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#2362866 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 04 February 2017 - 11:16 PM

Hi all, I'm back, i need more SATA's Model, Vendors and Device ID's with specific IOName from IORegistryExplorer, as for exemple: 9 Series - Intel - pci8086,8c82.This will help me to add them onto the InjectorKext to be more compatible. Cordially, ammoune78! Thank you Ammoune for everything so far. After some struggle I was able to boot without any DSDT and SSDT to my backup partition and create an ioreg file and a more time consuming task was to run Ubuntu live for terminal output.Anyway both of them are now in attachment. Hi murvold! Your DSDT will be ready for tomorrow if everything goes well.

#2339259 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 24 December 2016 - 08:30 PM

Thank you Ammoune for everything so far. After some struggle I was able to boot without any DSDT and SSDT to my backup partition and create an ioreg file and a more time consuming task was to run Ubuntu live for terminal output. Anyway both of them are now in attachment. Unfortunately a short circuit choosed our home and I end up with two PSUs as well as other home equipment, still don't know if other parts are touched! So i now walk around here and there using my iPhone. I don't know when, but until i get ready, i can post the DSDT! Cordially ammoune78

#2338463 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 22 December 2016 - 11:13 PM

 Hello Guys ! The fisrt problem is when i want to boot on this USB drive, Ozmosis don't see the key under the boot entries. I have try to reset NVRAM (alt+cmd+P+R), reboot, but impossible to boot on the install drive. the second problem : the ethernet card appears always in En1, and the BCM94360CD adapter in En0).  The first problem is in your OzmosisDefaults, must be csr-active-config=128 instead of 1. DisableAtiInjection=true, DisableVoodooHda=true, DisableNvidiaInjection=false, DisableIntelInjection=false! here's with both raw and plist  OzmosisDefaults plist & raw.zip 2.84KB 10 downloadsThe second problem your rom have 2 incorrectly injected  ffs files, which you can simply inject them with cecekpawon Kext2Ffs port to windows you will not have PE32 image with invalid DOS signature.Your DSDT have in: Scope (_SB.PCI0.RP06) a Method _PRW that need (0x09, 0x04), going to: Scope (_SB.PCI0.GLAN) you will have in method _PRW that need (0x0...

#2338025 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 22 December 2016 - 12:26 AM

As i know the npci=0x3000 is used for newest graphics cards, but as I said, the most important thing is to boot Linux and get the lspci-nn and a IORegistryExplorer dump without booting with patched DSDT is needed to make it easier and safer. With my Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2 it can boot without VoodooTSCSync, but yours maybe, anyway you can try adding it to the ROM and don't boot with any aml except RampageDev one for devices! Another thing coming is to make an Sierra USB with installmedia command, and boot to it, because as i've seen you have a lot of kexts allready installed so to avoit kexts kicking do that! In my experience with my Extreme 6 board, the black screen and kernel panic has gone with DSDT edit and boot args!

#2337525 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 20 December 2016 - 10:51 PM

I'm quite a noob when it comes to patching DSDT-s and SSDT-s. I looked at my DSDT and the PR section was not present, almost like it is written in another specification. Attached my files, maybe you can give it a look  ^_^ I forgot to download the File from OS X, this is why you will see: 2 Downloads one from Windows one the second from OS X, and I forgot to don't download it! Sorry so I can't touch it without an LSPCI -nn from linux for Device ID's and iORegistryExplorer dump for where the Devices are placed. Then I can go to the devices and put the patch, remember that putting DSDT inside bios have to support both OS X and Windows to avoid BlueScreens. i only use the IORegistryExplorer from AppleDevelopper, download it, open it and simply save file as then upload it, for lspci -nn just from Ubuntu live DVD, and once on the desktop open up terminal and write lspci -nn then copy the result to txt file and your done! Anyway: Try this Patched DSDT with SS...

