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Today, 12:49 AM

Please how can i get ALC887 working with sierra, thanks!

In Topic: Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

02 September 2016 - 02:51 PM

Hi any way to dump ACPI tables with Ozmosis? Didn't know how to By AcpiLoaderMode: i did it with AcpiLoaderMode:02 in nvram but notting happened.

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01 September 2016 - 02:26 AM

Problem solved for me all things are working perfectly for now!



I've patched my DSDT and SSDT's

Patch used are:

OSDW, _INI, PINI, _OSI, mini DTGP, "GFX0 DSM, PEGP DSM no renaming here", MCHC, LPCB, IMEI, GLAN, "only XHC no renaming for EHC1 EHC2 and all ports are fully working", HDEF, SAT0 renaming to SATA and deleting SAT1 from both SSDT's and DSDT, SBUS and all devices with mini DTGP, DSM and OSDW methods. Result of my first stable system with this Z97M-DS3H board, for both OS X and Windows 10 Pro x64, and directly injected to bios!



In my opinion the only thing that you have to do is set the bios:

F7: for Optimised defaults

VT-d: Disable

IGFX if enabled: 32 or 64Mb

XHC: Auto

Boot OpRom: for both UEFI only

Save it to profile and Reboot!

In Topic: Ozmosis

09 August 2016 - 12:32 AM

Hi guys! I have big problem with ALC887 and all USB port to be working! Yes, i need help please. When the HDEF is in SSDT, then it work, but the problem with SSDT is when it's shutting down or in restart it takes long time to do it and USB ports work. Back to patched DSDT with all devices, Some USB's ports don't work with and without USB injection in DSDT or SSDT, and sound also and no audio kext work at all! And the devices injected in DSDT or SSDT with DTGP method and DSM aren't listed in PCI devices at System Information in OS X. Please anyone to help me, thanks!

In Topic: Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

05 August 2016 - 09:16 PM

Oh! Have I misunderstood? I've seen a lot of stuff here and other places regarding X79. I haven't seen anything about X99, which I appreciate.

@ bengal stripes

X79 will work with Oz, but you have to edit InjectorKext for AHCI to work, again Graphics, sound and USB ports! 

The best thing is, to upload lspci -nn as .txt from Ubuntu live CD or USB, needed for Device ID's, and need also IORegistryExplorer dump needed for appropriate Devices place.

Because of boot devices problem!

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