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VMWare ethernet connection/leopard

23 April 2009 - 12:08 PM

How do I get internet to work inside of VMWared OSx86?


Mac OSx86 Virtualization in any O.S.!

14 April 2009 - 04:48 PM

:D So have you tried everything to virtualize Mac OSx86 and not been able to do it? SunWare VirtualBox, VMWare, nothing seems to work? You've tried Kaylway, idebneb, Iatkos, and still nothing?

Well the secret is this: you have to install JAS 10.4.2. The guides on VMWare virtualization were meant for JAS and that is the only one that works. That's why my guide is different from any other guide.

Right now I have JAS running virtualized in Ubuntu Linux, though I am having a little trouble with wifi. Virtualization solves a lot of issues like touchpad clicking, scrolling, etc.

How to do it:

1) Get JAS OSx86 Iso
2) Get VMWare Workstation (doesn't matter which version)
3) Start a new machine
4) "Other"-->"other"
5) And make sure your virtual machine has the JAS Iso as the virtual CD drive.
6) Power off the machine once you've started up.
7) Open "Mac.vmxd" and add "paevm="TRUE"" at the end, along with "ethernet0.virtualDev="e1000"
8) Also boot up into the VMWare Bios and remove all Floppys and peripheral devices for speed
9) Boot the computer into the JAS iso and Install.
10) Voila, you have a working Mac OSx86 virtualization!*

*Note: you may want to suspend instead of powering it off each time as it saves on speed. I have to try the vmware tools fixes out there and install them, along with debugging my internet. I'm pretty sure there is a simple reason for it.

installing iatkos in vmware

26 March 2009 - 06:39 PM

running ubuntu/linux and trying to run vmware/iatkos :wacko:

How to virtualize iATKOS 5i leo 10.5.5 in linux ubuntu kde or gnome?

25 March 2009 - 07:32 PM

Right now I have a linux and darwin partitions. Yesterday I had triple boot options between Win 7, Mac and Ubuntu Jaunty. But I deleted my Win 7 partition so I could virtualize it instead in Linux, so now I have virtual WinXP in Ubuntu and grub won't load my Mac Os Darwin. chain0 fix doesn't work, but I really don't care because I want to virtualize Iatkos in Ubuntu for liveswitch. Ideally I would have 4 virtual desktops with three running Mac OS X Leo, WinXP and Win 7 respectively I want a liveswitch.

Please help.

Thanks very much,


basically looking to remove all partitions and switch to ubuntu as main os and then virtualize all other

iATKOS 5i Leo 10.5.5 virtualization in KDE?

25 March 2009 - 07:23 PM

Hey all,

You may know me from the howtoget ar5006eg/ar5007eg genuis guide post, maybe maybe not.

Anyway I tried installing iATKOS on my linux partition thru Sun Java's Virtual Box and it crashes as theres no leo option. Is there anyway to virtualize Leo in linux? I want to format my pc to one partition that runs KDE Ubuntu Jaunty with Sunjava virtualbox for liveswitch. I had triple boot with Win7beta, Iatkos and Ubuntu but I want to switch to mainly KDE or GNOME with virtualization.

This is off topic, but has anybody succesffuly virtualized Windows 7 beta in Sun Java's Virtual box?


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