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In Topic: Mountain Lion reboots after initial kext load

15 July 2012 - 10:59 PM

So I've successfully installed Mountain Lion on my laptop, so I'm pretty certain it's not the install media. Here's the issue:

When I first boot, before I can't even get to the installation screen, all of the installation kexts load and then it will immediately reboot - prior to the kernel being loaded. I have Lion working perfectly on this PC as well, so it's a bit odd. All of the bios settings are set up correctly so I don't think it's that (could be wrong). My motherboard is

Asus P6X58D Premium and the rest of my specs are in the signature.

Any thoughts?

Update: It seems it was something to do with my Bios configuration. I set it to stock settings, had my processor overclocked to 4ghz, and it booted. Would be extremely difficult to list all edits made to the Bios as there were so many! The only additional Kexts I added to the install media were nullcpu and fakesmc. No special flags were used either. I would like to get it running on the 4ghz setup for video editing purposes. As of right now, the processor will only work at 2.4ghz with 12GB DDR3 at 1066 vs 4.0ghz and 1600mhz - pretty substantial difference. Any known incompatibilities from Lion to Mountain Lion when it comes to overclocking?

BTW for anyone using GTX 4 series, the 480 works great on Mountain Lion. I didn't have to follow any netkas posts to get full throttle - so it seems at first glance.

In Topic: Random Crashing/Rebooting

31 August 2011 - 09:18 PM

Hello All,

Though, I have been a long time lurker, this is my first time posting something in the forums. I'm not exactly sure where I should post this, but seeing as this new users area I thought it seemed fit. However, feel free to move it to the correct place. Okay, here we go.

Lately, possibly since I installed Lion, my hackintosh has been randomly cutting off on me. I have tried very hard to find some kind of pattern, but I haven't been able to come up with anything at all. I am running 10.7.2, but I am pretty sure I was having these issues when I was running 10.7.0 GM. In fact, I really think that's when it all started.

I was originally using digital_dreamer's gigabyte script for Snow Leopard, all the Lion Betas and the beginning of my usage of 10.7.2 and it worked flawlessly (well other than having to fiddle with the sound kext). However, I started noticing that it had gotten worse from restarting randomly to restarting every single night. At first I thought maybe it was just some energy saver settings or I had set something in the BIOS for it to restart every night, but neither showed any signs of that. Completely baffled I tried doing a complete reinstall of Lion using Kakewalk. So I made the Kakewalk USB boot drive and installed away. Of course I had issues with the sound so I tried digital_dreamer's script again hoping it would fix the sound because he had just updated it with some audio fixes. Finally after days of trying everything I could find it just didn't work...so I went without sound for about two weeks. During this time is when it would reboot every night. Randomly I had this idea to try booting from my Kakewalk USB boot drive, and everything worked magically. The sound worked and it stopped rebooting every night. So I thought to myself, "This is amazing, now I can just install Kakewalk to my internal SSD!" Which of course failed on me..and only worked if I used a combination of Kakewalk and digital_dreamer's script. Except the sound wouldn't work...

That brings the story to now. For the past few weeks I've just been booting from my trusty Kakewalk USB drive, but it still randomly reboots on me. And it's not like a kernel panic, it just flat out reboots, like as if someone pressed the soft reboot button on the top. Anyway, I really hope it's not a hardware problem, I and seriously doubt it is considering it gets worse with a different boot loader. Oh, and I've also done numerous stress tests in Windows and it preformed brilliantly. So I'm just completely baffled so I decided to turn to the community for help. If you've made it this far...thank you so much for your time in reading my ridiculously long post.

Oh! I should list my specs shouldn't I.

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD7 (v1)
Processor: Intel Core i7 920
GPU: Tried both my GTX 275 and my HD 5780, currently on the latter because it seems to work better with Lion

I'd first try updating to the latest version of Chameleon (assuming this is what you use to boot). I noticed that when I went back to an older version to fix an issue my laptop was randomly rebooting and had a few KP. Once I updated my Chameleon, all issues resolved!

I also recommend Chameleon Wizard; excellent tool!Attached File  Chameleon_Wizard.app.zip   1.3MB   16 downloads

In Topic: Laptop LED Buttons

30 August 2011 - 11:46 PM

Chameleon v2.1 r1478 works as well. Looks like I can keep my fast boot and LED functionality, for now!

No thoughts tho, there's not to be something being added/removed from the boot loader to enable/disable the LED button's functionality?
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