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In Topic: NEW Intel P55 Mobos & Core i7 860 / i5 750 CPU LGA1156

07 January 2010 - 04:52 PM

remove fireware section from dsdt and fireware will work normal - i have problems with my dv camera (adobe premiere doesn't see and tell device offline), after remove firewire section from dsdt all will be ok.

Exactly. I posted my mod to pm_mickey's DSDT with the graphics and firewire sections removed a few pages back. That should work with the other files he posted.

In Topic: NEW Intel P55 Mobos & Core i7 860 / i5 750 CPU LGA1156

30 December 2009 - 12:16 AM

If You have MSI motherboard dont change P00, P01 ... to CPU0, CPU1 ... because SSDT needs P00, P01 ...

My DSDT.aml is not i7 specific.
Bios change SSDT tables acording to installed CPU and also changing CPU flags in BIOS this Power management stuff is changed.

For firewire there is a problem if data from iMac11,1 is entered because BIOS did not init firewire and OSX asumes that EFI is inited firewire.

After wake from sleep changed ACPI from DSDT initialise all bridges and firewire start to work normaly.

pm_mickey - Thanks for clearing this up for me. I'm really new to DSDT editing. I read as much as I can, but really rely on guys like you who know what you are doing.

So, are you saying that the firewire should work correctly with your DSDT if I put my computer to sleep and then wake it up?

Thanks again!

In Topic: NEW Intel P55 Mobos & Core i7 860 / i5 750 CPU LGA1156

28 December 2009 - 10:31 PM


Took another look at your DSDT. Looks like you have i7 specific processor info. I thought about trying to change it using tonymacs's DSDT mod info, but your code looks a bit different - for example, you use P00, P01, etc instead of CPU0, CPU1, etc.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Or, if you could provide an i5 specific DSDT, that would be even better. Either way, thank you very much!

In Topic: NEW Intel P55 Mobos & Core i7 860 / i5 750 CPU LGA1156

28 December 2009 - 09:47 PM


I tried pm_mickey's DSDT - actually used the EFI files he posted. Firewire still would not work as it should. If I turned on the firewire drive or connected a video camera after booting, they would not work. After taking the firewire section out of his DSDT, firewire works as it should. I'm not sure why there is a difference, but firewire works great without the info in the DSDT.

I'll post the working DSDT in a bit. I also removed the graphics section of the DSDT because I do not have a 8800 gt. I have a 9500 gt, so I just use the chameleon graphics injection.

Thanks pm_mickey for the files. Wonderful work!

OK, Here is pm_mickey's DSDT that I modified to remove firewire and graphics. Using this, my firewire works as it should. BTW, I'm booting using the same files that pm_mickey posted above (pg. 67 I think). I did change a few things in the smbios.plist to match my system and added graphics enabler in com.apple.boot.plist.

I have a question for pm_mickey: is your DSDT specific to the i7 CPU, if so, could you make it specific for the i5. Thanks! Wonderful work everyone! I love my hack!

Arynjon, the DSDT for the gd65 from Tony's database appears to be from player_sct and not pm_mickey. My mobo comes in two days and I will be working hard to get firewire from that point. It is, however, worth trying pm_mickey's DSDT first.

In Topic: NEW Intel P55 Mobos & Core i7 860 / i5 750 CPU LGA1156

28 December 2009 - 05:07 AM

Firewire work without DSDT file ? Removing firewire section from dsdt file should solve the problem too. But unfortunately I don't know the name for that section.

Sorry, I've been off for a few days for the Christmas holiday. Yes, I can boot without a DSDT and the system works well... as in stable, but no audio or sleep. With the DSDT from Tony's site (which may have been provided by pm_mickey - if so thanks! Your code is very clean compared to the original, but firewire does not work correctly. ) Since everything works great except firewire, I'm going to try removing the firewire section to see if firewire works OK without that info in the DSDT.

I'll also try his files listed in previous posts. I should have time later this week.
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