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In Topic: Sleep Mode & Hibernatemode El Capitan Restarts

13 April 2016 - 02:05 AM

I am having the same issues , my screen goes black after less than a 2 minutes  minutes , then computer goes to sleep , If I close the screen then open it , after few seconds screen comes back and computer is at where I was before when sleep mode when in , I have no Battery messages when this happens   

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

31 December 2015 - 03:24 AM

Here is what I did to get " El Capitan installed on my DV8t-1100 

Please note that in no way I claim to be an "expert " , all information and knowledge I learned  it here in this forum , I have created or installed many other " Hackintoshes "  that I personally use , but in  no way I have all the answers in this topic.  ALL CREDIT goes to many people in this great forum who helped me in making my 3 hackintoshes, the latest and most expensive is a Dual Xeon  8 Core each  E5- 2640 , with 128 Gigs of ram , I use this for my video editing and After effects rendering .


Ok now  the guide : 


You will need


An 8 Gig  USB drive 

El Capitan app in your applications folder

Fake SMC kext , USBInjectAll Kext , VoodooPs2 Kext

Boot loader of your choice  ( Clover or Cham ) 


Step 1:

To start , format your drive to a single partition , name it " USB "  and use the  " Extended -Journaled format 


Step 2:

Use this code  with terminal to install the OS X El Capitan Installer on the USB drive


sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app --nointeraction


Hit enter and wait till it will say " Complete " 

This will create your  USB Installer 


Step 3:

‚ÄčDownload the latest Clover Installer  , ( I used r3330 ) 

Install it on your " USB " drive 

Use the " Legacy Mode " with drivers64 ,

I used NvmExpressDxe-64




Then check on  " Install RC Scripts on target Volume

Click install and wait till done 


Step 4:


Open your EFI folder 


Now you can install your dsdt and ssdt  if available , and your FakeSMC Kext , USBInjectAll.Kext and VoodooPS2 Kext


Install dsdt in  EFI /Clover/ ACPI / Patched     folder 


install your FakeSMC, USBInjectAll , and VoodooPS2 Kexts  in  EFI / Clover / Kexts / 10.11   folder 


I used the original created config.plist to boot in to the installed  OS X drive , you can install or change your SMBIOS  in  config.plist  as needed 


Step 5:

Restart computer and Boot with USB drive , use  -v  cpus=1  nv_disable=1   to  install " El capitan OS X "  in your drive 


Step 6 :

Once installed in hard drive it will reboot , do not remove USB installer , boot this time in to your new Installed " El Capitan " drive , it will take you thru all settings and finally to your desktop screen 

Install Clover with same settings as your USB installer 

Install dsdt and kexts the same way as your USB installer 

Install your Audio Kexts with Kext Wizard

Reboot with out your USB installer drive , you will need to add only    -V  this time 





Enjoy your new El Capitan DV8

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

30 December 2015 - 06:10 PM

no need for kexts, inject nvidia in dsdt and use the same config plist as before working for yosemite.

Thanks , I did  not realized that I had the wrong dsdt , changed it to my original dsdt and it worked , now everything works , wi-fi , FaceTime , iMessage , sound , all USB's

the only thing i see is that I might not have the power management working as it used to be ....  checking on that ...  

I will post an easy little tutorial of how I installed El Capitan with all my kexts and files used for the ones that might need help 

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

29 December 2015 - 11:53 PM

Hello everybody , I managed to install  " El Capitan "  it seems that everything works , I just have a problem with graphics , I can not boot with out "Nv_disable=1" , can somebody share their graphics Kexts to work with our graphics card ?  I replaced the " NV kexts"  as recommended  but it did not helped , also my USB 's work , well at least the 2 ports on right side of computer , thanks in advance .... :)

In Topic: Advices for a setup upgrade (videomaking)

18 November 2015 - 03:32 PM

I use an AsRock Motherboard , with dual e5-2640 cpu's , 128 gigs of ram , and a GTX 970  with 4 gigs ram , it works really good , the only thing I don't have Power Management , I use a 60 Inch 4k display also , I use AE , Ps , Motion and Final Cut for my video editing ...  my Benchmark is Over 20,000 , 5 times faster than my i7 laptop i used b4 , rendering time is so much faster now , you might wan to try a video card that will be recognized natively by the  iOS , so you can take advantage of the GPU , I spend maybe less than 4k on tis new monster , including the 4K display , 

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