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#1438393 EVOEnabler for X1000-series ATI Radeon under Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Posted by munky on 31 March 2010 - 11:39 AM

Hey, So i'm {censored} at 'retiring' - I have two hackintosh projects on the go just now :D Anyway, one of them was to get my ageing desktop up and running Snow Leopard in pure 64-bit goodness. The only sticking point was getting my old Radeon X1800XL PCI-E 256Mb to work properly. Under Leopard I was using Natit (never bothered with EFI strings or whatever), but Natit is 32-bit, so it had to go. Anyway, I spent a couple of days pricking around with EFI strings which got me nowhere. Eventually I found EVOEnabler.kext and decided to patch it for use with my card. All I did was edit the Info.plist, rename all the ATI 'codename' references (eg MotMot) to Alopias (which is the correct codename for the X1800), and removed the encoded Video BIOS part. To get this to work on other X1000-series cards, I suspect just changing Alopias to whatever else (Sphryna or something for 1900, Wormy for 1600 etc) would work. Give it a shot if you're unable to get X1000...

#900139 [Guide] Boot from EFI partition, zero modification installs on Intel SSE2 or...

Posted by munky on 21 September 2008 - 05:08 PM

*** Special thanks to Turbo, Dense, dfe, zef and the rest of the chameleon team for making this possible... :D *** ** DEPRECATION NOTICE: This functionality is coming to a Chameleon release very soon. Once Chameleon supports this approach, this project will be retired. Thanks to everyone who uses this bootloader, thanks for the support and the kind words :) ** LATEST UPDATES: - *** CHAMELEON 2 RC1 is out and looks pretty damned *amazing* - go check it out! It does everything this bootloader does and far more *** - D'oh! v6 looks for DSDT.aml in the root partition, not EFI partition. v6.1 corrects this error. - DSDT override patch now integrated (v6) (credit and huge thanks to mackerintel!), for 10.5.6 support. - Source code attached. Didn't get round to commenting and cleaning up. Suffice to say, 99% of the work was done by dfe, turbo, zef and the team. CHANGELOG: - v6.1 corrects the bug whereby v6 looked for the DSDT.aml file in the root partition...
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