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In Topic: Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

12 November 2009 - 02:59 AM

OK!, got the flex cable!. But now I'm perplexed by a few things.

and Thanks Charred, i read the guys pin-out chart
1 And 2 are unused.
Pin 3 (light blue, white conductor): USB D+
Pin 4 (light blue, purple conductor): USB D-
Pin 5/6 (orange): USB VCC (+5VDC)
Pin 7/8 (orange): USB GND

Looking at the flex cable yes, there are in fact 3 wires. A light blue one with 2 other wires inside. and my gosh, the wiring inside the white and purple wire appears thinner than hair, how the hell am i going to solder them if i might evaporate the metals away XD (although never soldered before, half-assed assumption. lol)

And 2 Orange ones, just gotta figure out which one is ground.

P.S- Was at a radioshack the other day, saw some cheap solderers for sale... can soldering be really that hard? i obviously don't wanna {censored} up

In Topic: Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

27 October 2009 - 07:37 PM

ugh actually even if i did get the cable, i don't know the diagram for the iSight USB connector. oh noes o.O

In Topic: Built-in iSight (MacBook) PC Mod

27 October 2009 - 12:40 AM

Here's a tiny bit of insight... hope it helps.

I have an Acer Extensa laptop running OSX which I plan on swapping the built-in Suyin webcam out for a MacPro's cam (just waiting for the funds). Very generally, these internal webcams are in fact standard USB, but you need at least a cheap voltage meter to map the wires/pins. The five-wire ones often simply have an extra shield/ground wire. Mine has a 40-pin motherboard connector just like yours and runs USB through the LCD cable as well; I'll likely try transplanting the connector from the old webcam to the new, so I can leave all wiring intact, just plug-n-play... but I have some soldering experience :( So in answer to your question- yes, your 40-pin connector is both an LCD and USB port.

As far as your iSight goes: according to this page, all internal iSight modules are in fact USB. This set of photos seems to show how to wire up an internal iSight to a standard USB connector. Also, the website itself is gone, but Google's cache has saved this page for you... if you scroll down to the last post, there's a diagram of how to wire an iSight into an MSI Wind, which also seems to have a 5-wire USB connector like ours.

Hope this helps out your project! Let us know how you get on.

wow you're such a big help, thanks for all this helpful information :D. All the charts help a bunch!

My only gripe is i don't have the connector cable for the iSight assembly. Messaging the guy i bought it from on ebay to see if he has any. And another potential person on ebay.

i Have zero soldering skills (don't even have a solderer) so i cant say ill be doing anything just yet, i might ask a friend to help out. (heck i wonder if i may do this without soldering, i just gotta get the wires together essentially rite?) I JUST NEED THAT DAMNED WIRE! Ugh!

Btw CharredPC slightly excited u replied, i read your entire thread about your hackintosh Acer before deciding on doing this. so its slightly awesome seeing help the same person who basically inspired me to do this to lol. you're awesome :P

Now to play the waiting game for the cable... -.-
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