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enabling Sound with HDMI? Is there any possibility?

13 April 2009 - 07:10 AM

Good Morning guys,
So far my Hackmack performs really good, (see Signature) but i wonder if there could be a way to enable Audiooutput for HDMI? I know that real Macs don't have HDMI, but perhaps some kind of remapping of the Pins to forward the data or something like that... Could this be done?

It's one of the two last things not working, the other is Backlightcontrol modding DSDT or IOGraphics didn't help me further than showing the control but changing it changes nothing.

I hope someone there is able to answer this question, and i really hope there is some kind of "yes" ;)

Thanks in advance,

modifizierte Kexte zusammenfügen?

09 March 2009 - 01:41 PM

ist es möglich, dass ich alle meine modifizierten/extra kexte nehme und als Plugins in einem großen unterbringe? Sinn der Sache ist lediglich, dass ich so falls mal was hinüber geht, ich nur "einen" kext reinklatschen muss um alle Probleme zu beheben, anstadt eventuell wieder einen zu vergessen, etc^^ Also einen "R560fix.kext" z.b, in dem ich VoodooPower, Battery, AudioHDA, etc unterbringe.


Problems with Backlight

04 February 2009 - 11:44 AM

I've got a Samsung R560 Aura, with the help of some other *thanks Dan1234 and Xanderon* I managed to get an almost perfect Hackintosh working. The only Problem remaining is that there seem's to be no way of getting BacklightControl to work. DSDT was modded:
Device (PNLF)
			Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002"))
			Name (_CID, "backlight")
			Name (_UID, 0x0A)
			Name (_STA, 0x0B)
was inserted, and Grafics are inserted via DSDT, too. Backlight.kext is loaded and I'm able to change the keys for it in Systemconfig under Keyboard Shortcuts. But neither this nor the Autocontrol of Apple does a thing to change it. If i dim it via Bios it's dimmed, but thats only about 50%, with Windows i can dimm it to 10% and below, if a don't do it that way it stays fullpower all the time, even when I am on battery.

Anybody got another Idea what i might have to do to get this working?

Please help,

Tripleboot Windows 7, Vista, OSX, working

19 January 2009 - 04:03 PM

I installed Vista, Windows 7 and OSX on my GPT drive, which works, but for cosmetics i've got a problem:

When i start my Computer, it loads Chameleon, which gives me the choice between OSX, Vista, Windows 7 and my data-partition. If i choose OSX, it loads, if i choose data or Windows 7, nothing happens (is it possible to hide the data partition for Chameleon?), and when i choose Vista, the Vistabootloader pops up and gives me the choice between Vista and 7...

Can someone tell me how to change this, so that i have either Vista with 3 Options or Chameleon where 7 works and Vista boots straight to Vista? (Last one being my favorite)

Thanks beforehand,

After (more or less) successfull boot, ahci in bios off by itself!

03 December 2008 - 09:18 PM

Good evening,
I managed to install Retail OSX 10.5.5 on my Samsung R560 using Boot132. So far i can only boot with cpus=1 (flashing at the grey Applelogo) and -x but thats a problem in itself, the most pressing is, that everytime i booted OSX i have to manually turn on AHCI in my Bios. When it's off, OSX won't boot, but when it's on, it gets disabled during bootup.
I'm booting now, using an USB-Stick with 132 Iso.

Another Question is, whether i'm able to insert GFX strings or the DSDT file into the boot iso/stick, and if so, how? :)
And i need a kext from the new MacBookPros to help recognize the DDR3 Ram.
Is there a way to log the Messages appearing when doing -x boot? some of those are to fast for me to read.

Hoping someone is able to help me,

My Speccs:
- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Prozessor P8400 2,26 GHz, 3 MB Cache, 1066 MHz FSB
- 4 GB (2x 2GB) 1066 MHz DDR3
- Chipsatz Intel ICH9-M PM45
- NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT - 1280MB TurboCache™ 512 MB GDDR3 Speicher (dediziert) + max. 768 MB TurboCache™ (shared)
- 15,4" WXGA 1280x800
- Realtek ALC262 Sound (internal Speakers, internal Mic, external Headphones, external Mic)
- Marvel Yukon2 Ethernet 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
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