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#1826621 Is Hackintosh scene nearing its end , judging from the new MBP?

Posted by Zaap on 14 June 2012 - 12:21 AM

I heard this same silly notion when the iPad first came out. (Yeah, I wasn't sure what it had to do with anything either.) "OMG! The Hackintosh is dead because you can't build an iPad!" Huh? Why would I want to build an iPad and what has that got to do with my desktop Hack anyway? Now I guess it's going to be "The Hackintosh is dead because every single Mac user will instantly have a brand new top of the line MacBook with retina display and your dual monitor Hackintosh with full sized graphic card will be obsolete overnight!" Yes, of course, that's EXACTLY what will happen. Why would it make sense that Apple could even if they wanted to drop support for 100% of the existing Mac user base to the point where it would affect me building a Hackintosh? It's awesome that Apple does things first a lot of times, but by the time it even remotely approaches enough people using retina display Macs to drop support for current applications usin...

#1108693 Stability : Hackintosh vs. Mac Pro

Posted by Zaap on 16 March 2009 - 09:25 PM

Every day, I use a MacPro (the last model, single Xeon) at work, and my main signature Hackintosh, at home. Performance and stability is nearly the same- in fact, my Hack is a bit faster at many things because it has a faster video card. Also, pound for pound a Xeon processor is slightly slower than a comparable Core2 processor, because the server code of the Xeon actually runs a bit slower double-checking instructions for stable server/workstation environments. But of course, as the last poster stated, all of this with a Hackintosh depends on the quality of the hardware one selects. If people don't do their homework and go trying to install OSX on just any hardware, with little thought as to how to set it up properly (IE: retail install, decent guide, etc), your millage may vary.
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