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In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

15 January 2015 - 04:52 PM

Hello blazinsmokey,

i don't know what DSDT Methods do you mean Scope (_PR) ? , i can't find the SSDT file did you attach it ?


also Could you check this : https://github.com/P...en.sh/tree/Beta


download the tool and then put this file Attached File  User Defined.cfg.zip   622bytes   1 downloads in "/Users/user/Library/ssdtPRGen/Data/"

then run in terminal:

./ssdtPRGen.sh -p i7-720QM -c 0 -d 3

and report back your Results


Thanks :)

In Topic: Modify Clover boot loader meny

29 November 2014 - 01:39 PM

use "Clover Configurator" then GUI section then "Hide Volumes"

Good Luck  :angel_not:

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

06 November 2014 - 11:05 AM

Thanks, will look into this for iMessages,do you know how to fix power management for the CPU? On Cham all was ok , but clover is not working

yeah that's very sad :( , we Need to find a way !

the key people to a solution is "slice" and "piker-Alpha " those are the two guys who can help !

  1. i Tried to ask "piker-Alpha" for adding  "Clarksfield (i7-720QM & i7-740QM)" Support here to his ssdtPRGen.sh Script
  2. i Tried to ask Slice for adding support in clover directly, you can find the conversation here but nothing yet
  3. i Created a topic for the same purpose: [Help] Core i7-720QM Power Management & Speedstep

so for anyone interested try to ask them too, to make them feel that there is a lot of people who need it !



@Peter_sm, do you know which version of cham where Speed Step works !
what i only know now that sometimes when my mac go to sleep and wake, speed step work  :surprised:

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

06 November 2014 - 08:10 AM

Hi everyone, hope that everything goes well with your hackbooks :)

For anyone having issues with Sound: use this Kexts, i am using it and it works Great , if any bugs found just Report to update it (i am very lazy to do so :D )



Installing went well. Needs some help or input for Sound

iCloud and App Store working (after fixed en0 for ethernet) Trim(SSD) fixed by clover :-)


iMessages/FaceTime not working,but this is not critical, or is it a easy fix ?

Brightness not working

Power Management Not working

Sound Not working


Will go trough my system and see if there are more things to fix




Trying to instal Clover to HDD, but still Cham is active, renamed the boot file, then I get a boor error, so it's looks like Clover can't be used on our DV laptop? using same clover settings during install as in earlier post


Moved boot file from USB to HD ,now Clover works and EFI partition on my HDD is OK.



Check this link, and use the latest Clover Configuration
it's not a very easy fix and need some effort !

if you like the post, like it !

In Topic: Clover General discussion

05 October 2014 - 11:20 PM

Let work with you. I have no experience with Clarksfield.

First question. Why you set this?

4:735  0:000  Config set EnableC7: -
4:735  0:000  Config set EnableC6: +
4:735  0:000  Config set EnableC4: -
4:735  0:000  Config set EnableC2: -
4:735  0:000  Config set C3Latency: 999

Are you sure your chipset/CPU supports C6?

Reduce latency to 0xFA=250


Did it ever works with other Clover revision or with other bootloader or with other OSX version?

May be Yosemite is not supporting PM with MacBookAir5,2? Can you give me 


to study? I have no Yosemite.


  • No i am not sure that my chipset/CPU supports C6 !
  • Speedstep works now when the machine wake from sleep, Very strange !!
  • there is no MacBookAir5,2 in this folder, i attached the kext so you can take a look Attached File  IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext 5.8.0.zip   322.35KB   0 downloads
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