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11 September 2017 - 07:29 PM

Add: nvda_drv=0 into that boot args in the OzmosisDefaults.plist

In Topic: Ozmosis

11 September 2017 - 04:02 PM

Yes SIP also, cpus=1 if only one CPU installed, try this one: Attached File  OzmosisDefaults.zip   1.58KB   11 downloads

In Topic: Ozmosis

11 September 2017 - 02:00 PM

Thanks, but it happens even if i use macpro6.1 , as far you know, is there some connection with wrong smbios and missing reading of bootargs? 

Many thanks 

If always black screen, this is because SATA is not recognized, you have to put patched one in the ESP/Oz or try injecting in BIOS IOAHCIBlockstorage injector instead of Injector.kext, then try other things I've said!

In Topic: Ozmosis

10 September 2017 - 08:54 PM

it seems that ozmosis ignore boot args, i have set user interface, timeout 10 , -v amd npci=2000 but still stuck on [PciConfiguration Begin]
Any hints? 



It seems that you are disabling NvidiaInjection in OzmosisDefaults and using iMac121.1 SMBios, try enabling NvividiaInjection with npci=0x3000 and using MacPro6.1 SMBios with cpus=2 if x2 CPUs, again if no Web driver use Nvda_drv=0 and 1 if Web driver used.  

Hi, I would ask how is ozmosis in High Sierra, and in general if it gets update over time.

I used ozmosis back on Mavericks days (and I were very happy with it) but when I took the r7 260x it had some trouble with ozmosis (black screen on boot) and I switched to Clover.

Now is a while since my last update (I'm stuck with El Capitan on my main hackintosh), and honestly I'm unhappy with Clover: sometime it doesn't do what I choose on config.plist.

It is becoming more and more complicated over time.


The motherboard I'm using is the GA-Z87X-UD4H, that needs only two kext and patched dsdt/ssdt. 

Any advice? 


Try enabling AtiInjection from Defaults.plist with the FrameBuffer you are trying to use, disable NvividiaInjection from the Defaults.plist but you still have to patch the PEGP Device in the DSDT.

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18 August 2017 - 02:51 AM

How can you link the OEM Splashscreen to the GUI and use it as background? I've never seen that and the Gigabyte Splashscreen doesn't get displayed either. So I don't get what you're saying or I'm just missunderstanding you...
The GUID I was talking about is for the pointer image which can be found in the Theme file. That's also why you can't find the ID in the UEFI.


My answer for you is a question! Why from the OzmosisGUI and when you double click on BIOS Chip icon it takes you to UEFI Settings after a reboot, or double click on HermitShell for example it takes you to it? How can it be possible, now you'll not misunderstand me!  :wink_anim:  ^_^

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