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In Topic: Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

23 August 2008 - 11:18 PM

well wicked! the tablet is working right out of the box, and it's calibrated by installing Wacom's official driver called "cons495-1_int.dmg" (just google it and download from official site). Haven't tried the pressure sensitivity yet. I can't seem to get rid of the -f flag either.. I have to boot with -f cpus=1, if I want to start the 10.5.3...

In Topic: Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

23 August 2008 - 07:24 PM

Tried to install 10.5.4 and it broke the OSx installation again >_<

The installer stopped at below ~10-20% and won't boot anymore. Reinstalling...

In Topic: Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

23 August 2008 - 06:47 PM

Okay, I'm having 10.5.3 working at the moment with 9.2 kernel (the default (netkas?) kernel on leo4allv2)

-installed leo4allv2

-at install dvd boot: cpus=1 -v -x Graphics Mode="1280x800"

-no customization

-after installation: boot with cpus=1

-install Graphics Update

-install kalyway 10.5.3 kalyway update (before booting, install kalyway kernel 10.5.3 patch, don't pick any kernels)

-with macdrive: replace ACPI kexts/remove firewire kexts according to this guide: http://forum.insanel...showtopic=78235

-with macdrive: remove IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext (on next 10.5.2 reinstall, I will try to backup the 10.5.2 IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext and use that, at the moment I'm having none)

-boot with: update -v -f cpus=1
(might be able to get rid of the -f if I destroy kext caches with macdrive)

at the moment QE/CI working, restart/shut down working. Ethernet and wireless will not be probibly working anytime soon so the Dell wifi-chip might be needed or external wifi dongle), next I will try 10.5.4 update and so on.. Also no audio at the moment. Though I havn't even tried to get it to work.

Oh yeah dual booting with Vista, booting with Acronis OS selector (the guide is somewhere in this forum, don't have the link, sorry.. installed vista first)

In Topic: Suomenkielisiä OSx86 käyttäjiä?

02 August 2008 - 04:36 PM

Jees suomipoika ilmottautuu!

Oon yrittäny jonkun verran säätää, että saisin hackintoosan Asus R1E läppärille, mutta ongelmia löytyy enemmän kuin tarpeeksi. Toisaalta aikaakin on ihan liian vähän työssäkäynnin takia ja koska tarvitsen läppäriä myös töissä, niin ei pysty/uskalla ihan kaikkea kokeilla aina :).

Nyt ku pöytäkoneen päivittäminen tuli ajankohtaiseksi niin pistin tulemaan gigabyten laudalla. Odotusaika vaan taitaa olla +2vk mut mikäs tässä odotellessa. Infoan lisää sit ketjuun jos ja kun olen saanut koneen kasaan ja pyörimään dual boottina osX ja vistan kera (jooh, oon kasvanu liikaa wintoosaan että siitä on vaikea luopua hetkessä heh).

In Topic: Leopard on Asus R1E-C1

26 July 2008 - 10:47 AM

Yes, I was now able to install Leo4allv2 (cpus=1 Graphics Mode="1280x800x32"), but the same "MAC framework.." error appears to me too when trying to boot. None of the commands seems to help :(. It seems to be rather rare error, I only found couple of threads about it.

There's this thread, that might indicate that it is about ACPI/APCI: http://forum.insanel...showtopic=74701

I don't have the knowledge to extract or add kexts to DVDs yet (nor do I know if it's even possible), thus I need to do more reading.

There's also the thread about how to fix the cpus=1, by having a modified BIOS. But let's try to solve the MAC framework error first =)
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