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24 November 2016 - 06:40 AM

That list is not correct, it shouldn't be used for reference.

Yes I know.. probably only few of it are correct...
the list was and 'idea' based on the mentioned topic..


In Topic: Clover General discussion

23 November 2016 - 08:21 PM

i finished more update platformdata.c and clean up, i will update platformdata.c if i get it about missing data
contain all macpro, all macbook, all macbookpro(from 1.1 to 13,3 15inch touchbar), macmini, imac(since 8,1)
i tested clover build(base 3943), good working:)
i spent many time for this. but i'm really happy to help clover team.
i hope that my nickname Sherlocks, but shown sherlocks in menu.c, can you change like Sherlocks?
have a nice day :)
attachicon.gif스크린샷 2016-11-23 오후 10.30.38.png

Good update!

a tiny change for cpu.c due to this update...
        DefaultType = MacBookAir52;
      case CPU_MODEL_ATOM_3700:
        DefaultType = MacBookAir62;
-      case CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_U5:
        DefaultType = MacBookPro111;
+      case CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_U5: // Broadwell 0x3D
+        DefaultType = MacBookPro121;
+                break;
For suite the new model with CPU probably more changes are needed...

any chance to inject also the smc-compatible? w/o manually edit the FakeSMC?

the array data coming from this spanish topic (thx Derty)
CHAR8* SmcCompatible[] =
  "smc-napa",   // MacBook1,1
  "smc-napa",   // MacBook2,1
  "smc-napa",   // MacBook4,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa" 
  "smc-mcp",    // MacBook5,1
  "smc-mcp",    // MacBook5,2
  "smc-mcp",    // MacBook6,1
  "smc-mcp",    // MacBook7,1
  "smc-napa",   // MacBook8,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",   // MacBook9,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",        // MacBookPro1,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",        // MacBookPro2,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa" 
  "smc-napa",        // MacBookPro3,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",        // MacBookPro4,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa",
  "smc-mcp",          // MacBookPro5,1
  "smc-mcp",          // MacBookPro5,3
  "smc-mcp",          // MacBookPro5,5
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro6,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro6,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-huronriver",   // MacBookPro8,1
  "smc-huronriver",   // MacBookPro8,2
  "smc-huronriver",   // MacBookPro8,3
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro9,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro9,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro10,1  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro10,2  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro11,1  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro11,2  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro11,5  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-huronriver",   // MacBookPro12,1
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro13,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro13,2  // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",         // MacBookPro13,3 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-santarosa",  // MacBookAir1,1
  "smc-mcp",        // MacBookAir2,1
  "smc-mcp",        // MacBookAir3,1
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir4,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir4,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir5,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir5,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir6,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir6,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir7,1   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacBookAir7,2   // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // Macmini1,1
  "smc-napa",       // Macmini2,1
  "smc-mcp",        // Macmini3,1
  "smc-napa",       // Macmini4,1
  "smc-napa",       // Macmini5,1
  "smc-santarosa",  // Macmini6,1
  "smc-santarosa",  // Macmini6,2
  "smc-santarosa",  // Macmini7,1
  "smc-santarosa",     // iMac8,1
  "smc-napa",          // iMac9,1
  "smc-mcp",           // iMac10,1
  "smc-piketon",       // iMac11,1
  "smc-piketon",       // iMac11,2
  "smc-piketon",       // iMac11,3
  "smc-huronriver",    // iMac12,1
  "smc-huronriver",    // iMac12,2
  "smc-napa",          // iMac13,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",          // iMac13,2 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",          // iMac14,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",          // iMac14,2 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",          // iMac15,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",          // iMac17,1 // need to find.. default "smc-napa"
  "smc-napa",       // MacPro1,1
  "smc-napa",       // MacPro2,1
  "smc-napa",       // MacPro3,1
  "smc-thurley",    // MacPro4,1
  "smc-thurley",    // MacPro5,1
  "smc-huronriver", // MacPro6,1

In Topic: Clover test and patches for Polaris GPU

17 November 2016 - 02:56 PM

TESTED: works, but still no difference: VRAM of RX460 and RX480 still NOT correct detected. Still shows "0MB" (sometimes "-1MB").

Status of "ATI Card posted": NonPOSTed



Yes I know!


It's only a refactorized way for a better usage the logic not change.. ;)



In Topic: Clover test and patches for Polaris GPU

17 November 2016 - 12:03 PM

Hi all...


I rewrote the function get_void_size... I think is more clear and correct.. I prefer it instead of nested condition




void get_vram_size(void)
  //check card->vram_size in bytes!
  ati_chip_family_t chip_family = card->info->chip_family;
  card->vram_size = 128 << 20; //default 128Mb, this is minimum for OS
  if (gSettings.VRAM != 0) {
    card->vram_size = gSettings.VRAM;
    DBG("Set VRAM from config=%dMb\n", (INTN)RShiftU64(card->vram_size, 20));
    //    WRITEREG32(card->mmio, RADEON_CONFIG_MEMSIZE, card->vram_size);
  } else {
// ErmaC: mem size workaround for Polaris10/11
if (chip_family >= CHIP_FAMILY_MULLINS) {
      card->vram_size = ((UINT64)REG32(card->mmio, POLARIS_CONFIG_MEMSIZE)) << 20; // ydeng
    } else if (chip_family >= CHIP_FAMILY_CEDAR) {
      // size in MB on evergreen
      // XXX watch for overflow!!!
      card->vram_size = ((UINT64)REG32(card->mmio, R600_CONFIG_MEMSIZE)) << 20;
    } else if (chip_family >= CHIP_FAMILY_R600) {
      card->vram_size = REG32(card->mmio, R600_CONFIG_MEMSIZE);
    } else {
      card->vram_size = REG32(card->mmio, RADEON_CONFIG_MEMSIZE);
      if (card->vram_size == 0) {
        card->vram_size = REG32(card->mmio, RADEON_CONFIG_APER_SIZE);
        //Slice - previously I successfully made Radeon9000 working
        //by writing this register
        WRITEREG32(card->mmio, RADEON_CONFIG_MEMSIZE, (UINT32)card->vram_size);
DBG("Set VRAM for %a=%dMb\n", chip_family_name[card->info->chip_family], (INTN)RShiftU64(card->vram_size, 20));
  gSettings.VRAM = card->vram_size;
  DBG("ATI: get_vram_size returned 0x%x\n", card->vram_size);



In Topic: Build_Clover.command, another Script to build standard Clover (or customized)

15 November 2016 - 09:00 PM

Hi Slice, I'm still in bed with hight fever, yet, due to chickenpox and no enough spirit to go downstairs start the PC to made a commit with new edk2. (OMG, chickenpox is really hard and I also look like a raw hamburger)
Can anyone (Needy, ErmaC, STLVNUB..) do it and also increase the version string? (on non test version)

Don't worry Micky1979...
I'm going to push it right now from test script.


edit: DONE
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