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Weird VRAM issue after Kalyway install

02 February 2008 - 07:49 AM

I installed Kalway 10.5.1, everythings great, now I wanna use some apps. Tried to install Logic 8, but it tells me I need 64Megs VRAM to install, says I have 0 megs. Profiler says I have 64 megs! So I tried Final Cut 2, same error message. Anyone else got this prob/solution?

Weird Logic Studio issue

02 February 2008 - 04:57 AM

Just got my Kalyway install to work, alls great so now to install programs. Logic 8 Studio up first but weird error nessage: Logic states I cannot install with less than 64 megs VRAM (video RAM), tells me I have 0 megs. Hmmm, a quick check in Profiler clearly says 64megs VRAM. Specs for my mobo says the same. Intel not playing nice with Kaly? So I go for Final Cut 2. Same message upon install. Cant go no further. BIOS has option for memory allotment, did that as well. Anyone else got this?

Kalyway 10.5.1 on Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R

01 February 2008 - 09:21 PM

I need to change my sys specs as my systems new but Kalyway went on like a champ! Simple install, all on separate HD (WD 250gig, 2 parts, OSx on 1st part @75 gigs, 2nd part unused.) Did all partitioning w/ Kalyway in Disk Util, MBR scheme. ACHI on, all 3 SATA drives seen ( a 250gig- OSX, a Seagate 320gig - my beats and whatnot, and WD 750gig - Vista and files, videos, etc.) I also have a LG IDE DVD drive(GSA-H55L) NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. LAN works out of box, sound seems found, but I'm using outboard audio anyways (Saffire LE). No "About this Mac" issues and installed all avail updates, rebooted perfectly. I have not messed with Leopard too much, but Im stuck @ 1024x768 res for now, I need a lil help with that. Also, I need to dual boot, should i use BCDedit in Vista, or use OSX' boot loader?

I only wanted OSX for Logic and Final Cut Studios, but when i try to install, both say I have 0 megs VRAM, and wont go no further. A quick check in Profiler says I have 64MB VRAM. Anyone got that issue? Maybe I need an intel video kext/driver?

It's awesome. I'll be gettin back to y'all, I just need to {censored} some. Oh yeah.....

EDIT: specs changed, whats written is what is...
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