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In Topic: OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

14 November 2008 - 03:05 AM

Also, would it be a good idea to make a dmg of the disk as a backup or for restoring onto the media?


In Topic: VMware 3.5 esx on HP DL360 using JaS.OSx86.10.5.4 not booting into installer

14 November 2008 - 12:13 AM

Alright, I've been reading this forum for a few days and still can't find the answer I'm looking for. So perhaps someone can assist.

Here's my setup:

HP DL 360 G3 server class machine

2 ultra 320 SCSI 146 GB HD'S

I doubt you need my exact system specs as I am running VM Server 3.5 on there. I've setup the VM as follows:

1gb RAM

1 64bit CPU

1 nic

Lsi logic scsi controller

HD1: 16 GB virtual device node: SCSI(0:0) Hard Disk 1


HD1: 16 GB virtual device node: SCSI(0:1) Hard Disk 1


HD1: 16 GB virtual device node: SCSI(0:2) Hard Disk 1


I've disabled acceleration.

Hidden the NX flag from guest

Disabled support VMI paravirtualization

Allowed the host to determine MMU virtualizing.

(if you think any of these settings are un-necessary please let me know i've been trouble shooting and these are the changes i've made thus far)

I'm using Alcohol 120% to mount the JaS.OSx86.10.5.4.Client.Server.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso (I don't have an external DVD to hook up to the DL360)

I have a feeling that the install can't see my virtual HD's but I'm new to hackintosh so maybe I'm just doing something wrong with my config.

Any way this is my screen shot, it just sits at that last line and goes no further, many thanks for any help you can provide.


try disabling the NIC Card in vmware for now.
just my 2Cents


In Topic: A little help woth iATKOS 4i on AMD...

13 November 2008 - 04:22 AM

for AMD CPU you would need iAtkos 4a not iAtkos 4i

:censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:
My Connection is slow as hell. *sigh* well i'll let it go overnight.

Thx though


In Topic: OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

13 November 2008 - 01:50 AM

Penguin(and others): I've hashed out how the boot-132 live dvd will work, and have it mostly working...
What I would really appreciate is if you can replicate my method and try to build this thing on your own, so we can compare results and get an idea of how bugs can be ironed out of the main distro. After that we can formalize the generation of the livedvd, and play with drivers.

So...what you need to do to build a modbin-hagar-spartango dvd/usb stick(its identical to the dvd, the distro is still readonly, just easier to debug and fix):
target media = either usb stick or dvd

0. Prepare a FRESH installation of leopard on a drive, and enable root user and root autologin. You may want to clean up the install some, but the modbin guide will help with that. Note target media should not be this drive.

1. Install boot-132 and the associated boot files to the target media. Include an initrd with your system's drivers and such. Include IOHDIXController.kext[modify it and ALL of its plugins to say root instead of network-root]. Enable permissions on the target.
2. Place kernel (mach_kernel), .fseventsd , .Spotlight-V100, .Trashes from your installation onto the target media.
3. Copy /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to the target media. Place it in [media]/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
4. Do the same for /System/Library/Extensions.mkext. Copy it to /System/Library/ on the target media.
CHECK: Your target media should still be pretty empty, you haven't put the os pieces there yet.
5. Follow modbin's guide on how to prepare an osx live dvd, operating on your FRESH install: http://forum.insanel...amp;mode=linear . BE VERY CAREFUL HERE. When your done with that, use disk utility to create a READ-WRITE disk image of the drive you did that to.
6. Convert that disk image to compressed, and save the output to the target media's /.
7. Edit Boot.plist to have:
-v rp=file:///LIVE.dmg
in kernel arguments.
8. Fix the permissions on everything if necessary.
9. Reboot and boot from target Media.

I apologize if these instructions are a bit odd... we're still bleeding edge and i assume you have done some of these thing before...i'll pub better ones later.

ok, i get what your saying for the most part. i'll try, and see what i get, but i can't put this full time yet, got school {censored} going on lately so this will be on the backburner for now, but around thanksgiving, i'll be able to get more accomplished!
thanks for the guide


In Topic: Is this a good idea? (i know its not but...)

13 November 2008 - 01:39 AM

iKitchen Model:
Runs OS X 10.5.5 (Patched with "twinkie" kernel)
makes coffee at any specific time in System Prefrences
Every 5 minutes it emmits a cheese smell
Built in Twinkie Dispencer
Coffee-Mug Mouse (handle is button)
Toaster Oven for monitor
Orders pizza for you every friday night
Orders pizza for your neighbor every day and charges it to them. (6 Large Stuffed crust is the default setting)
Intigrates nicely with CoffeeMaker ® and SodaSeller ® (via TooMuchCaffine.kext and ChargeYouForYourOwnSoda.kext)

So, sound Good?
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