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Safari keeps causing freezes, Can't update nVidia drivers

27 May 2015 - 02:51 AM

hi guys,

build is a Sandy Bridge setup with a Geforce 560ti, running 10.10.3 and clover with no real problems up until lately.
Now, Safari is causing my computer to lock up intermittently, sometimes it will log out to login screen, other times it will hang all together.
Furthermore, nVidia advise me that my old drivers aren't compatible and have rolled back to OS X Web Drivers. Updating the drivers causes my build to KP after reboot.
Unsure how to approach this and any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

10.10.2 - Latest Nvidia Web Drivers KP

09 March 2015 - 10:41 PM

Hi guys,


Running clover for 10.10.2. Install was perfect, upgraded to 10.2 without any issue but Apple defaulted to its drivers because of compatibility, which was fine. However, when nVidia said new drivers were available I updated and now I keep getting KP's. 


How can I remove these drivers from Terminal without knowing exactly what it installed? Or should I try to boot with disabling them and if so, what flags should I boot with.


Very upset as I had no idea a web driver update could bring down a stable install.

Realtek 8111e capped at 10mb on 10.10

14 November 2014 - 10:22 AM

Hi guys,

As title says - My usual download speeds have been ~ 100mb, but for some reason i can't seem to get full power on the 10.10. Has anyone else encountered this?

I am just using RealtekRTL8111/8168 kext. Have tried RTL81xx as well. I have also tried adjusting MAC settings in Network (I see in Hardware it is on Automatic with Speed at 10baseT/UTP - this could explain why it is capped at 10mbps not 100mbps like normal. I have tried to change to manual and put it to 1000base but it makes no difference.



using Clover to boot. Should I be putting anything specific in my DSDT or in Clover? I have never experienced this before.


Thanks in advance.

560ti - unstable nVidia with Clover 10.10

04 November 2014 - 10:54 PM

Hi guys,


As the topic states, a clean install is causing my GFX to intermittently bug out and crash the computer (mouse will move but computer unrespomnsive), or log me out of OS X, and sometimes crash altogether.


I tried nVidia web drivers but keep getting 'Device Not Supported' errors and can't install.


At the moment i am using nVidia Inject on the Graphics tab of Clover Configurator. I am worried if I take this off (Because I usually booted with GraphicsEnabler=Yes) my monitor will switch off on boot. I installed CUDA drivers but these didn't help.


Any advice greatly appreciated. My DSDT is clean without any specific GFX inserts.

Clover - Z68x-UD5-B3 - Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

20 October 2014 - 12:09 PM

Hi guys,

I can get Clover to boot to main screen (Most of the time, occasionally I get what looks like a debug menu), but when I try the installer I get the "yosemite missing bluetooth controller transport" KP.

Anyone have any idea where to start?

I am using Z68x-UD5-B3, Bios F6, using Tony's DSDT database file. I am using the kexts and instructions based http://www.tonymacx8...ing-clover.html there, with updates for the Yosemite files. I have tried various boot flags to no avail (The only one I can't find is GraphicsEnabler=Yes.. But I have a feeling ticking the Nvidia inject box in the GFX does this same function.

I can't work out how to use boot flags manually on the Clover loader (On Chimera obviously you just start typing on the HDD select). In the mean time I have been loading the plist into Clover Configurator and checking the boot flag options there.

Has anyone managed to boot into the installer? I can use Chimera to load an install fine, obviously not 100%.. So I am trying to make the switch for Clover but after 2 full days I can't get it to boot to the installer.

My hardware specs are 
i7 2600k
Gefore 560ti
Samsung 840 Pro SSD
1080P HDMI PC monitor

Please help! I am engaged to be married in January and this is putting a taxing strain on it as I am going insane icon_e_biggrin.gif have been a Chimera user for years and years.

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