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In Topic: How to get AR5006EG / AR5007EG atheros wlan working and sound for Acer Aspire...

23 April 2009 - 12:12 PM

Thanks for you great work, it helped me alot so far!! I only have an issue with the AR5007EG card, i've done everything u mentioned but when it comes to searching for networks...I never find anything!! can u plz help me? i've been looking around for about 3 days now !!

Thanks in advance :)

Ha ha! Man, that sux for you. Generally if you can't find anything for the first couple of minutes then that means its not working. Please reread my guide and try the other fixes. and then post to me and tell me whats going on, and what you've done.

In Topic: Atheros AR5007 working but not perfect. Heres the guide.

23 April 2009 - 12:10 PM

Atheros 5007 don't work for me :(

If you are still having trouble this guide may help:

In Topic: How to get AR5006EG / AR5007EG atheros wlan working and sound for Acer Aspire...

20 April 2009 - 04:25 PM

i 'm so sorry to disturb u ,i come to this forum just want to learn about mac,so every topics i read,therefore i see your email in your disscussion with others

i did not know about mac at all,i used mac system just a week.

because of pool english, it's not easy to those who's mother language is not english to learn mac,it's so professional

finally,thank u share those drivers although i can't download them

Hey, ok. There is a thing called Babel translator at Altavista, and if you can't download them, I can't help you--that has to do with your internet or something. Maybe I will upload them to mediafire/megaupload.com for everyone (so I don't get swamped with emails). PM me first

In Topic: Mac OSx86 Virtualization in any O.S.!

18 April 2009 - 07:53 AM

If you mean the OS X distribution I totally agree, however the issue of this post is getting any OS X install running in VMWare, so I think it should be a guide for a generic VMWare install. Please update.

Well then! -Jas is jas--21-yr-old trickster!

In Topic: How to get AR5006EG / AR5007EG atheros wlan working and sound for Acer Aspire...

18 April 2009 - 07:46 AM

To the stalker who hunted down my email and asked some words about ALC: 1) I cannot reply to you in email, therefore I am posting to you here 2) This guide is primarily about WIFI: caught on yet? 3) There is no gr8r tutor in this world besides -YOU- 4) If you or anybody else decides to stalk dwn my -personal- email vs PMing me--I will stalk YOU down and start asking you technical questions and see how YOU lke it! 5) Also if you had read my SIGNATURE youd see I no longer -boot- mac os x86; I virtualize: I wrote a guide on that too; same rules apply. 6) Good job! 7) You have now fixed your problem! -Thx!- -Bows- ;-) Jas -just Jas--neither Butso, Tagatha nor Bodhisattva--just a 21-yr-old trickster!

If anyone else would like someone to hold their hand and walk them thru -this- complex! guide: you are more than welcome to email the wonderful poster who spat out his email in about two posts above--asking about ALC such-and-such. --This man is more knowlledgable than I, plz email him your questions as he is more than happy to offer a reply! May help! May not! Its up to you. Jas -- Everything taken care of. Heart pumps, lungs breathe, mind thinks. Jas jas-es. Jas is a 21-year-old trickster! Do not trust him at all! -Thank you!- -bows.-

a hand to hold yours: zihaibin@yahoo.com.cn

*a hand to hold yours: z.haibin@yahoo.com.cn *
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