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Help Installing iATKOS 4a in vmware

14 November 2008 - 12:40 AM


I've been having alot of trouble with this. I have the iATKOS 4a image mounted with dameon tools at drive letter F:, and vmware boots it, but it never gets to the installer. I have got the installer up once, but only after i added a crapload of boot flags (like -x -v -l -d -legacy).

But when the Install DOES come up, only the background loads and the :censored: beach ball keeps spining. and the system does nothing else.

My Specs are in my sig,
and My Processor is an AMD Turion 64 x2


Attached File  OSX_iatkos_leopard_vmware.jpg   176.07KB   25 downloads

PS theres a screenshot.

Well, Got a little farther using the following Flags:
-v -x -a -t -k -o -l -f
Now, it gets to the installer and has a cool background but no actual installer. (Screenshot included)

Attached File  Mac_OSX_Leopard__iAtkos_4a__2008_11_13_18_28_33.png   964.78KB   18 downloads

A little help woth iATKOS 4i on AMD...

13 November 2008 - 01:25 AM

i'm having a little bit of trouble with installing this in vmware...
I have an amd and i know that i will need a PPF patch or whatever,

could you help me with this?

Current Development Status

11 November 2008 - 05:24 AM

So, hows the development coming?
It the project going to tackle snow leopard at its release?

any input would be nice,

Is this a good idea? (i know its not but...)

09 November 2008 - 06:02 AM

a twinkie shaped computer that smells like cheese (like a "cheese twinkie"?)

i know, but i'm bored!

VMware 6.5 Brings Improvement When Running OS X Guests!

09 November 2008 - 05:23 AM

Well, i recently installed VMware 6.5, and booted tiger. I was bored so i gave the "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@75" Flag, I had tried it before on VMware 6.02, and I knew then that it wouldn't work, but to my amazement, it ran at 1280x800x32@75, and was noticably faster than before.

So, I felt confident that it would work in leopard, so i tried and it worked perfectly, and was faster, but still very slow.

Also, i have seen reports floating around the internet that iAtkos 4i will install without error :thumbsup_anim: !

So, anyone else noticed anything working better?
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