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In Topic: Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

05 August 2011 - 09:20 PM

Update -

I was able to boot my 5920g after replacing IOPCIFamily.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext in /S/L/E. Replace them on the install dvd/usb to get the installer booting as well. The zip I downloaded said the IOPCIFamily.kext was from 10.6.7. Only thing not working is sound using Mald0n's auto-patched dsdt for 5920 and the same enabler-less techniques (AppleHDA rollback, ALC8xxHDA.kext) that worked for 10.6.8 but I'll figure it out.

Update: I had to get a newer IOPCIFamily.kext than the 10.6.7 version because Lion's built in driver for my Broadcom 4312 wireless wouldn't load because the IOPCIFamily version was too low. I have linked the post I downloaded the it from below, you will still have to rollback to an earlier AppleACPIPlatform.kext as well or you will get KP on 10.6.8 and above.


This IOPCIFamily has Chun-Nan's modifications on a newer version than is I have seen typically available for download. Not sure if those mods are necessary, but the IOPCIFamily fix option on ##### 3.8 didn't work for me, still got KP, and this one works just fine.

Update 2: Make sure UHCIreset=yes in com.apple.boot.plist, I thought it wasn't needed with the dsdt I posted earlier in the thread, but apparently it is.

In Topic: Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

28 July 2011 - 09:26 AM

Well I have installed Snow Leopard on my 5920g and I am able to boot to the desktop with just two kexts, FakeSMC.kext and IOPCMCIAFamily.kext. Without IOPCMCIAFamily.kext it gets stuck at the dreaded "PCI Configuration Begin".

Maybe this provides some clue as to why Lion freezes soon after "PCI Configuration End"? I'd like to try adding IOPCMCIAFamily.kext to the pack of Kexts included with "Extra Lion DP4" but all I see is an mkext cache file in /Extra and no actual Extensions folder. Looks tricky to add a kext without blowing away the ones included. Is something equivalent already in there? Are the SL FakeSMC and IOPCMCIAFamily compatible with Lion? I could just put those in the Extensions folder and see what happens, but am afraid some newly required Lion specific kexts in the cache may be blown away in the process.

Seeing that npci=0x2000 boot flag helps some people with IOPCIFamily related issues, I tried that, but to no avail. Then I tried replacing the 0x2000 with the device id of my graphics card and also tried EthernetBuiltIn=Yes, same result. This is on SL with IOPCMCIAFamily.kext removed, I figured if they help under SL they should help w/ Lion boot too.

It is unclear to me from searching online what these specially made IOPCIFamily/IOPCMCIAFamily kexts do or what npci represents. I see some people sticking a vendor id into npci, but people mainly saying to use device-id. Seems strange a device id would be required anywhere without a vendor-id, but perhaps some npci value related to my wireless or wired BCM87XX card will help.

The good news is that in SL sleep and the 8600M GT works without any enabler - either Chameleon GraphicsEnabler or kext based. Very cool. :gun: Caveats for other 5920g owners - you will still need voodooXXX/AppleACPIPS2Nub for kb/trackpad and alc888 for sound, but that is not too bad. Mald0n's awesome auto patcher make's the sound inputs/outputs come up correctly without any enabler, just needs the missing driver. Haven't tested USB speeds so that is something to explore.

In Topic: Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

27 July 2011 - 01:03 PM

try with USBBusFix=Yes

Thanks for the tip Mald0n, but the USBBusFix=yes resulted in the same hang at "FakeSMCDevice: 17 keys added". I recreated the the bootable USB from scratch again before trying since I had messed around with the previous copy.

I also tried copying the mach_kernel from "Mac OS X Install ESD" image root to the root of the USB partition, since it was 620 bytes larger than the one included in the Extra_DP4 installer, but that also resulted in the same thing. Finally, I tried Chimera instead of the Chameleon r1083, but got the same result.

Maybe I will have a better luck using a boot cd + boot dvd? I wouldn't think it'd make much of a difference. I will try Snow Leopard next to see if I fare any better, but if any more suggestions come through I'll give it another shot.

In Topic: Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

27 July 2011 - 05:04 AM

Dear MaLd0n,

Thanks for your great guide! I had follow your guide on my Dell Optiplex 755 with Lion DP4 had no problem, bust when I try on Lion final by the book and stuck in here pls see pic attached, what wrong with my Hackintosh? could you pls tell me what wrong!

Sorry for my english.

Best regards.


I ended up getting this same panic when I restored used the "Mac OS X Install ESD" image to restore instead of the doing the BaseSystem.dmg restore followed by copying the packages as described by Mald0n in the original posting. I only tried it it that way because the directions here aren't working for me.

My system is freezing after the kernel starts and at the line "FakeSMCDevice: 17 keys added". Screenshot is attached. I've also had it stop after the "PCI configuration end" line, but maybe not following the exact procedure to build the bootable USB flash as described here.

I have also tried using a DSDT I built using an existing Leopard install on this Acer 5920g laptop. I extracted the DSDT without any other DSDT present in / or /Extra before boot, and then ran it through Mald0n's auto-patcher with the settings for the 5920. The 5920g looks to be a 5920 but with 8600M GT 256MB Graphics. I added that card to the DSDT, including NVCAP bits for HDMI support taken from a 5920g thread on this board. I have attached this DSDT in case anyone wants it, but I haven't tested it much other than booting Leopard successfully with it for a couple weeks.

To install the DSDT and appropriate kexts, I installed tonymac's ##### 3.8 to the USB created with Mald0n's procedure, but only after moving the /Extra folder to avoid conflicts. The only kext ##### put in /E/E is FakeSMC. I can now use the USB stick to boot into Leopard 10.5.8 on my hard drive, but when trying to boot the Lion GM Installer it freezes after "RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes)". I don't even see FakeSMC getting a chance to run. A second screenshot is attached of this.

Any ideas?
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