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In Topic: Install Guide for Snow Leopard on a P6T (non deluxe)

29 September 2009 - 05:26 AM

Thanks to Searay_X!! Success!!

After countless (seriously) failed attempts during the last two weeks,
and with many twists and turns along the way, I have finally gotten
Snow Leopard loaded onto my my machine.

First I installed Leopard onto an external USB Drive, and then booted into it.
While running Leo, I used the retail OS X 10.6 Install DVD to install Snow to my HD.
I'm not sure why there was no kernel panic this way, but I'm damn sure I don't care.

Now I am able to dual-boot OS X & Windows 7 using the awesome EFI "Magic Stick".

I still have some issues to resolve: Disk Utility is freezing/not responding, no Audio,
the DVD Drive is not being recognized, and the Internal HD is showing up as an External drive.
I also have to get my ATI Radeon HD 3650 Video card to work, or find a Snow friendly replacement.

In Topic: Install Guide for Snow Leopard on a P6T (non deluxe)

18 September 2009 - 11:18 PM

Here is a shot of my installation kernel panic
Any ideas?

In Topic: Install Guide for Snow Leopard on a P6T (non deluxe)

18 September 2009 - 07:11 PM

Possibly - You should also try to recopy your SL disk - I noticed that it is hard to copy for some reason - Even though it shows OK, it took me 3 attempts from an original SL disk before it worked. I am not sure why. Also, Make sure when you restore your SL disk your select "Erase Destination" on your USB stick. The copy has to be perfect...

I have retested my method and compared it to the guide and it does not look like I forgot any steps. I booted just now to my SL install USB drive just fine.]

Also, your boot EFI will show up as whatever you use - I use a Generic multicard reader and that's how it shows up - if I use a USB stick for the EFI such as my Toshiba, it reads Toshiba USB Drive (or something similar)

Just make sure that you don NOT have your install disk in while your setting your boot selection up - so you don't accidentally choose the wrong one.

NOTE: I just noticed your specs - you are running an ATI - I have not tested it with an ATI but I can give you the KEXT files you need to add for it if indeed that is what you are using. I have no way to test them other than reports that they worked for other people with some ATI cards.


One other thing you can try -

Although it defeats the purpose of not modding the install disk, follow the instructions from step 8 in the guide on the Mac OS X Install disk and then add the boot file from the modded boot loader to the install disk root and go to the /usr/standalone/i386 and copy the files from the modded boot files I gave to that location which will replace the original ones.

You will still boot from the EFI disk you made and select the Mac OS X Install disk but this may fix it for you -

I am picky and try to make everything original as possible but if this is a fix for your setup, the end result is the same which is a totally unmodified install itself.

In the meantime, I am packing the ATI kexts for you as I would assume this is the root of your problem and none of the above except perhaps the actual copy of the SL install disk not being perfect.




I've am definitely having a EFI mkext issue (I think)
When I drag the folder it open but nothing runs
or is it so fast that i'm not seeing it

In Topic: Install Guide for Snow Leopard on a P6T (non deluxe)

18 September 2009 - 05:01 PM

I think my BIOS setting are OK now.
Although the Boot setting do not show [Generic: USB SD]

Still getting kernel panic.

I will try to remake the USB EFI
Perhaps I fubared it

In Topic: Install Guide for Snow Leopard on a P6T (non deluxe)

18 September 2009 - 04:33 PM

Hi Searay X,

When I try to remake the Extensions.mkext on my EFI disk, I drag the extensions folder to the mkext utility app, I enter my password, and then mkext does open a window and does nothing.
I have used mkext before and I've seen it run through a whole bunch of processes, but when I try it now the window is empty.

The Kernel panic comes during the OS X Install.
While getting the UUID, I noticed that ownership is not enabled. Could this be the problem, or is ownership enabled during the OS X Install process?


I had Snow running on this machine by installing it to a USB HD and then restoring it to my Internal HD, but it was very panic-y.

You did all that in the time it took me to write my reply.
I guess I shouldn't have dropped that High School typing class back in 1977
I will check my BIOS settings and try again.
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