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Problems w. Purple JMicron SATA ports on Gigabyte Mobo

26 January 2014 - 01:04 AM

I'm trying to set up OSx86 on a GA-EP35-DS3P mobo. I have 10.7.5 installed and everything works but the 2 Purple SATA ports driven by the JMicron controller chip. I've tried a couple different JMicron SATA kexts, and a couple DSDT files, with the same results. I have these ports set to AHCI in the BIOS. The BIOS recognizes a hard drive attached there during boot. The drive will show up on the desktop after the boot, and I can even open a window for the drive and close it. But if I start DiskUtility, the system hangs, beachball spinning to infinity. I can Force Quit Disk Utility, but if I then try to Restart or Shutdown, I get a gray screen and another infinitely spinning beach ball, and I have to hit the hardware resest button on the computer to continue.


The same HD works fine when connected to one of the main Yellow SATA ports driven by the Intel chip.


My not-that-technical brain can imagine four possible problems:


1. The ports might actually be bad.

2. Something needs to be changed in the DSDT file. (I started with the one from Maldon's auto-patcher, then tried another I found here.

3. There's a problem with the kext. (I started with the one by M@cm@n in the Lion Muitlb3@st, then tried the one in the post linked above.

4. Some setting needs to be changed in Chameleon.


Anybody have any clues?


I've searched for other kexts than those I've tried, but found none. I don't know how to edit a DSDT.


ETA: And, yes, I've done searches on Google and the InsanelyMac forums in search of clues regarding this problem, and found nothing... :-(

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