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22 November 2014 - 02:00 PM

Yes. my Ethernet is Intel 82579. and AppleIntelE1000e.ffs is enough. It works after I deleted the disablerKext and InjectorKext. I don't know if I need these two kexts. Thanks.


Disablerkext is used for Snow Leopard Retail installation and InjectorKext is used for SATA Ports, you can use both Disabler and Injector, you'll no problem with them!

In Topic: Ozmosis

21 November 2014 - 09:01 AM

Hi Ammoune78


Could you shared how to patch IONetworkingFamily? My motherboard cannot get IP when I put both AppleIntelE1000e and IONetworkingFamily into the bios and boot from the recovery partition. Thanks.


Hi, excuse me friend because i replied to late!

For my experience with Z87X-UD4H, it's when i put only AppleIntel.....ffs the recovery mode won't work, but when i put both AppleIntelE...ffs and IONetworkingFamilly.ffs all work without any addition of kext. But for you i think it's different because your Ethernet port have a IntelĀ® 82579, so you have to add only AppleIntelE.....ffs.

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15 November 2014 - 01:26 AM

Hi Folks, someone over there can explain me the meaning of this parts of new var in default.plist? 

Changing AcpiLoader Mode

  Add The Following Values Together For Default Acpi Loader Mode

  ACPI_LOADER_MODE_DISABLE        0x00000000
  ACPI_LOADER_MODE_ENABLE         0x00000001
  ACPI_LOADER_MODE_DUMP           0x00000002
  ACPI_LOADER_MODE_WINDOWS        0x00000008


  To Change

  sudo nvram 1F8E0C02-58A9-4E34-AE22-2B63745FA101:AcpiLoaderMode=0x45

Maybe i can't correct understand the function of ACPI_LOADER_MODE

Many thanks 


I'm not sur, but maybe, what i understood from this part, it's like an ACPI tables loader switching mode:

Darwin if you use OS X

Windows if you use Windows to avoid ACPI_ERROR

Legacy to use Both OS X and Windows

If you haven't already patched the ACPI tables for DSDT and other SSDT's

It's like 4X4 cars, use 4X4 for RAID, and 4x2 or 2x2 for city's! 

In Topic: Ozmosis

14 November 2014 - 09:09 PM

The King . i am a serius man and no noob self defens ...so please relax...end of story


attachicon.gifSchermata 2014-11-14 alle 20.00.47.png


Delete your curent UEFITool and redownload another one. For some reason that i still don't know the latest version don't work for me, i prefer you to download 0.17.4 first then if working! good, if no 0.18.7!

In Topic: Ozmosis

14 November 2014 - 03:29 PM


Dont work


:huh: Why don't work, for me it's working! 

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