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04 March 2017 - 12:53 AM




In Topic: Ozmosis

04 March 2017 - 12:25 AM

"Changing AcpiLoader Mode


Add The Following Values Together For Default Acpi Loader Mode



To Change

sudo nvram 1F8E0C02-58A9-4E34-AE22-2B63745FA101:AcpiLoaderMode=0x45"




I've posted this question about 5 months ago but no one answered!

In Topic: New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

26 February 2017 - 11:04 PM

Guys, I've seen too much posts about CPUpm problems, and making new SSDT's without thinking that the problem is inside the DSDT of this QUO Board. If you take a look at it, you will see an second Scope (_PR) which is the SSDT for the 3770 series CPU.


Note that you have to delete this Scope if you do not have this CPU installed in your Board or replace it by the SSDT of your installed CPU!


And I think, this is one of the problems that cause instability for your Boards. 




That was the wrong video Im afraid was an old ga p35 something mobo that restarted every 3 second I have on youtube too. The QUO mobo do not do that but I do suspect that it is the Bios chip thats messed up.


After a quick look it looks like it is not a very simple task so maybe its best if I can find a repair shop round here. I mean on some motherboards it looks like you have to remove the bios chip anyway to reflash it so Im thinking maybe I should email GA and ask if they might be able to program a chip with the original bios that I can buy and just replace the broken chip.


Edit: Maybe its not so hard anyway cause I probably can solder it of the board using a bend/shaped paper clip I heat up with a solder iron cause I do not think it is safe to use a heat gun on that area of the motherboard. I found a video on youtube how to do it.


Once again thanks for the tips. 


Sorry, i didn't think that you shutted down your system, I've heard the CPU FAN running at maximum but I didn't see that you shutted down your system! But if it was, you will have one of those problems:

1 CPU briked

2 Motherboard CPU Socket Pins problem

3 Bios (I mean UEFI Firmware) but not the Bios chip

4 Graphics Card


But if you have another CPU, you can try it or just take a look at Motherboard CPU Socket Pins which sometimes are moved and cause this problem of black screen if no CPU or Motherboard CPU Socket Pins problem, change the external Graphics Card, if same result then go for Bios flashing with SPI, you don't have to go to the GIGABYTE or QUO, but just buy a new SPI from Ebay which it will cost you about 4 Euros or go flash Main and Backup Bios chip at anywhere shop.


I'm working in a Computer Hardware Shop, and I sometimes meat dose problems with my clients.

In Topic: New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

26 February 2017 - 10:03 PM

Thanks very much for the tips.


I will investigate/read up on how to do it cause it would be really cool if I can get it back up running its way to good to end like this. Maybe I will do a live broadcast when I do it to this thread if that is ok with the mods. Ill try to give notice a little ahead if people wanna watch or give me tips cause they got a chat room on youtube live channels too.


To bad I already ordered new hardware though lol but I wanted to get new gear anyway though so its ok. Specially the gtx 1080 looks very interesting (for my videos and Davinci Resolve) and hopefully some time not to far from now it will work in a hackmac too. So Im looking forward to get a chance to see how the card works in a PC running win10 and hopefully compare with the same computer running as a hackmac.

I'm pretty sure, because your board keep rebooting each 3 second and you can not see something at screen! This was my problem with this Mobo.


just solder your bios chip, put it in programmer, download the original QUO AOS bios, run the flasher, wait a minute or two, solder the chip and you're done. In case you don't need wasting your time, find an Technical Service shop, give it with the bios ROM from QUO in USB, and let it do it for you. 

In Topic: Ozmosis

26 February 2017 - 04:12 PM

Sorry for the questions, I asked here because with the clover worked perfectly, only with the ozmosis not, as the occurrence with The-King was my lack of attention. I suggest opening a topic with questions related to the customizations of ozmosis, what do you think? Because its operation is different from the others.


No problem here, i answered you because i already had the same problem with AppleALC and I talked with vit9696 about it, and he told me to delete other unneeded codecs and layouts ID and other unneeded settings for it to work! I've builded it a couple of time without success, but 3 months ago i did it and finally it worked but with the help of cecekpawon yod-GenAppleALC.sh "thanks again cecek" because Ozmosis doesn't read Plugins folder of the kexts converted in ffs because it read only the executable file and it's Info.plist.


The problem is: the Topic customization of Ozmosis, no need it because it's here and here, and it's good job from xpamamadeus, even if he doesn't have time, this topic is for answering! It's all about sharing knowledge, as The KiNG said for the Ozmosis can continue it's way, @ everyone that have knowledge this is it's contribution for Ozmosis!
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