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29 April 2010 - 07:35 PM

yesterday i bought asus p5n73-cm only for separate osx 8 very low cost.. unfortunately this bord is not recognizing sata hdd during installation
plz some 1 give solution for it
no kernel panic no graphics issue (nvidia 9500gt) after logo all kexts loaded sucess fully but when installation window and cursor shows sudend error log popups and when em going to save that log em geting no hdd but only dvd rom
i tried cpus=1 -x -v -f -s and changed my bios setings and also updated my bios but same thing

I believe you need a appleNforceATA.kext driver. you need to put that in your installation CD somehow.

Try -v cpus=1 maxmem=2048 busratio=20

see what happened.

In Topic: Need help with About this Mac crashes, DSDT Speedstep, Sleep and Sound

22 December 2009 - 12:47 AM

[quote name='nizam1205' date='Dec 4 2009, 09:42 AM' post='1350397']
Hi There,

I've got the same board as yours and in order to fix About This Mac i've installed the AppleSMBiosEFI.kext from iPc distro and it went well.

[quote name='nizam1205' date='Dec 4 2009, 09:42 AM' post='1350397']
Hi There,

I've got the same board as yours and in order to fix About This Mac i've installed the AppleSMBiosEFI.kext from iPc distro and it went well.

well, i have had the same problem, but I think i was able to fixed ONE. First of all, when trying to run Final cut pro studio 3, it hangs at loading FCS engine screen. And it stuck there until I force quit. No matter what i did, I even tried to delete qmaster and such, didn't help any. So, i decided to delete the applesmbios.kext, and now Final Cut pro load completely in both 32 and 64 mode. ummm.. stranged.. Without applesmbios.kext, snow leopard still boots in both mode 32 and 64 just no applesmbios.kext that's all. So, i decided to mess around little further. I copied my 10.5.8 from working leopard applesmbios.kex from another machine, and put it in the snow leopard /s/l/e, and whoala, about this mac in 64 bit mode is working, and so was Final cut pro studio 3. But, somehow, when i booted into 32bit mode, it wasn't working. It was still hang in FCS loading engine. Somehow, applesmbios.kext has alot to do with it. But, if i want it to work in 32 bit mode, i just delete the applesmbios.kext, and reinstalled it when I need it, it is better working than not working I guess.

I am running on 10.6.2, sony vaio vgn-aw125j, everything seem to work and fast, but my internal lcd, and wireless card. I do have q/ci without it, Final cut wont work. i just use it for final cut and cs4. Hopefully, someone can figured this out. also, there a lot of JmicroATA.kext out there, i only find one that will boot my laptop into 64 bit without KP and also the nvidia inject. Others I tried, none of them work. so alot of errors and tries. now, 32 and 64 bit mode working. just about this mac in 32bit mode needs a solutions. but i am running everything in 64 bit mode anyways. hope this helps. also, i am not using dtsd what so every, and nothing in my extra folder, but two files. boot plist and smbios.plist, no extensions directory or anything.

mery xmas

In Topic: Qoopz 9.8.0 v2 kernel - based on Voodoo

26 August 2009 - 02:50 PM

same here boots up but it's stuck at apple logo . it doesn't log in. i had to put back vanilla.

i have had problem going from 9.5 and higher. Parrallels crashes. And kp at startup, but i have always be able to get in the desktop by using cpus=1, than you can reinstall or whatever you have to fixed.