#2337320 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 20 December 2016 - 03:02 PM

1- If you plan to use it for Yosemite kext-dev-mode must be added in Defaults.plist.2- If you plan to use NWebDriver nvda_drv=1 ok3- You forgot to replace your MacPro 5,1 S/V:MP51.88Z.007F.B03.1010071432 with MP61.88Z.0116.B04.1312061508 for example and the productID also, BoardVersion and HardwareAdress with other BaseBoardSerial from another Generated Serial..4- Need to delete Firmware Features as they cover only MP3,1 and Stock QUO Rom.5- AAPL,ig-platform-id, DisableAtiInjection. The ROM Attached is an Backup from running system generated from Bios or @Bios! I've made an fresh new bios for your board from 1.0 Rev, try it with this just modified Defaults plist:  X79UPAF7Rev1,0 + Defaults.zip 4.4MB 4 downloads It's better for you to check the version number of your ITE Super I/O Chip in your Mobo and it's near the Rev:1.0 under Designed in Taipei, then extract from LpcSensors the raw image in raw or plist and open it with PlistEditor Pro or other on...

#2337246 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 20 December 2016 - 11:46 AM

Murvold i think that you didn't read my first reply about X79 with Aigors, black screen is normal, because you should have an already DSDT that contains GFX0 and SATA with at least LPCB, so try my last Injector 1.1, make your DSDT in EFI\Acpi\Load. If you already have SSDT for your CPU put it with DSDT, make an MacPro 6.1 SMBios, set the DisableVoodooHda to false, if you have Nvidia card also set disableNvidia to false, in boot-args add npci=0x2000! Without good DSDT you can't reach desktop with this F*****g X79 chipset on Ozmosis! My iPhone always do corrections by itself so you will find some unknown phrases!

#2336339 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 18 December 2016 - 12:08 PM

Here's the second one:  Injector kext(v1.1).zip 3.81KB 16 downloads, added Marvell chip and 2nd Intel X79. Device ID.I still need more, in order to have big support list, here's an example on how to post the desired ID's to be injected:Board Series: 7 SeriesVendor Name: IntelVendor and Device ID: 8086,1e02 Here's  OZMOSIS 167X-MASS.zip 866.15KB 22 downloads original Ozmosis Staffs with updated Injector.ffs and patched Ozmosis.ffs with Sierra support from cecekpawon post!

#2335083 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 15 December 2016 - 10:19 PM

@ cecekpawon! Hi cecek, i forgot where you posted an Ozmosis Logo, i've googled it and searched in this topic but didn't finded it! Here's another one:  OZMOSIS.zip 77.11KB 16 downloads It's in psd format!

#2334480 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 14 December 2016 - 11:52 PM

Hi, i have same mobo Asrock x79 Extreme 6, can you share your bios with me?  I do not use Ozmosis for it anymore, one of other stability's problem is, it have an Nuvoton NCT6776D and in LPCSensorsKext it was not, it only have ITE8XXX-X for GIGABYTE Boards as well, so you will have to take FakeSMC that will make some boot errors with some of it's plugins and edit LPCSensors by adding support for Nuvoton NCT6776D, better for you to go to GitHub requesting some help from kozlek to add it! You will have to edit DSDT or SSDT for SATA to be non-external with some InjectorKext change and GFX0, believe me you will  :wallbash:  :help:  :weight_lift: for it to work! Here it is, with Ozmosis support for Sierra and InjectorKext edited to IntelX79Series pci8086,1d02 LpcSensorsKext also Added Nuvoton NCT6776D, not sure if it will work because of executable problem.  I forgot to let you do an OzmosisDefaults because this one will not work for Sie...

