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In Topic: CUDA SUPPORT in Sierra

02 November 2016 - 05:34 PM

 Cuda drivers Update 8.0.51 are here http://www.nvidia.co...mac-driver.html

In Topic: CUDA SUPPORT in Sierra

27 October 2016 - 08:53 AM

There is no 8.0.47 version  !

In Topic: CUDA SUPPORT in Sierra

07 October 2016 - 06:46 PM

Found this explication for Cuda Toolkit 8 isn't working with Xcode 8 on Sierra


For developers on Mac systems, click here to read a known limitation.


Xcode 8 is not currently supported with the CUDA Toolkit 8 compiler for Mac. We are working on providing an update shortly. Until then, the developers should use Xcode 7.x with the CUDA Toolkit 8 for compiling their code on Mac macOS 10.12. Alternatively, they can run applications compiled with older versions of CUDA Toolkit and Mac/Xcode on Mac macOS 10.12.

In Topic: CUDA SUPPORT in Sierra

04 October 2016 - 05:19 PM


also try cleaning your cache maybe you use the beta version of CUDA-Z before you installed CUDA 8.0.47 and since that version crashed, that probably created a problem that now the official version of CUDA-Z can't open now either even that you have CUDA 8.0.47 already installed


you can use sierra cache cleaner free trial and use the option to clean the cache , use deep cleaning then try to run CUDA-Z official version again, don't use the latest beta. 


It was indeed a cache problem ! Thanks  :thumbsup_anim:    CUDA-Z 0.10.251 is working now.


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In Topic: CUDA SUPPORT in Sierra

03 October 2016 - 08:42 AM

now back to you ROBASEFR.

i have 2 identical nvidia 970 while we all know that we don't have SLI support for games on mac 

we do have support for muti GPU in rendering apps like Final Cut Pro and/or Compressor,

i can render twice as fast than a single 970 GPU

i wanted a 980 but since i already had a 970 i decided to get another 970 because 2 970's are faster than a single 980

look at the results, they use a 980 to measure Octane bench

so the results are based on a comparison with a 980 


also remember that we are running the benchmark on os and if we run the benchmark in windows the results are going to be a bit higher 

we are getting around 30% less performance on mac os due to the fact of the old OpenGL and OpenCL drivers that apple uses

if you look at OpenGL or OpenCL extension viewer you will notice that apple is a few version behind windows

if i remember correctly 

Windows OpenGL = 4.5

Apple OpenGL = 4.1

Windows OpenCL = 2.1

Apple OpenGL = 1.2

and don't think that i like windows i hate windows but this is the part that apple needs to fix

​they need to update OpenGL and OpenCL, so we can have the same or close to the same graphics performance that we get on windows


anyway this is my score





Yes my single GTX970 results in octane bench are also compared to GTX980 ( about 85%)


Yet no explanation for CUDA-Z 0.10.251 and 0.11.25 not working !....


I have also a little benefit in Open GL viewer testing with latest cuda from 600 to 650 fps

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