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In Topic: Ozmosis

Today, 03:13 AM

That fix didn't help with my sleep problem cause i don't use sleep at all [ in fact I disabled it from the Syspref, electricity is cheap here, so it's not an issue and that's also a desktop, I use WhatEverGreen and Lilu to Fix my GPU issue, But when there is no DSDT sleep works and also shutdown works, But I need a DSDT to fix my USB 3.0 Problem. 


اخى الكريم افهم انك عربى ، ولكن هذه لم تحل مشكلة الــ Sleep لدى ولكنها كانت فعاله لحل مشكلة الاغلاق وانى اضطر لاستخدام DSDT لحل مشكلة الـ USB 3.0


For your board you can have everything working like charm, as simple as doing simple patches for EHC1, EHC2 and XHC devices, graphics and all things, except that MATS table that can break the boot process. Today I'll post it!

In Topic: B85M-D3H Ethernet and Audio Built-in Failed (Ozmosis)

Today, 03:07 AM

You can download the GenAppleALC.sh from cecekpawon GitHub repository and use it to fix the Kernel Panic on the boot while AppleALC is in Efi/..../Common folder. Because the Plugin in the PinConfig.kext cause the Kernel Panic!


Thanks and enjoy your macOS!  

In Topic: AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

so after a lot of scratching my head trying to understand what you were trying to say in that documentation based on what's in PlatformsT.xml.zlib, I finallyyyyyy managed to get the manual selection working :D :D :D


thanks so much everyone for helping me <3 you all have incredible patience


You're welcome my MAN, i'm a simple user, but here there are masters that can help people, you was with Mr Toleda  :yes:

In Topic: Ozmosis

Yesterday, 06:16 PM

I used the one labeled Shutdown Fix v2


Did not fixed the problem, maybe i did something wrong, but generally I don't fix warnings only errors, then i start patching devices. May I ask you if you can patch my virgin DSDT, if you can do it, here's the DSDT decompiled with iasl5.0A, in this DSDT there's not fix or patch yet!


Attached File  DSDT.dsl.zip   41.8KB   1 downloads

In Topic: Ozmosis

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

never mind it, I fixed few minutes ago while i was searching the thread for similar issues, I had to just apply DSDT patch from RehabMan Repo, I use RehabMan's FakeSMC.kext.

What kind of patch did you used, it may help fix my sleep issue, same as yours for shutdown!

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