#2334437 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 14 December 2016 - 10:29 PM

Thank you, now I can dig into trying Ozmosis again, as the biggest problem was with only 1 RAM slot working :) a few questions if you don't mind. Do I still need dart=0 if I disable VT-d in BIOS settings? And what does the -xcpm exacly do? At the moment I boot Clover without this bootarg... If VT-d disabled in bios, you will not need it for the -xcpm as I know it resolve some problems with ram not all! But I think with your board you will not need many boot args as it is GIGABYTE. Idid not yet used the AppleALC for my ASRock board with Ozmosis, but it work perfectly with Clover!

#2333888 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 14 December 2016 - 12:36 AM

Hi Kylon, it's not only smbios data, but there are others value that need to be added For example correct AAPL number for HD 4600, several boot-args, enable or not VodooHda or intel injection, Nvidia injection, ATI injection. Tomorrow, if  You have spare time i can write a simple document with all options and value and a example of Defaults,plist. About SMBIOS i saw other data more than serial number, Mac-Type and so on, for exampe hardware address, ( Mac-address of the card,)or processor serial and so on, i dont know if are mandatory to correct working with ozmosis. Thank you for your offer   Yes if they are not present in Defaults.plist, then can't reach desktop, I had this problem when I only modified the OzmosisDefaults from QUO-X-MASS.ROM not the patched one, after flashing it won't boot from OS X HD and shows Interdiction Logo instead of Apple's one. Anyone got Ozmosis working on a X79 chipset?It worked for my ASRock X79 EXTREME 6, but USB's 3.0 ports...

#2332452 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 11 December 2016 - 10:57 AM

2 ways are here to have it workFirst one on the bios:1 - Download UEFITool from the first post2 - Open your bios file with UEFITool3 - Click the triangle in the left side until you see 3 modules4 - Click by the same way on the Second module5 - Continue clicking until you see Too much modules6 - Go down until you see OzmosisDefaults7 - Now click two times on its triangle and you will see Raw8 - Right click on this raw choose from the menu Replace as is9 - Choose your OzmosisDefaults.raw and Save your BiosImage. reset nvram and flash your Mobo Second one easiest way but don't format your Efi partition to have it work continuouslyYou only have to rename the OzmosisDefaults....raw to Defaults.plist and that's all  Best thing is to try the defaults.plist on efi partition with different setting until done, if all appear to be ok, then rename it as OzmosisDefaults.raw, put it in bios and go flash it!

#2331060 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 08 December 2016 - 10:42 AM

No help for me?  How can I help you, if you do only what you want! You need angels help, and even if, they must put you a complete anesthesia to come helping you, stay on earth my friend. More than that, no hardware signature! You have to know that trying something is just to try, and to know if the changes made are going to do the difference! Your screenshots shows that there is no SSDT = Unknown CPU + ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin, and a KernelPanic! Use my complete bios with it's OzmosisDefaults, download SSDT generator SSDTPRGEN from Pike R Alpha git make your own, download the same Haswell dmg from Rampage Dev website go to folder Step 3 Find your Mobo from it's chipset folder got to Nvidia or AMD folder take the SSDTput it in Efi\Oz\Acpi\Load:SSDT.aml from Rampage + rename the CPU SSDT to SSDT-1.aml put it there!Do what you want with your USB Stick or OS X!

#2329341 Ozmosis

Posted by ammoune78 on 04 December 2016 - 08:20 PM

I'm planning to do an From A to Z simple guide for Ozmosis Bios mod, and I will make a Repository for Gigabyte bios's, but only Boards that have enough space for Ozmosis Staffs! But support will always be here, it's just an how to step by step, as the one in the First post no body read it, I don't know why! You have to disable VT-d from bios settings, reset your nvramboot first with your GTX 750, unless you have installed NvidiaWebDriver, then you can add nvda_drv=1!If only one reboot after flash, it's ok and normal, each time after nvram reset Ozmosis will boot OS X after restart! You will also need a proper DSDT for your board, or if you aren't familiar with it, you can only get the SSDT from Rampage Dev website, it will help you booting without wasting your time! Or wait a moment I will make a DSDT for your board.

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