hopefully this helps

In Topic: Mac OS X crash on startup

21 August 2009 - 11:31 AM

plz can anyone recommend something

I have bfg 680I installed using IATKOS last version (10.5.7) and ran into few problems, first, i cannot even installed wihout having to plug in an IDE drive. Some how, I need that just to get to the installed part. When i get to the installed part, i see my hard drive, it is that 1T seagate, the same one as you have. picked up from best buy. when the installation going through like 10 percent, i crashed every time. I tried differnt settings in bios, still doing that. finally, the last thing i did was, i dont know if this one make a different or not, i turn off VT, all the options in CPU advance settings. I boot up the cdrom, press f8 f8 twice to get to prompt, i type cpus=1 maxmem=2048, this time, no crash at all. works everytimes.
it finished installed, boot up to the leopard fine. I have bfg 8800gtx video graphic card with 768mem, to get it working just goto efistudio, and add string, choose your card, ad to com.apple.boot.plist file, and now, i have quartz extreme, than i goto osx86 tool and turn enable quatzGL. i update it to 10.5.8 combo update, and first boot, it reboot itself, second boot, everything works fine. now, internet lanforce, graphic, and test all usb works. including sony sr12, detect right of way. I have no problem with IATKOS at all. Probibly, in my opionion, is the best. I also have that running on my sony viaos aw125j with external monitor, very very fast. both system are very fast. i mainly use to edit my avchd file, from the camera. the system is very tight.

I also try with IPC, 10.5.6 ppf6, and i installed fine also, but still need that extra ide drive. the problem with ipc, i cant update, it totally messed everything up. and i dont have to type cpus=1 maxmem=2048, it installed very fast. but took forever just to get to the installation part. IATKOS took longer to installed, but boot to the installation menue really fast.

IATKOS 10.5.8 now, everythign works greating including final cut studio lastest. I hope this might help you. also, i used NFORCEATA driver for that hard drive on settings.

i can install again and again. i have been on it for a week. finally, now got evertyhign figured it out.
go for IATKOS package if you can. if you can see your HD and installed and if it is finished, and soemthing wrong, try differetn settings.

sorry for my english

I have just joined the forums here after seeing so much from here regarding info on installing mac on pc and everything else about apple.

So today I got a new seagate hard drive since my old western digital was an ide and very old and mac didn't recognize it as a hard drive (either hangs on still waiting for root device or disk utility wouldn't find it). The seagate is a new 7200.12 just released 1tb and it is detected fine by mac.

I install mac os x (iDeneb 1.4 mac os x 10.5.6) and customize with amd patch, nvinject for my 512mb video card, transmission, osx86tools, atheros (some numbers) wifi adapter, and I have also tried with and without the cpu=1 fix.

The installation goes fine then it says restart so I restart then when I tell it to boot into the fresh mac os x 10.5.6 it flashes a white screen in a split second and the pc reboots (can't even tell if the apple logo is there it's so fast). If I boot in verbose mode it shows loading (blah blah blah) really fast for a few seconds and is loading lots of files then it hits the end the screen goes black instead of the white flash and it reboots (nothing unusual at the end or its too fast for me to see). This also happened with a western digital my book (external) that I had formatted into mac os extended journaled (500gb).

So I'm wondering what is wrong? I tried iPC osx86 10.5.6 but it doesnt even install. It goes straight to verbose without command and sits on "still waiting for root device" even though everything is plugged in like for iDeneb (i used disk utility to format a partition of my seagate to mac os x extended journaled btw).

Am I doing something wrong? am i missing kernels or anything on install? I'd rather not use anything before 10.5.6 so I can use iLife '09 (unless theirs a way to update to it with amd patch). Also I've read that RAM can be too slow (mine is kinda slow mentioned in specs below) but that was googling and about a server edition and I don't have a server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My computer specs:

Gigabyte ma770-ud3 motherboard

2x 2gb (4gb) Kingston 240-pin 667mhz RAM

AMD athlon 64 x2 5600 Brisbane dual-core 2.9ghz processor (overclocked to 3.0ghz)

EVGA Nvidia geforce 9500gt 512mb graphics

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528AS 1TB 7200rpm 32mb cash SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"

forgot to say, try not to use the nvinject stuffs on first installed. do that after frist. just select, your hard drive driver, maybe network card and sound. leave video stuffs along. that way, you can find out what is the prbolem.

everytime i try some inject, i get black screen. so dont do it.

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