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In Topic: Quick Question Regarding 10.6.6 Upgrade [Pentium 4]

23 February 2011 - 08:32 PM

You have to remove AppleHDA if you use VoodooHDA

I did though, thats the thing... Is it only for 64 bit or something? Can my cpu run it?

In Topic: Quick Question Regarding 10.6.6 Upgrade [Pentium 4]

23 February 2011 - 08:00 PM

I have not yet updated my P4 10.6.2 and don't use distributions or RestartFix because it's useless on my ASUS P4V8X-X.
I suggest you to use the nawcom modded legacy_kernel for 10.6.6 (I'm using it now on a 10.6.0 test install)

And to avoid update bad surprises I keep 6GB of the main HD with a fresh install patched the same an the every-day-use-installation that i can use to test if the updates are good or bad for my specific config

For ##### problems you better ask to who made it directly...

Okay thank you, that kernel worked like a charm!

I am now running 10.6.6 and I got my Marvell Yukon Ethernet to work by patching the plist (adding DEV and VEN to the plist), and the last thing is trying to get the freakin AUDIO to work! :censored:

In windows 7 I checked my DEV and VEN and I know the codec...

It is the Realtek ALC860, and I have tried installing VoodooHDA but I get a kernel panic... :(

I have tried VoodooHDA and a few other kexts and I absolutely cannot get this to work... Everything else works!

If anyone knows what I can do to get this audio to work, please help me out! :wacko:

In Topic: Snow Leopard on Dell inspiron 6400/E1505

08 January 2011 - 06:32 PM

Well heres an update:
Tried again and this time i got everything to work except i still have the cursor issue... Its really bugging me as its quite hard to edit websites with no cursor... hope somone can help with that issue,

thanks in advance

Hey, I am trying to install Snow Leopard on the same computer and I just found this on google. lol But, for the cursor issue, have you tried Voodoo kexts? That is what I had to use in order to run BOTH cores on my Dell and in order for my trackpad to work... This is all after updating to 10.5.8 btw. Look up "Voodoo Trackpad PS2" in google and you should find it easily.

**Sorry if I am replying to an old thread, but I'm just wanting to help.

In Topic: Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885

06 December 2010 - 04:59 AM

it should work, for the guy having trouble are your bios setting properly set?

Hey, i apologize for the extremely late response (i haven't been online). But, just needed to know if hackint0sh would work with this computer. I don't have this computer yet, right now I'm rocking a Dell Inspiron E1505 kalyway :P But I searched a lot and found this computer, and I really like the hardware that it has for the price. And for the people who do have it, is it a good laptop?

In Topic: New OS X86 Install Help

19 June 2010 - 06:10 AM

Thanks, I will post the results here. It shouldn't be too hard considering I've already successfully installed it on my laptop. :)
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