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Today, 01:35 AM

I might have to try your bios out becuase I'm not sure if even if I correct the MATS table out of bounds error I think I will still have a failure to boot the system as my final installation of High Sierra stalls out after repetitive 'Invalid Firewire Guid 0000000000' errors which Im not sure how to fix. There is not option in my bios to disable firewire however I found the firewire VIA modules in my bios and I can drop them if I want because I don't use firewire. Fwiw my working Sierra installation that boots also displays that error message on verbose listing boot mode (which takes much more time to boot but it eventually loads though much much faster without verbose).Anyhow I'll look for that file you made. Does it have an updated modded DSDT file with corrected device names?





All I could find from google searching your old posts is a download link from a german site:




Does that look like your old bios?





Here's: In this topic, link refreshed

In Topic: Ozmosis

Today, 12:36 AM

Ammoune thank you so much for that write up. You did a great job explaining in more detail than most. Thank you.


Also special thanks to RacerMan for his blog. Very interesting..




First time I did it with 8 series Z87X-UD4H, it was simple because it have Bios switch button, now with this Z97M-DS3H it was complicated because of many raw and Freeform modules, I just patched DSDT, second step after many months SaSsdt, and before yesterday i just renamed H_EC to EC. The grouped aml files was 5 aml: DSDT, SaSsdt, IsctTabl, PtidDevc and There_Rvp, all these steps was done in a year, because of no switch button on this motherboard, I did it step by step, and each step take 4 months  :D


But now, finally, the job is done, with the help of FredWst Thanks, et Merci  :wink_anim: 

I forgot to said, there's an old repository I've made, you can try this bios for Z87X-UD5H but you still have to replace some Ozm stuffs, like Ozmosis, OzmosisDefaults, BtrFs and others. It was in the oldest posts in this topic, I don't know the page number but it's still there!

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Yesterday, 11:53 PM

Last night I pulled all my header files and other aml files through booting with F4 + Clover. I'm still a little confused on how to make these edits and not sure where to find that post by FredWst you referred to. Is what you propose just like editing the dsdt files? Havent done that in a few years but will study up on that again. I mean I have a DSDT file i made a few years ago following naming conventions as I understood back then. Maybe I could start there on the efi folder that Ozmosis loads and if that works then use Dsdt2bios?


PS: I understand this takes more advanced skill set but interested in learning. Thanks.



The steps are simple, you just have to be patient, from the first post look at the steps 8 and 9 it's already written:


8.) DSDT modifiyng by Fred

9.) SSDT replace by Fred


Ok the process need you to open your bios file with UEFITool, expand the Volume number 2 and to search inside all Freeform modules that contain raw form compressed or not, it doesn't mater. Extract does raw files as .aml in UEFITool by clicking on Extract Body, select extension to extract as and choose: "all files" then save as 1.aml, create an folder that have the guid name of this module from where you just extracted this raw file, repeat this step until the last raw file.


Now open does aml files, one by one with MacIASL and click on Edit from menu bar and Find, (Assuming that we have to rename GFX0 to IGPU, B0D3 to HDAU, PEGP to GFX0 and maybe H_EC to EC) find GFX0, B0D3 if you want "H_EC", keep only aml files that contain does names others not needed, now group them into one folder add there DSDT.aml, you can extract it with Dsdt2Bios by Fred from AmiBoardInfo.bin.


Download the attached zipped folder below that contain iasl 5, Decompile ACPI.txt and refs.txt, put the aml files in this folder or put this three files into created folder that contain your aml files!


Open Terminal, type cd "drag and drop the folder that contain aml files and iasl and refs.txt" press enter

Paste this command:./iasl -da -d -fe refs.txt *.aml, open refs.txt copy the content, and from the Terminal press Enter

It will begin the decompilation of aml files, you shouldn't have error, if so you're done

​Now you can begin to patch these .dsl files and rename devices, save your files as .aml from MacIASL with ACPI Specification 5.0A, then rename the .aml to .raw except DSDT that will be inserted into the AmiBoardInfo, but for others you have to insert them into their right modules by clicking on replace body and choose the right raw file for the right module.

It's ok save the rom file and go flash your MoBo!



If you don't want to use OSDW delete it from the refs.txt, i use it for windows

SaSsdt is the SSDT that contain Graphics section, so you can patch there your device and rename it

No need modifying iasl code by deleting errors, just find to fix errors and no need fixing warnings and remarks, keep it as is

​I use the real device id's for my board, if I emulate the same Mac machine model


Attached File  ACPI.zip   337.76KB   4 downloads

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Yesterday, 10:28 PM

[quote name="ammoune78" post="2451480" timestamp="1498438738"]1 - You have to break the LENOVO.ROM security to be able to flash your ROM
2 - Then find out some modules that have biggest size to be compressed
3 - As said in the ChangeLog of the XMASS release, added Skylake CPU's support for testing
OZMOSIS BETA Features/Test: Skylake CPU support
After doing all these steps bellow, you should have some extra work to make system stable!
Thanks for the reply mate,

How do you know if it has security or not, and doesn't all bioses have security even Assrock and gigabyte ??

How do you rank the board manufacturers for ozmosis ? Gigabyte > Asus > Assrock ??

I am asking this since I can't get hold of used z97 boards so I have to go new with z170/270 or H110/270 or the B250 boards which are quite cheap.

Also can you please point me to ozmosis main link to follow updates, I found many pages but don't know which one is the official page!

Again thank you for the help and effort you put in this project


Firstable, this topic is made by xpamamadeus, secondable I'm just user as all others, thirdable this project is made by QUO and The HermitCrabs Lab, and many coders, all credits goes to them!


you have to follow the first post to know how the Bios.ROM can be modified, then when you open Bios.ROM with UEFITool, you'll have a message that tell you that the ROM can't be saved if modified, 10 series and 20 series except some 20 series ASRock


This is experimented by the person itself, but for me GIGABYTE!


Some users have trouble with Ozmosis on their Skylake or Kabylake builds.


Main link, Last Ozmosis update by this Braveheart  :D


My opinion for you, if you really want Ozmosis, try it on 7, 8, 9 Series chipset Motherboards from Gigabyte or other manufacturers, or standby if another Ozmosis release will come to fully support Sky and Kaby CPU's or Open Core, or maybe yes "New Baby Born:wub:


Take your time before buying step  :yes:

In Topic: Ozmosis

Yesterday, 10:18 AM


IM151_0207_B26? Thanks


No it's:

Boot ROM Version: IM151.0207.B00
SMC Version (system): 2.22f16

system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | grep -i "Boot"


My Hack:

Boot ROM Version: IM151.0207.B26

SMC Version (system): 2.22f16

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