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In Topic: HWSensors

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

I would like to ask if there are any ideas regarding the following (Gigabyte specific) issue:

FakeSMC 6.25-12-g2303970.1438 with GPU, CPU and LPC PlugIns and GA-Z97X-Gaming GT board.

This Gigabyte board has 2 LPC chips (detected on Windows using HWINFO64 or SIV64):


ITE IT8620E-04 Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT BIOS F7  Chip ID 86200400 (4)  LPC 002E  Port 0000 0A35 0A36




ITE IT8790E-DX Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT BIOS F7  Chip ID 87900300 (4)  LPC 004E  Port 0000 0A45 0A46


The IT8620E is found and temperature readings appear all right.

Problem is that all my 3 fans (AIO water pump, front and rear/heat exchanger fans) are attached to the IT8790E headers.

So obviously there aren't any fan speed sensors visible with this setup as detection stops after the IT8620E chip is discovered.


Moving over to the IT8620E headers is not an option because for reasons unknown this causes random speed jumps and instable fan control.

Only the IT8790E fan headers work normally, tried all BIOS settings and also not OS dependent as fans behave not differently when running Windows.


I've attempted to add the definitions for the IT8790E controller as another generic/compatible IT87xx chip.

Now I'm not a developer but as far as I understood what is going on in SuperIODevice.cpp the case of having more than one IT87xx is not covered.


However it would be fine to just attach to the second IT8790E and ignore the primary IT8620E.

Would there be a way to enable this kind of 'chip select' in LPCSensors plugin?


Ask this person for help, he has the same MOBO as you ...

In Topic: CUDA 8.0.81 is out! (UPDATE 04/10/2017)

11 April 2017 - 01:23 PM

Apparently there is a 8.0.81 update revealed by Cuda prefpane




In Topic: Mémoire Soudée Clover

11 April 2017 - 09:19 AM

Salut à tous,

J'ai un Asus S500c qui fonctionne parfaitement bien sous 10.12.5 beta 2 (son, wifi, graphic, tactile, usb etc...).


Sur cette machine j'ai 4GO de mémoire soudée et j'ai rajouté un module de 8GO sur le seul emplacement que j'ai, sauf que dans a propos de ce Mac je ne vois que les 8GO de ram. Je sais que les 12GO son pris en charge car lorsque je purge la mémoire avec CleanMyMac j'ai plus de 8GO. 


Ma question :


Est-il possible de faire détecter la mémoire soudée par clover ?


Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.


Je pense que tu pose la mauvaise question car la mémoire soudée est reconnu car ça marchait avant que tu en rajoutes ton module 8gb..


La non reconnaissance physique de toute la mémoire 4Gb soudée et 8 Gb modulaire peut avoir deux origines et n'a il me semble rien avoir avec Clover.

  1. Le bios ne reconnait pas le module 8Gb car il faut une mise à jour bios (  le plus fréquent) http://supportdriver...ivers-download/
  2. Le module n'a pas des bonnes spécifications ( DDR3 PC3-12800) DDR3L-1600 SODIMM)

Quoi qu'il en soit, ton processeur supporte la mémoire bicanal donc n'exploitera pleinement que 4gb soudée +4Gb modulaire !


Bon courage

In Topic: NVIDIA - new beta Pascal drivers

11 April 2017 - 08:14 AM

Beta Webdrivers for Pascal support for macOS 10.12.4



In Topic: HWSensors

10 April 2017 - 06:01 PM

There are some little but nice improvements with the latest HWsensors 6.25.1426 compared to 6.24.1421(even with an old X58 mobo...)


6.24.1421           6.25.1426

Attached File  HWMonitor 6.24.1421.png   210.28KB   7 downloads      Attached File  HWMonitor 6.25.1426.png   106.86KB   7 downloads

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