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Anyone got their DWL-G520+ to work yet?

30 March 2006 - 12:15 PM

Usin 10.4.5 - the HCL shows only the DWL-G520 working which uses a different chip.... the + model is a TI ACX111 chip.....

I know there is a lot of discussion regarding this topic, and was wondering if anyone had made any progress...


Pimp My Mac(tel)

28 March 2006 - 09:24 PM

Thought I might start a thread to show off your boxes running OS X.

Mine here, poor images, cause I used phone camera in a poorly lit room... I will post some more once I grab my house mates digicam :D

Specs: (see sig) - added new case, a cold cathode, and some LED fans.... ;) I have to do a little cable management, but i rang out of cable ties!
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Zeroing the HDD

20 March 2006 - 02:08 PM

Ok, First off, 10.4.5 DVD via upgrade hosed my system, so backup up my stuff to a USB drive, and proceeded to do a fresh install....

I reinstalled 10.4.4 and noticed the kernel booting in dev mode.... hmmmm... odd, the 10.4.4 install DVD i have never did that before. So figured the boot loader from the 10.4.5 install was still present on the HDD. Right, I thought... Ill zero out the HDD when I format it in Disk Utils.... all went well with the install....erm... except when I reboot the system, the hangs at a blank screen and a blinking cursor! Arrrggggh.... rebooted from DVD... checked startup disk and set to 10.4.4 folder on HDD... reboot... same thing...

I am wondering if zeroing out the HDD had an affect? Is there a step I missed when reinstalling?

P4 630
915GUX mobo (TPM model - oh well)
Onboard Sound and vid
250GB SATA Drive
3Com Network card (On board ethernet wont work)

many thanks for any help!


d0 Error - 915GUX SATA 10.4.3 install?

28 February 2006 - 01:14 PM

<<my bad, should be b0 error, not d0>>

Hello all,

Just some quick help, ive installed 10.4.3 several times on this machine but all of them on a PATA drive, native install from a patched ISO of 10.4.3.. normally runs great, but HDD performance was poor since the 915GUX only has one PATA IDE channel, so I had to share it with the DVD ROM Drive - nasty....

Anyway, got my hands on a nice new 250GB SATA drive for my OSx86 box and figured I would do a fresh install....

Yikes, no luck, the installer wouldnt find my drive on the SATA port, so I changed the setup in the BIOS to look at the SATA port as a legacy device... no good....

If I bung the PATA drive back into the equation, with the SATA drive, it will install onto the SATA drive quite happily then, however, now, i get a b0 error when the system boots, and will only work if it boots from the DVD....

Ive tried a fresh install without the PATA drive, and for some reason, the installer will see the SATA drive now, I can format it, but cant make it my startup drive...

Any suggestions? are there some KEXT's I need to copy to the ISO so OS X recognises the drive and SATA controller?

Many thanks

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