So your fix won't make a difference.

The screen just ends with a "7" followed by the flashing under-bar cursor. This is with a MBR Fat32 USB, a GPT HFS HDD (clone of my primary ML HDD). The only thing I've not tried thus far is resetting the BIOS back to factory defaults and giving that a go. I do run overclocked on the i7 920.

I'd like to move over to Clover for more than just the current iMessage fixes, it seems to be more well rounded and I have always admired the work the authors have done.

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