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In Topic: Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

22 June 2014 - 01:49 AM

Hello Imaurad!


I hope you have copied gfxutil to /usr(hidden folder)/bin. If not do this. Get access with switchresx to your booted system, open terminal and typ this command:


gfxutil - f display


Please post here the output.


Hope you are not an 10 9.3.


You can use the enclosed files for this. Show-hide (making hidden folders and files visible and hide them als back) put in folder Application, if you don´t have it til no. Gfxutil see above.


Have fun.

Hey there finally had some time, really sorry about not posting the gfxutil output before, I actually did run the command but forgot to post the output.


here it is:

DevicePath = PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)

By the way I am on 10.9.3 but I am using the NVIDIA kexts from 10.9.2 as i heard there we problems with the new drivers, is that a problem?


I think i have 10.9.2 on a usb so i can always reinstall if needed.


On a another note i though that maybe osx wasn't being able to load the VBios for the built in NVidia card, so i extracted it from the main Bios and load it up through clover. It appeared in  System report but not much changed.


Any other ideas?

In Topic: Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

19 June 2014 - 12:17 AM

You might be right well I'm about to do the test right now, I reinstalled maverick to start fresh, I'll get back with the results as soon as i finish them.



So i did a couple of things:


-I tried using your config on clover but there was no change at all.


-I tried it with NVidia web drive still no luck.


-I tried Nvidia web drives alone and the Ultrabay card now actually displays a loaded VBios


I remember once, when doing research on injecting nvidia cards i think i came to a post of AEROS on that ROG laptop you mention, and i added that efi string to a configuration i had and i remembered that it actually affected the integrated NVIDIA card. So i went looking for that config and luckily i found it.


-So i used that config i had and the Built in NVidia card is changed to i think a GTX 680 (Its a bit late)


This is a quick recap, I'll write a better(more detail) post tomorrow with all the ioregs i got after injection and with web drives.


Update 2:

Here are all the files


WebDrives.ioreg - i think this also contains you efi string but it didn't affect any of the devices.


WebDrivesPlusInjected.Ioreg - this has the injected efi string from the config file i had. And changed the built in nvidia card.


and ofcourse the actual config.plist i used.



Here is the actual efi string if anyone else wants to take a look at


On a different note, i wanted to find out to which device was the screen attach to when in SLI mode so first i booted in without the ultra bay card(optimus mode) and the LCD bios path was set to:




When i put-back the ultrabay card and checked the LCD path it was now set to:




And here is the path for each graphics card:





Built in NVidia:



UltraBay Card



So according to Windows Device Property when in Optimus mode the LCD is attached to the HD4600, but when SLI is activated and optimus disabled, the LCD is now attached to the built in NVidia card.


Thus lenovo must have a hardware switch that is activated when the ultrabay card is put in, since SLI doesn't work with optimus, and switches so that the lcd gets connected to the built in card, no?


Wish there was out there more information on how this Nvidia SLI laptops work or what technology they used, it would make this much easier.


Edit:  I forgot to mention that with the Nvidia web drive, it now load the VBios for the ultrabay card, so i guess it means that it is fully operational, ofcourse since its not attached to the LCD nothing is display.


Anyone know how this can happen? how is it that the built in card is not natively detected like the ultrabay card, they are the same model and have the same id and everything.

In Topic: Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

18 June 2014 - 01:29 AM

I actually have clover in a usb and my main hard drive so i can definitely do those test, I'm away from my laptop right now.


The reason i wanted to get the built in NVidia card working instead of the ultrabay one is because according to windows the built in one is connected to the LCD.


I'll report back as soon as i make the test, thanks for taking the time to look into this.

In Topic: Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

17 June 2014 - 07:44 PM

Finally got my replacement phone. 

So i did a darwin dump and an Ioreg(v2.1) for the system.


Anyone know why the system properly detects the ultrabay Nvidia 755m card but not the built in Nvidia 755m card?

In Topic: Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

11 June 2014 - 01:03 AM



File is not readable!!! Please use version 2 of IoRegestryExplorer for the readout.


Have fun.


Damn, I used v3.


My phone broke, and i was using it to log on to the system through vnc to get the ioregs.

I'll have to wait till i get my replacement one as i don't have another device available.

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