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Yesterday, 04:40 PM



it did not work. after doing that, my hackintosh got loop boot.


i put FakeSMC.kext and its plugin into EFI/C/K/10.12 and it works but only show CPU and keyboard/mouse information. SSD and fan not shows.


how to fix?




You could try with the FakeSMC.kext posted in post #1111.  ( Perhaps a permissions and (kernel) (cache rebuild...)



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Yesterday, 03:45 PM

Hi, I'm after a bit of help getting fans and voltages reading correctly.

I'm using a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 which has an ITE it8720f SMC IC, shown top left in this photo:



This is what I'm starting with:

attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2017-01-14 at 00.42.50.png


I'm using FakeSMC v6.23.1417 with CPUSensors, GPUSensors and LPCSensors



What I would like is to move and rename the labels shown:

GPU Fan @ ~ 4500rpm should be 'Water Pump', this is on the CPU FAN header

CPU Fan @ ~ 1750rpm is my 'Rear Case Fans' connected to SYS FAN 2 (2 fans on a Y cable to PWM header)

System Power Fan 2 @ ~ 1337rpm is my 'Upper Case Fan' connected to SYS FAN 1

Power Fan @ ~ 1348 rpm is my 'Lower Case Fan' connected to PWR FAN (correct)


I don't have a GPU fan as I'm water cooled



GPU Core (correct)

CPU Core (correct)

Memory Modules (correct)

Main 3.3V - Completely wrong

Main 5V (correct)

Power Supply 2-5 - no idea what these should be

CMOS Battery (correct)


Here are my voltages and fan speeds shown in BIOS:




Any help would be appreciated



I'm using FakeSMC.kext v 6.24.1421 ; HWSensors.app with LPC,GPU,CPU and ACPI Sensors kext (Plugins )


I did some editing and created a specific Platformprofil ( inside LPCSensors.kext//Info.plist/IOKitPersonalities/ITE IT87xMonitor/Platformprofil/Gigabyte/  ) for my GA-EX58-UD5 MOBO


You'll find hereby my complete FakeSMC.kext (wich I put in EFI/C/K/10.12)


Image  what I see with HWSensors.app (6.24.1421)

Attached File  HWMonitor on GA-EX58-UD5 profile.png   143.58KB   1 downloads



Attached File  FakeSMC.kext.zip   174.08KB   1 downloads


Perhaps this can help !


To do Fan name editing, you can do this in the the EX58-UD5 profil /Info.plist.... and the same in IT8720F dictionary


Good luck

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02 March 2017 - 10:42 PM

ok. tested with EVGA GTX770 2GB via HDMI (force 1080p30 HiDPI with switchresx, because native 4K gets dammsmall icons/UI, my display, ASUS PB287Q, is a NON-HiDPI panel (157x161dpi)


the problem is fixed. no NVIDIA injection, no efistring in properties, no webdrivers, all OOTB


seems the 9800gt is now unsupported in sierra


change NVDASTARTUP.kext by El Capitan version don't work




Yes, Your graphic card problems intrigued me so I did some digging and it apears that there is a problem with this card since OSX  SIERRA ...


I found this solution nevertheless:


"I've just overwritten /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAStartup.kext in a fresh Sierra installation with NVDAStartup.kext from El Capitan, then rebuilt the kernel cache as described in kextcache man page (sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions; kextcache -update-volume /Volumes/Sierra)."


You'll find the NVDAStartup.kext from El Capitan here by to use


Attached File  NVDAStartup.kext.zip   13.73KB   0 downloads


Seems you tried it already ..


Success !

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

02 March 2017 - 01:00 PM

Yes, the same as in my archive.zip  (/CLOVER/KEXTS/10.12)

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

02 March 2017 - 09:51 AM


yes, i know my 4k is not suitable for the 9800GT, but is because the display used by other machine (the display is shared between 2 machines, one my main machine and other is the hackintosh machine).I would be happy if the output is 1920x1080, not 1280x1024 (or 1024x756 if use HDMI) like now
ok, then i'm going tried with older clover and without webdrivers (but i'm completely sure the webdrivers working like charm with my old (10.10.2) Yosemite installation (before update to sierra)
I don't touch the hackintoch rig since 2 yars ago



you still no explain what inprovements make these 3kext




EDIT: nope


- Install clover r3974 (full reinstall)

- Remove Nvidia webdrivers and unset in clover nv_driver=1 or NvidiaWeb

- Inject NVIDIA in the grapics option

- boot arguments: -v darkwake=0

- DVI adapter to HDMI (my display dont't have DVI input)


now gets 'No signal' (blue screen) display , but the restart after this, and the KP is gone. now need hard reboot by panic button


only works again if set nv_disable=1





Concerning your Nvidia 9800GT: 


Like me you can search on several sites and they all confirm that it should work without webdrivers (some times even OOB ! )


Cleaning up caches and rebuiding kernelcache, Kexts, NVRAM can help sometimes in desperate situations ....


Concerning the FakePCIID.kext  and associated DummyUSBXHCIPCO.kext and DummyUSBEHCIPCI.kext from OSX  > 10.11  "using the dummy kexts route USB2 devices on XHC to EHCI" for older MOBOS (without UEFI) I changed my DSDT also in the same intention and perhaps it is double employed. But it doesn't harm...


More info on this : https://github.com/R...S-X-Fake-PCI-ID


Nevertheless, I don't have USB problems with this config any more  !



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