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In Topic: No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

30 December 2015 - 12:37 AM

For the first time ever, for any OS, I am seriously considering revering back to an earlier version. El Capitan has been nothing but a huge headache for AMD users. Here is my predicament (specs are in my sig).


- I have 2x HD7950 (in CFX) with 4 displays connected; Triple monitor setup for the desktop on the first card (I 'used' Eyefinity in Windows) via DVI and 2x miniDP and the second GPU is DVI out to my HDTV that is used exclusively for Kodi.

- In Yosemite I had ZERO issues booting with Enoch from the EFI partition, no garbled graphics before the desktop, sleep/wake worked flawlessly, and most important of all, I did not have to use the HD4000 IGFX for any reason. 

- In El Capitan I in no way can boot WITHOUT enabling the IGFX AND a display connected, AND having it default boot device.

    - If I don't I get black screens

    - If I boot with it enabled but not default I only get one miniDP working and no IGPU despite boot flags (see below)

- In El Capitan using ONLY GraphicsEnabler=y nets me full QI/QE and all GPUs are correctly identified and accelerated however I get no DVI out at all on the AMDs, but works for the HD4000.

    - I have to manually add AtiConfig=Hamachi (default is Futomaki) to enable DVI, AtiPorts=X does nothing!

- In El Capitan I do get sleep! But it wakes after 3 seconds to all displays and USB working, and then the system freezes about 5 seconds later causing me to do a hard restart.

- In El Capitan I get constant random graphics freezes when either watching videos in a window (player or browser) AND playing games windowed (like OpenEmu, Game of Thrones). Even system monitors like iStat and HWMonitor freeze as well as the system clock.

    - To remedy the freeze all I need to do is click to the desktop as the mouse still works.

    - Playing games and movies in 'True' fullscreen (i.e. Diablo III, Kodi) causes no issues, where as 'Windowed' fullscreen still causes random freezes.


Apple really dropped the ball on El Capitan. Maybe Tim Cook should stop worrying about SJW and 'diversity' issues and concentrate on their software flaws. Even real Mac users are experiencing USB and graphics issues. Sigh......

In Topic: No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

22 December 2015 - 08:29 AM


Now since using 10.11.2 I have much bigger problems than just wake not working.
Console gives me sometimes: WindowServer[163]: GPU Driver appears to be hung (over 5 continuous seconds of unreadiness)

And the screen freezes. Sometimes it will react after a short time, but sometimes i have to restart my computer.



Me too, same console message as you. The only issues I had in 10.11.1 was the screens not waking from sleep. Now with 10.11.2 I go from 91fps in Cinebench to 70fps, graphics are choppy, and like you, I get screen freezing which occurs when I am watching YouTube videos in Safari or if I play games that are windowed. The fix is to simply click to the desktop and everything starts up. Most frustrating.

In Topic: (3) monitors on R9 280X - (not working)

13 January 2015 - 02:09 AM

Here is a tip for everyone with DP and DVI issues. I just upgraded to a 3 monitor Eyefinity setup. My monitors are connected to my HIS Radeon HD7950 via 2x active MiniDP to DVI and 1x DVI (also on my 2nd HD7950 I have DVI out to my HDTV). I won't go over my problems because they mirror all of you folk's experiences (and headaches). It has nothing to do with what frame buffer is used.




Enable IGPU in the bios, regardless if you will be using it or not. Problem solved! I can have all ports on both my HD7950 with an active monitor with ZERO issues. The moment I disable IGPU all hell breaks loose (again).


For users of Clover you will have no issues whatsoever. 

For users of Chameleon/Chimera you will need to include the IGPU boot flag and set boot display to IGPU from PEG. If you are not using the IGPU this will be somewhat cumbersome because you will essentially be doing a 'dark boot', and if you have dual boot very annoying (remove the timer and guess when the boot loader is at the drive select screen), but it works.


Hope this helps.



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